Doubleife – Because one life is never enough

Carpe Diem


Even at my age,
despite the fact that I am a parent,
that I have seen awful things,
that I am in a tenuous relationship at best,
I still posses a hopeful innocence.

This does not mean I identify as a little girl.
This does not mean I am ignorant.
It does mean that at times I am reluctantly gullible.
It also means it is easy to lie to me.
But I catch on quick.

My trust in new friends is something I have chosen to invest.
Giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt,
Getting to know someone unfettered,
Withholding judgement is my effort
In finding genuineness.

So when you do lie to me,
I will listen,
Until I hear it,
And my trust evaporates.
I won’t be your fool.

My innocence may draw you in,
My wit may amuse you,
My intellect though,
That will be your downfall
That will be your challenge.

I enjoy learning new things,
I am compelled to expand my knowledge,
I will puzzle out a solution,
I like a challenge.
Of course I hope you do too.

Simply nurture my innocence,
Feed my imagination,
Cultivate my trust,
Accept my limitations,
I will be an open book.

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