Doubleife – Because one life is never enough

Carpe Diem


With a new year comes new adventures and her appetite had just tripled. No longer satisfied with the mundane her voracious cravings for being controlled had new meaning. Seducing the Sadists, mind fucking the Doms and illustrating her unattainability she’d see then if anyone bites. What was she thinking, they all bite. She was bored and hunting was no where near as interesting as being hunted. Anyone clever enough could see her for what she was. A fate temptress, an adrenaline slut she slipped into lives to get herself off and ran before they could find her. The farther away he lived the better until someone close fell into her path. An interesting soul with a gift for making her nervous and she loved it. Limits began to be pushed, information was leaked due to time constraints and she was within his sights. He knew her patterns, knew she would run but he had her cornered. Nothing to do now but wait teasing her with his stick, poking and prodding her in that tight spot she put herself in. And she loved it. Loved squirming for him, loved the uncomfortable outside of the box feeling he gave her because she had out grown that last box and before she could crawl into another shell like a hermit crab he had her pinned there exposed and naked for his pleasure. For her pleasure is my pleasure and my hunt has only just begun.

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