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Fantasy Friday: Fever Cabin part 2

Continued from Fever Cabin Part 1

Dreaming of snow, I awaken to the early chill of a late summer evening approaching. My body gently swaying to the motion of the dock. Looking around, I notice my guest has left me to my solitude, and my sated body welcomes the isolation. Standing, I stretched to feel all of the muscles I had previously tensed. Hunger swept over me as I scooped up my evening meal from the chilly water still fighting. The thick fish arched and swayed on the line as I left the dock and headed for the porch.

In the fading light, I set about lighting the grill again, cleaning, seasoning and placing my meal over the coals as well as lighting the outdoor fire pit. I felt an intimate celebration was in order and I could think of no better way, than with a warm open fire. I had been waiting for the weather to turn before I christened the long shallow pit. I had dug it over the course of a few weeks and carefully placed interlocking paver stones for a smooth surround. I popped into the house for a few quilts to lay along the side of the pit for added warmth and a more comfortable cushion for my tender thighs.

With the pit fire stoked and beginning to burn the larger logs, I went back to the grill, to turn my dinner, to find a body already tending my dinner. Startled that I had not heard his approach, I was a bit frustrated, at first, having already contented myself to my evening of independence. I huffed and marched past him on my way back to the house, feeling my energy seethe with each heavy foot fall. Before I reached the door, however, he had matched my stride to the door, grabbed my arm and swung my body in a complete one-eighty, making me stumble awkwardly backward into the closed front door.

His body was almost as hard as the door to my rear. Breathing heavily, I was fuming at the turn about. “How dare you!” I spit. He just stood there against me, staring down at the challenge I was presenting. “Did you expect me to just disappear, as easily as I appeared, after what happened this afternoon?” He paused to narrow his eyes at me, letting the weight of the hypothetical question take residence in my mind. “You’ve been working awfully hard to get me over here, and I have a lot more planned before I am done with you.” He calmly countered. My body responded to his words faster than my mind. My posture softened and my core tingled and pulsed at the thought of more. His smirk grew as he saw me war with my self trying to hold on to my anger. “Smug bastard” I thought to myself, although I may have whispered it under my breath as well, since his body shook against me in mirth.

“I hope you don’t intend to burn that.” I gestured toward the grill with my chin, since the rest of me was not available. “I hadn’t …until you decided to get angry. Now I am thinking ‘blacked’ catfish won’t be all that bad.” as he dipped his head to take my mouth with his. The remainder of my fury evaporated as his tongue swept across mine and his hands pulled my arms over my head. “Now, are you going to let me join you for this evening, or am I going to burn your dinner convincing you?” As much as I wanted being convinced I was equally starved for food. So as his tongue and teeth traveled over my neck I moaned and said, “Fish first then …we’ll see.” With those words he grabbed my thigh with his other arm and ground his hips into my core so I could feel his full length ready for me. I gasped and he took my mouth more aggressively. I was struggling for air and my head was swimming when he said “Wrong answer.” My skin felt too tight and I was fighting for a clear thought as he continued to grind against my sensitive folds when I shakily whispered “Stay.”

He dropped my leg and arms walked back to the grill, muttering something I didn’t catch, obviously tense with need. I leaned against the door a bit longer, for the support it gave me, before following. In my newly heated state, I knew how to reverse his mood as quickly as he turned mine. I strolled over to the grill as he pulled the meal off the heat and onto the plate I had previously set out. I smelled the rich aroma of the seasonings and felt my mouth begin to water. I reached around his back to stroke his erection firmly. With my other hand, I reached around his other side to drag my hand over his chest while I interspersedly kissed and nipped at his back.

His hand came down to cover mine and squeezed hard as I heard him groan. He spun around in my arms and placed his hands on my shoulders gently applying pressure. I dropped to my knees slowly, dragging my hands down his sides to anchor my balance, keeping eye contact on my way down. I already knew what we both wanted and my tongue snaked out to lick him from base to tip before sucking him deep into my mouth. Playing with different gestures, my tongue moved over his length with a fluid grace. I felt his hands move to my hair, massaging at first then gripping more firmly as my pace picked up and fell into a rhythm. As I felt his fingertips burrow into my skull and his body tense I pulled him deep into my mouth and swallowed.

Sighing deeply, he picked me up with one arm and grabbed the plate with the other and walked us both over to the open fire. I sat and pulled a quilt over my shoulders, only to have it pulled back off. After placing the meal to my right, he positioned a large log a slight distance behind me then settled himself against it pulling me back and wrapping me in his scorching body heat. Out of hunger, I reached for a morsel of fish, only to have my fingers slapped away abruptly. My stomach responded loudly in opposition to this tantalism until he said “First I will feed you, then I will feed on you.” He whispered this in my ear as he gently bit my lobe and then probed my canal with his tongue, which in turn began stirring the moisture building between my legs. I shivered at the sensation above and below as I relaxed into his torso and closed my eyes trying to decide whether the open flame or his body was the warmer of the two.

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