Doubleife – Because one life is never enough

Carpe Diem

Tie vs Belt

Let me explain the choice I’ve made. I was not hasty in deciding. I weighed my options and the versatility of each implement and the obvious leader for me was the Tie.

You see it has more power than you think. The belt can restrain and the belt can cause pain but the Tie taunts sensuously from across a dinner table. It can draw your eye in to the design teasing you with its silk threads, giving you illusion of gentleness, yet when applied to the skin can tighten almost unforgiving due to the weft.

But what matters the most beyond that is The Hand applying the pressure… tying the knot… restraining the body.

You see I’m not just looking for you to hurt me I also want you to woo me. The belt just isn’t center stage. All I want is what is hanging down your chest resting gently above your heart right where I want to be.

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