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Pleasurable Positions: #1 Yawning

Well it IS Hump Day so what better way to celebrate than to start talking about sexual positions. I HAD to start with MY personal favorite Kamasutra position Yawning. I like to tuck a pillow beneath my ass to get a better and deeper seat too so that he can sit up nice and straight similar to a forward Doggie Style. With her legs spread wide this leaves her clit completely exposed for either of you to enjoy and stimulate. Plus the ‘up side’ to this position is you can play with her breasts, lean in for some deep kisses and transition to other positions easily.



A variation of the missionary position is the yawning position. In this Kamasutra position the female can lie back flat on her back and has to raise her legs. With legs raised she can allow deeper penetration. The legs can be raised to the sides of the man or to his armpits. Both the partners need to experiment with different levels of the legs raised to realize what they enjoy more. Variations in the height of the leg raise can add a lot of fun to this otherwise amazing kamasutra position.

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