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Get a Grip

So I was watching Weeds last night. Beginning of the most recent season on Netflix and suddenly right before two of the characters have spontaneous sex, in a hospital room mind you, and the female character says “Hold on I have to take my weight out.” So she reaches in and hands it to the male character who is impressed and surprised by the heaviness of such a small long egg shaped object. She went on to explain how it is rebuilding her pelvic floor muscles after having twins and that she has been “getting pretty buff down there.” Then he says (cheesily mind you) “Oh…Buff Muff” and they go at it again.
OK Stop. I had to look this up. So here it is!

So ….they are called Vaginal Weights

They look like this:

And you can buy them here:

Vaginal weight lifting

Everyone has heard of weight lifting with weigh machines or free weights, like barbells, dumbbells and even kettlebells, but now there’s a new kid on the block. Vaginal weights are coming to a store near you. No, I’m not making it up. Just like traditional weights, vaginal weights exist to exercise and build up muscle groups. In this case, the muscle group in question is a rather intimate one. Vaginal weights were created to exercise the pelvic muscle groups responsible for tone in the vagina and surrounding structures.
Read the Full Article Here:


The article goes on to talk about SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and the pros and cons of this product. However I needed more info.


In the same search I found these and they looked like even more fun!

I found them HERE: BenWa

See the little description on this box right there. It says “Ben Wa Balls with Silicone Strap”

CLICK! I’ve heard of Ben Wa Balls! So basically you do a 15 min workout every day and over time you get back and possibly gain more muscle control throughout your pelvic floor muscle groups.

And then I found this gem.


My First Ben Wa Balls: A Detailed Account

I found myself, not long after the New Year began, with my husband in my somewhat local adult video warehouse looking at Ben Wa balls.

Ben Wa balls are meant to be inserted into your vagina and left in there for at least 15 minutes a day. The balls supposedly give your vaginal wall muscles a workout, similar to doing Kegel exercises. Over time your vagina gets tighter and stronger, leading to more satisfying sex for both you and your partner.

I’d always heard people speak about Ben Wa balls but have never known anyone to use them, or at least admit that they do. But they always sounded sexy and a little dirty to me, in a good way. So as part of my New Year’s resolution to be even more open minded, sexually and otherwise, I decided the time had come to purchase a pair for myself.

In the store, I spent a good 15 minutes in the Ben Wa aisle, next to the anal beads and giant renditions of multi-ethnic penises, reading the backs of the packages and imagining what the different types of balls would feel like. Some packages had four balls, some had two. They came in all different sizes and materials; some were silicone while others were glass or metal. And some were joined together by a tether meant to hang out of your vagina, making it easier to pull them out. Those seemed like a cop-out to me. I wanted the real thing.

I ended up buying the glass ones because they just seemed more sanitary. Glass is impermeable and easy to clean. Plus they came in a little satin box that reminded me of the kind of box my engagement ring would have come in if I had gotten an engagement ring. (Got an awning for my house instead. Much more useful and cost effective.)

The balls were easy to insert (instructions say to use lubricant) and I did have the sensation of being vaginally full. And it was a pleasurable feeling though not enough to bring me to climax. I did some housework with them in and then some work at my computer. Then my husband came home and we tested them out that way as well.

The results? I’m a believer and I like them. I didn’t really get any benefit from having them in while getting it on with my husband. But I’ll use them as a way to tighten things up. Already, after a week, I feel some difference.

One word of advice, for the beginner or for the woman who isn’t comfortable playing gynecologist with herself, buy the kind with the tether. Because though the first Ben Wa ball comes out easily for me each time, the second one always seems to get stuck. Just so you know.

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Guess what I want….

Fantasy Friday: Fore!

Dear Fantasy Forum,

The only advantage to working at a resort for so long is that an odd sense of familiarity builds as each year passes. Many of the same groups and clubs have a ritual to meet up annually and it is actually kind of fun having a background interraction in these peoples lives. Of course, I really only share these thoughts with my cohort and best friend Julie and between the two of us we can truly make any situation to our favor. It was the start of the summer and our golfers were out in droves. With a tour worthy course and tons of activities for everyone, I was pleased to breath some warm fresh air for a change because it always signaled the shift from our quieter crowd into our active crowd.

One of my favorite groups was due to arrive for the upcoming 4 day weekend. A rather large group of men all out on holiday, away from family, work or both, to carouse with old college buddies. They always drink way too much so I had stocked our bar heavily and two entire floors had been cleared for the group. I made sure to add a few special amenities this year to encourage the group to continue their annual festivities with us. Our venue having the capacity for two banquet rooms allowed for me to dedicate one for the entire weekend for the group to meet and reconvene as needed throughout their stay. I instructed the staff to keep fresh coffee and water available at all times along with a bread bar. I went to bed Thursday night buzzing with excitement. I wasn’t sure if I would sleep but it was about to be a very interesting weekend.

When I arrived Friday morning Julie was holding down the desk checking guests out of their rooms. Our eyes met and she winked. She knew I was biding my time. I was way too early to be this keyed up without the aid of coffee. Well it was already started so I may as well get everything ready. I marched down the hall to my office and sank my teeth into the problems on my desk. The day went by like a clogged straw, dragging every soaked minute by with excruciating regularity. By the time it was lunch I couldn’t sit still another minute.

I jumped up to run out of my door when Julie knocked. She opened the door as I rounded the desk and ushered him into my office. I froze, mouth agape, when he took the seat in front of my desk as if he were just another guest. Julie’s pinch on my arm brought me back to the present situation “I have explained the situation to our guest about his room (it was at this time she chose to wink at me blatantly) and said that you would handle his accomidations.” Speechless that she had concocted a plan WITHOUT my prior consultation I had to scramble to figure out where I was putting this ‘special guest.’ “YES…of course.” I gave her a ‘What the fuck were you thinking?’ look and shoved her out the door.

“I am so sorry sir” I began. He interrupted with “I don’t really understand what is going on. I have had these reservations for months. What could have happened?” “Well, We recently had some unexpected renovations but not unlike airlines we believe in upgrading your experience so I believe we have one of our private cottages available. Just a moment while I make sure it is ready.” I quickly stepped out of the room to find Julie with a giant smile on her face and giggles comming out in fits and spurts. I scowled at her and challenged “SO, which cottage are we placing him in?” Proudly readjusting her blouse she says “Number 3 is free the entire weekend. I made the reservation myself in January when the group started booking in bulk.” For the second time I gaped at her. “OH come ON!” she raised her voice enough for me to panic “I watched you pine the last two years. If I got the wrong guy just tell me and I will stick him in one of the floor rooms,” I held up my hand to shut her up and whispered “No…that’s him.” Her face shown proudly like she had done a good job and damn it if she hadn’t!

I stepped back into the room a bit flustered but confident. “As I said, we are prepared to make the upgrade for you in apology for this sudden change.” I am typically so cool and collected but I felt like my adrenaline was never going to ease off. I hoped he could only perceive that I was just doing my job, not organizing something covertly. “One of our cottages has been made available for you and my staff are taking your bags their as we speak. If you would follow me I can show you to your room” I escorted our guest through my office door and tried to slow my gait to draw out the moment. Strolling past the pool and over to the edge of the golf course I pulled the master key from my pocket and slipped it through the lock. I turned around to apologize again when he looked down at me. My brain lost all communication with my mouth as I tried to figure out what I was about to say. His smirk was wicked enough to snap me out of my stare and blush.

“Thank you” he began…It was his turn to stop and furrow his brow. “You look familiar.” “I was working here last year” I tried. “No, that’s not it. I will figure it out though” he said as if it was a challenge. I moved farther into the cottage pointing out how the jacuzzi worked and how to access the amenities his group was entitled to as I handed him his personal weekend pass. The shock that I felt from the brief skin contact of our hands shot through me like liquid fire. I was suddenly very hot and tried backing away. “Wait…” he reached as his phone chose that exact moment to ring. I took the opportunity to bolt for the door indicating that he should take his call.

I heard the rowdy voice on the other end of the line, suspiciously clearly, as I turned the door handle. “Just a minute Chuck.” I heard right behind my ear before his hand shot out from behind me to slam shut the door I had barely gotten ajar. “I will call you back” he said as he ended the call and placed it on the table directly to my left. “I asked you to wait” he said right up against my ear. The shiver of pleasure ran down my spine to begin the slow tingle already building between my legs. “I wanted to thank you” he said as I turned. My pulse already racing had me gasping breath and his eyes lowered to the rising and falling of my exposed cleavage. Pinned on either side by each of his arms with my back against the door I looked into his eyes as he dipped his head down and took my lips with his own.

My brain just stopped and all of the anxiety fell away as he grabbed my waist and pressed me into the door with his body. My hands slowly climbed the muscle and sinew of his torso to wrap around his neck and weave my fingers into his hair. I felt my shirt coast up my ribcage as his hand searched out my budding nipple. “Oh GOD what are you doing?” my brain screamed as my libido wound up for more. My inner conflict must have been obvious because he backed up and growled “You had better leave now while I can still let you. If you don’t walk out now I won’t be able to stop.” My eyes like saucers paused at the idea placed squarely in my head. Did I WANT him to stop???

My brain got the final say, yanked the door open and walked unsteadily back toward my office. I heard him curse profusely before I rounded the corner. When I returned Julie was kicking back behind my desk and choked “What are you doing back so quick?” she demanded. “What did you think I was going to do…jump him the minute we were alone? He has no clue!” I pleaded. “Wait!” Julie stood up suddenly as if she was making a discovery. “Your shirt was tucked in before! WHAT did you do?” How the fuck does she DO that? “You truly are a waste of talent here, it feels like I am holding you back… why do I keep you around again?” Knowing my diversion tactics she squealed in delight and proceeded to beg me for details. In my moment of weakness at her win I gave her the whole story.

“Oh God HOW did you STOP???” she screamed! “I don’t know” I whispered. I was in a daze filled with partial regrets. Where am I going to let this go? What do I want to happen? Several hours passed as I dug back into my work to resolve the difficulties that come with running a resort, as opposed to dwelling on burning questions. My thoughts kept wandering back to the “What If” moment. As the evening approached and night took over scenarios began to fill my head and my frustration built. I tightened my legs to my renewed arousal. Looking at the clock 10:15p I felt sure enough that I was safe as I slipped my fingers down to my panties and pressed, hard. I exhaled louder than I expected and gasped hard with the abrupt and loud knock at my door. It took me so off guard that I jumped up yelling “Just a Moment!” at the same time he swung the door open. Whatever he saw had him turning and locking my door behind him. “Come Here!” I practically sprinted around my desk as my head screamed “Are you mental?” He backed me up to my desk bodily and said “Sit up on the edge.” Just before my ass hit the desk he dropped to his knee boldly reached up my dress grabbed the edge on my panties and yanked them down. Just as suddenly he rose back up grabbed the nape of my neck and dove for my mouth in a deep seductive kiss as his other hand moved up my thigh to my already sensitive flesh. He swallowed my scream when his hand brushed my clit. A moment later he dropped back down to his knee and began feverishly licking and kissing every fold. My climax rushed in without warning and had me bucking against his hands and mouth. He kept it up until the sensation finally subsided. “That was One! Next time I make you cum I am going to fuck you.”

I opened my sated eyes to find him gripping his hard cock inside his pants. My eyes riveted to the sight of him stroking himself had me climbing down from the desk and climbing up his legs to tear at his button and zipper. I wanted that right now. My wrists were suddenly cuffed in his hands when I looked up and he said in a level voice “Wait.” Slowly he released my wrists took his cock out before my eyes and again began taunted me. I edged forward wanting to taste him. I opened my mouth to ask and his hand came to my cheek and jaw as he guided his rigid member into my mouth. My tongue danced with curiosity over the sensitive flesh as I closed my eyes in bliss. I wanted him to fuck my mouth and he did just that. I was a vessel of pleasure and enjoying every second of it. So much so that my hand dropped back to my throbbing clit to rub and touch. I felt him swell even more as he asked “Are you touching yourself?” and I moaned with his cock firmly thrusting in and out of my hungry mouth. As I began to cum I sucked hard as it was his turn to buck an moan till I was swallowing his climax . The grip on my hair eased as I looked up at his panting body in gratitude. His eyes lowered and a smirk crawled up his cheek as he said “I believe I said I was going to fuck you the next time I made you cum.” I interjected with “Yes you did say that but I made MYSELF cum that time, you clearly stated when YOU make me cum.” I smirked back triumphant. “You’re right. It IS best if we draw this out. Thank you.” Looking back down at me with the same triumphant grin …What have I done?

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Thanks for the Mammaries

As the bearer of large breasts (DDD cup) any type of message that leads to my not only getting to keep them but also giving me an opportunity to prevent breast cancer I am ALL for it! No my life would not be over if I didn’t have breasts but I have become a bit attached to them. As much as they get in the way I love them. They are natural and I have made my peace with their occasional inconveniences in favor of the convenient fun I get out of having them. I have even taken to proudly wearing lower cut necklines. I didn’t always feel they had a lot to offer.


Squeezing breasts could prevent cancer, best study ever say

Getting to second base, the holy grail for hormonal boys, is now science: New research has shown that squeezing breasts could prevent malignant breast cells from causing cancer. This doesn’t give pervy dudes license to grope you on the subway, ladies, but it does mean boob-grabbing should be a regular part of your self-care routine (yes, absolutely try it DIY-style). Experiments found that physical pressure led cells back to normal growth patterns, and that even after compression was no longer applied, the malignant cells stopped growing. Spread the word, boob-lovers of the world.

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7 Amazing Things to Know About Breasts

Breasts want freedom.
Bras restrict the movement of lymphatic fluid through the breasts, underarm, and shoulders, thus causing toxins to build up in the breast tissue. Underwire bras are the worst culprit, as the metal also can disrupt the energy flow through the breast area. A recent French study has shown that women who don’t wear bras actually have perkier breasts even as they age. Exercising, dance, and rebounding without a bra also allows the body’s movements to support lymphatic flow and proper drainage of the breasts. The natural movement of the breasts as the body exercises and moves is another essential component to lymphatic health in the breasts. (grrr…I love being braless but with size comes sag and I prefer the look of my breasts in a supportive, well fitted, underwire bra)

Breasts need massage.
There is no muscle tissue in a women’s breasts, so breasts need assistance to enhance circulation through the breast. A woman’s breasts are mostly fat tissue along with milk ducts, connective tissue, nerves, and lymph glands. Self breast massage is an important regular practice for women to support their blood and lymph circulation and reduce build-up of toxins and hormones in the fatty tissue of the breasts. Massage your breasts daily with a natural cold-pressed vegetable oil, such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil. You can also add pure essential oils such as rose, jasmine, or clary sage to your massage oil base. I’m not talking about “man-handling” here, I’m talking about gentle self massage in which you get to know what your breasts feel like, notice any changes, and use gentle lymphatic and circulatory movements to enhance health. (This I enjoy!)

Breasts are hot.
It has been well-documented that a woman’s breasts will synchronize with her newborn baby to become the perfect temperature. When a mother and baby are skin-to-skin postpartum, her breasts will naturally adjust their temperature to regulate the baby’s body temperature optimally. A mother of twins will have each of her breasts match the ideal temperature for each one of her twins. A women’s breasts are more reliable and efficient than any baby warmer. So breasts are totally hot – just not in the way people usually talk about. (Neither of my children drank from a bottle…ever)

Breastmilk has a gazillion medicinal uses.
Breastmilk is pretty much the most amazing food substance available to mankind. Mother’s milk is completely unique and not possible to replicate (despite what you may have heard from the formula companies). It actually changes minute by minute, day to day, to provide exactly the right nourishment and immunities that a baby needs as determined by the breast through receiving information from the baby’s saliva on the areola. There are over 400+ identified nutrients in human breast milk, including probiotics and an abundant source of stem cells. The first milk that comes out is colostrum, which is rich with immune factors and is considered to be “liquid gold”, and extremely important for the life-long health of the baby. Breastmilk is also used by wise mamas for many purposes including putting on diaper rash, earaches, pink eye, sore throats, and many other healing needs. When a women breastfeeds the breastmilk bathes her milk ducts as it passes through to her baby, thus providing increased breast health and preventing breast cancer in direct relation to how long she nurses. (Yeah…breastmilk is truly amazing…tastes good too!)

Breasts are energy centers.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of health that has been practiced for thousands of years, based upon the movement of energy through the body on the meridians (energy lines) and acupoints (nodes of energy on the meridians). There are six meridians that run through the breast area, and three of them are the Kidney, Liver, and Stomach meridians where most breast lumps and cancer develop. TCM treats breast cancer by addressing the energy stagnation and movement of qi. Acupuncture and TCM are holistic ways to promote breast health and can be used in combination with other health care treatments as well. Massaging the acupressure points along the meridians, or holding these energy points around the breasts, can help with promoting breast and whole body health and vitality. Underwire bras can also interfere with the energy moving through the meridians in the breasts, another reason to let your boobs go free, or invest in a soft supportive natural fiber bra. (Will have to look into this further)

Breasts are a lot like canaries.
You’ve heard about the canary in the coal mine? Miners would take canaries down in the mines with them, because the birds were so sensitive that if the environment was toxic the canaries would die, and then the miners would know to get out of there immediately! Breasts are extremely sensitive, they receive information from the environment and their tissues collect toxins and hormones, like jet fuel and flame retardants. When breastfeeding, the saliva from the baby is absorbed into the areola and the breasts then immediately respond by providing the nutrients and immune factors that the baby needs based upon the breast’s incredibly sensitive receptors. Breast cancer is now the most common form of cancer for women in the US, and it’s not because breasts or our genes are the problem. Our breasts are the canaries letting us know that our environment is toxic and we must make changes in our health, diets, exposure, and detox. Due to the over 70,000 chemicals now used in the US over the last 100 years, we are living in a toxic soup and exposed to chemicals in our air, food, water, homes, cars, clothes, and more. Our breasts are letting us know that we need to create a healthy change for our longevity and the future generations. (Mind blown yet?)

Breasts are beautiful.
Your breasts are perfect for you. All kinds of breasts are beautiful. Breasts change in shape and size over life, and that’s okay. Some men like large breasts, others prefer small breasts, and some like medium sized. Whatever shape or size of your boobs is just right. Love your breasts! They have superpowers, they are intelligent, and they are amazing! In Mongolia, when a baby fusses, everyone lifts up their shirt and shakes their breasts for the baby, and the baby calms down and looks around amazed. Everyone laughs and smiles shaking their boobs, including mom, grandma, and grandpa too! So smile and love your boobs, they are awesome. (Mongolia you say? I knew they were cool somehow…now I know. hehe)

Viva La Boobies!

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So, I have even more pride in my breasts now more than ever. I will be placing a lot more focus on the girls (a term I never really used) and squeeze them for extra love AND preventative measures.

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