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Carpe Diem

The Paradox

Saying my job search was going poorly was an understatement. My idea of a short commute to a great small business that needed my unique brand of computer savvy, a creative mind for problem solving and a certifiable customer service extraordinaire had long ago been dashed. Here I was interviewing at companies now within an hour’s radius of home. How the hell did this happen? I don’t WANT an hour commute! The position and the salary were the only thing that got me dressed and in the car for the long trek. Sitting in traffic on the interstate I make a mental note to find a different route, something more scenic, IF I get this job.

The only positive part of sitting in traffic is the opportunity to play on my phone. Log in, check messages, message back something clever and fun, look up and let the car roll another few feet, repeat. What the fuck am I doing? This is a nightmare. I didn’t want to drive this far. Crossing the river and taking the exit for the Land of Opportunity I pulled onto the campus and parked in one of the few visitors parking spaces provided.

The nearby kiosk held brochures and maps as well as local posters for study groups, items for sale and a variety of announcements. Pulling open the small map I quickly located the building and office I had been scheduled to visit and took a deep breath, spun in the right direction and began to walk. Checking my phone for the time I grin to myself that not only am I early I don’t have to run but instead can stroll casually without duress that I would in any way be late.

I have to say, there is something to be said for well kept grounds. The slow pace and the cool breeze made all of the outer activity of the campus seem to speed up. The buzzing of schedules too tight and people with poor time management scurrying between the haphazard movement of everyone else flowing in and out of the buildings. Slipping earbuds into my ears the dance becomes orchestrated and moves inadvertently to the music. Finally arriving at the building I tug out the beat I had set and quickly ascend the concrete steps to the front doors.


He arrived on campus, after his long commute, rested and relaxed having listened to a streak of consistently better and better songs streaming through his XM radio. The campus was in full swing and he absorbed the potent energy exuded from the fresh minds and bodies speeding from point A to point B. This environment was like a balm. Scanning the crowd, his eyes landed on a new but familiar face. A rush of thoughts flooded his brain, paralysis struck him motionless and his heart rate tripled staring at the woman he had heard cum. ‘What the fuck is she doing here?’, ‘Did I tell her where I work?’. ‘She’s rounder and fuller than her pictures’, ‘Fuck I’m hard’, ‘Does she know where my office is?’ ‘Why won’t she look up?’, ‘Grrr, she turned the other way’, ‘What is she here for, a fucking stroll?’, ‘Oh fuck, is she actually sashaying?’ ‘Fuck, I’m hard’, ‘I should follow her and see where she goes.’

His legs were moving but is eyes were glued to her movements as she sauntered along the campus paths. The closer she got to his own building the more intrigued and oblivious to his surroundings he became. He heard his name called but he moved without acknowledging until someone finally grabbed his arm to get his attention. “I’m sorry Sir but the meeting was changed.” Looking down he recognized the associate but his mind was still in a haze. “What time?” “It is in two hours Sir.” Smiling down at her easily he said “Thank you” and continued his pursuit.

She hadn’t gotten far but she was now close to the steps of his building. He watched as she pulled out a pair of earbuds and tucked them into her big laptop size red purse. She did a little sprightly jog up the steps and as her ass bounced his cock leapt while sounds of her screaming into his ear came imaginatively alive. Fuck.


Opening the double doors I step up to the foyer and approach the receptionist. “Hello, I have an interview with Mr. Grossman” She begins clicking furiously on her keyboard and says “Yes, you are early and he is still interviewing the last applicant. Please have a seat, I am sure he will be out soon.” smiling at me brightly. I thanked her and picked one of the comfortable lounge chairs set up in small groups with a tiny useless table that wouldn’t support my iPad. I snickered at the idea of two people trying to place each of their coffee cups on this joke of an engineering design. When the receptionist suddenly asked “Oh, I forgot to ask, can I get you anything… coffee, tea, water?” I had to bite my lip to prevent the laughter bubbling up and sincerely declined her offer thinking.

In an attempt to look professional, instead of checking my phone, I pulled out my iPad. I immediately check the wifi connection, quietly elated that it is not password blocked, and I quickly peeked into my social networking accounts to relax a bit. Posting something clever and witty is kind of my thing so of course I post an impromptu quip “Job interviews and anxiety are the equivalent threat of almost drowning while receiving water torture, you’re not sure which will kill you first but you can consider yourself lucky if you don’t have to pee while you are enduring either one.” On that note I make a mental assessment, as to if I do in fact actually have to use the lavatory, and decide that all is good and move on to peruse what everyone else is posting.

My peripheral vision registers people moving in and out of the building. I am obviously the only applicant here for an interview as everyone else has a destination and proceeds to and from the building in an expeditious manner. I can hear the receptionist cheerily greeting some while somber and professionally greeting others. I wonder if she knows how obvious she is being with her tone of voice. She was currently in flirtatious mode and whoever she was trying her hardest with wasn’t even speaking to her. Poor girl, the least he could do is acknowledge her! I go to look up and suddenly from the opposite direction I hear my name called and turn my head too quickly to see the object of her affection.

Quickly stowing my iPad back into my purse I rise, hand outstretched to shake Mr. Grossman’s hand firmly. “Hello Sir, thank you for this opportunity.” I smile brightly at the man who looks a bit too much like Jerry from “Parks and Recreation” which only made me wish he looked more like Ron Swanson. ‘Now him I would like’ I think to myself and smirk. “Please, follow me Ms. Date.” Jerry explained that the majority of the administration staff is housed in this building and that the IT department handles all of the campus technology needs. There would be a certain amount of traveling from building to building and I finally saw my ray of sunshine. Getting out from behind a desk once in a while, what a refreshing change! ‘I have to nail this interview’ I realized just as we reached the door to the conference room. I take a deep breath and step into the gauntlet.


Watching her disappear through the doors he realizes that she is temporarily gone. ‘What if she knows where she is going and I lose her?’ ‘What if she is waiting for me in my office?’ His cock tightens further at the thought and his feet pick up their pace. He reaches for the door winded for a brief moment but more anxious than out of shape. Taking the time to collect himself he opens the door, holds it curtiously for a colleague then follows their path to the receptionist.

It was a mistake, in his opinion, to have flirted with her at that office party but in his defense the alcohol was mostly to blame and he wasn’t the one drinking that night. Ever since then she has had her hopes up and unfortunately they had to interact on a daily basis. Today was no different as she saw his face and she brightened up like a freshly lit Christmas tree and her voice lifted by at least an octave. Scanning the room for the woman who had him captivated, he found her with her head down writing intently on her tablet. ‘I wonder if she is messaging me’ he thought as the hopeful girl behind him tried earnestly to attract his attention.

Just as he thought his intent stare would will her to look up Grossman from IT summoned her from the opposite direction. Flustered she quickly returned her iPad to her purse and stretched her arm out to shake his hand. The hand he had imagined touching his cock, rubbing his chest, pulling his ass anxiously into her waiting mouth was shaking Grossman’s hand and his anger surged momentarily. Checking his emotions firmly, for the professional contact that it was, he watched as they animatedly walked off toward the department he now realized she was interviewing for. Reviewing the possibility of working on the same campus came a variety of pros and cons but the only that continued to pop up was ‘I wonder how many times in a day can I get IT to visit my office?’


The interview was surprisingly comfortable and easy. Jerry was kind, open and excited to have me on board. He disclosed that all of the previous applicants fell short in some way and due to that fact saw no need for a second interview. I was so overjoyed I almost hugged him but instead just beamed from ear to ear thanking him, promising to not disappoint him. Exiting the room I requested directions to the nearest ladies room and shook his hand again saying “I will see you Monday morning!”

The rest room was quite a bit farther down the corridor so I felt safe enough to do a little dance knowing that Mr. Grossman had headed back in the opposite direction. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Besides, they will figure out soon enough who I am but for right now I was a stranger to everyone present.

I enthusiastically pushed open the door to the women’s room. A surge of thoughts entered my mind. ‘I could always move down here instead of commute.’ ‘I wonder how the housing market is right now.’ ‘I should get into the job first then explore the area decide if I want to relocate.’ ‘I wonder how often I will be able to sneak onto my social network since I will already be on the computer anyway?’ ‘I can’t believe I got the job!’ I quickly peed and washed my hands. Staring at my face in the mirror I felt like I was glowing. My smile was bright, my body full of energy practically bursting with joy I started jumping up and down and let out a loud excited squeek.

Hearing the door open abruptly I immediately stopped, lowered my eyes and pretended I wasn’t just doing a happy dance. Whoever entered just stood there. I nervously rewashed my hands, pulled the paper towels to dry them again and felt awkward knowing that the person was still standing there. ‘What the fuck is she waiting for? All of the stalls are open and available.’ Then I noticed the shoes. ‘Those are not women’s shoes.’ I abruptly looked up and into the face of the man who had commanded me to cum for the last several weeks over the phone and the floor lost its solid state just as I heard the bolt on the door click home.


Waiting patiently, well not so much patiently as pacing irritatedly back and forth past the conference room she and Grossman were animatedly chatting away, he began to let his mind wander. ‘All of the other candidates were obvious idiots compared to this woman, of course Grossman was going to offer her the job.’ ‘What the fuck is going on in there?’ ‘Why are they laughing so much, it is IT for fuck sake.’ ‘Who laughs this much in an interview?’ ‘She had better not be flirting with him.’ ‘I bet he wants to fuck her… no no no Grossman is a good man, a family man.’ He recognized the deterioration of his thoughts and took several deep breaths.

Realizing that she still had no idea that this was his turf he knew that his next move, before she could escape, would be to make his presence known. He had been upping the ante of their online conversations, stirring her tighter and tighter. He knew she loved his rules and strictness and she was opening up more with each dialogue exchange. She had already let slip her real name, accidentally, and he used it at every opportunity to heighten their connection. He also knew she was job searching but never imagined she would venture this far, but now that she was here and no longer safely behind a computer or a blocked cell phone number he was finally at an advantage.

From the end of the hall he watched the two exit the room, again shake hands and heard her say brightly “I will see you Monday morning!” Of course she got the job. Instead of walking toward him though he saw Grossman approach and her turn in the opposite direction going deeper into the building. He nodded to the man in passing and pursued his quarry, realizing that she was headed for the ladies. ‘Holy shit is she dancing?’ as he watched her disappear into the next room.

Waiting again, outside another door, he paced a bit closer this time. She wouldn’t be in there long. He heard the toilet flush, the water run then nothing. ‘Where is she?’ Being in a more remote part of the building, very few staff occupied this area since it was mainly dedicated to conference rooms and storage. His normally ample supply of patience was already down to its last few grains of sand that when he heard a high pitch sound from in the bathroom he abandoned all decorum and barged in.

He caught a glimpse of her jumping up and down with a simultanious view front and back since she was facing a mirror with her full breasts bouncing, her ass shaking and a smile plastered on her face. Once the door hit the wall she immediately stopped and pretended that she wasn’t just wildly dancing about. She began to rewash her hands and he notices that she has her eyes cast down to avoid unwanted eye contact. ‘So alluringly submissive, even in the presence of strangers!’ His cock stiffened again after having finally regained control. There was no other exit to the room so he waited for her to complete the ritual.

Waiting for her to turn, to notice that he was not just another woman in to use to facilities he stared at her long dark curly hair pulled tight into a bun and imagined it cascading around her shoulders. Her body stiffened when she realized that the person occupying the space with her was not a woman but a man and he reached behind him securing their privacy, locking the door, just as their eyes met and recognition hit her.


My eyes went wide, my heart rate sped up and I felt like my entire body went hyper sensitive. I could hear every breath, feel the slightest shift in the air and he just stood there staring at me as if waiting for me to decide what to do next. I am not typically the aggressive type but with all of the pent up energy from the successful interview I dropped my purse, stepped forward, pressed my body into his and pulled his lips down to mine. Once in his arms, he wasted no time taking the upperhand swinging me about so that my back was now to the door and his body ground hard into my own. My arms wrapped around his neck and was coupled by encouraging moans as our tongues delved deep intermingling with lips and skin trying to devour one another. ‘Could this day get any more perfect?’ I thought. Then it hit me.

I pulled back suddenly, trying to put a lid on my voracious appetite for a moment to ask “What are you doing here? How is this happening right now? Oh god, what are you doing with your tongue? Mmmmmm, right there… oh yes.” I was drowning in the sensations of his mouth, which after leaving mine had traveled south to my neck, nibbled on my shoulder and currently had both breasts out with one nipple deep in his mouth and the other being roughly groaped, teased and tweeked by his other hand.

My head hit the door with a thud which, in turn, startled him into thinking someone was knocking and he stepped back abruptly. Leaning heavily on the door breathlessly panting, with breasts exposed and heaving, my heavy eye lids held his as his rumpled suit and clearly shaken countanance he first said “Are you OK?” A slow smile crossed my face and I nodded. He reapproached me and gently put me back together, mindful to pinch and caress my skin while a low moan rumbled in his throat as he did so. “I have a meeting in 30 minutes,” my heart fell for a half a second “but after that the rest of my day is open and I would like to take you to lunch and see where the day goes from there.” he said, refreshing my elated state. Then his voice lowered and his eyes dialated as he continued to say “But before any of that I need to hear AND see you cum.”

A rash of goose pimples spread across my skin, my throat tightened and all I could do was stand there mouth agape staring at him. “Take off your panties… Now.” I stooped down, drew my hands up my thighs on the underside of my dress, put my thumbs in the waistline of my thong and pulled them off seductively. “Now go over to the sink, sit up on the counter and spread your legs wide for me.” A bit more hesitant, but still compliant, I walked over and did as he commanded. He watched from across the room as I obeyed. “Wider.” I placed my feet on the edge of the countertop with my back against the wall length mirror and a sink to either side of my hips. “Good girl. Now, I want you to take your middle finger, push it deep inside several times then when it is good and wet begin to circle your clit slowly. Do it now.”

As I began my task, I heard his zipper lower and watched from across the room as he pulled out his hard cock watching my hand moved skillfully and purposefully to fullfill his instruction. His hand stroked his hard member equally as slowly as my own was roaming my wet aroused flesh on display for him. My arousal grew as I watched him pleasuring himself to watching me pleasure myself. I could feel my spring tighten. Each breath I took seemed to echo off of the the walls. His hand had picked up speed as had my own to match. I moaned as I got closer. I could see the precum gathering at the head of his cock. “I want you inside me… please…. I’m so close.”

With those words hanging in the air he asked “Do you have your toy?” Nodding I said, “In my purse.” He leaned down, never taking his eyes off of me, pulled out the instrument, that had been the buzzing purple replacement for his own hard cock all these weeks, and handed it to me before he said “I’ve been waiting a long time to watch you cum for me. Show me. Show me how you have been fucking yourself.” I placed the rubbery tool at my aching entrance and he growled “Now, Turn. It. On.” I nodded and said “Yes Sir” Immediately building my climax tighter and and tighter, with the internal stimulation I now felt the dual orgasm change and speed up.

I again watched his hand move back and forth over his own purpling head, from squeezing and pulling his beautifully aroused member. And then his voice started saying all of the wonderfully dirty things he would whisper in my ear. Telling me what he was going to do to me later. How hard he was going to spank me for not telling him I was to interview here. How deep he was going to fuck me bent over his desk when he gets back from his meeting. How hot I looked fucking myself for him… and then it was crashing over me. I cried out over and over trying desparately not to scream as I came hard while watching him follow close behind me.

It was then, as I sat there recovering from my improvisational erotic adventure, that my brain finally kicked in and started to chide me for my behavior. Thoughts like ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ ‘You JUST got hired and you TRYING to get fired the same day?’ I closed my eyes and closed my legs curling up on the counter realizing what I just done, something I had not done before for anyone. Then I felt his arms come around me and his voice whisper “You are so sexy. Thank you.” His words halted my negative thoughts. Helping me down from the counter he took my hand, led me to the door and said, “Now you are coming with me to my office to wait while I am in that meeting, because when I get back we have a lot to discuss.” Picking up my underwear off the floor “Oh and these are mine now… just like you.”

Anticipated Connection

We’d been messaging back and forth for some time. It is absurd of me to think that I know a man I’ve never met, to assume you are anything more than a mystery to me, but I am a wistful romantic optimist to a fault. It is why my heart is always so open, why I feel so deeply and why I long to experience positive anxiety and anticipation like a drug. Just reading the words you write sends a thrill down my spine and I am yours every moment our time coincides. The impulse to buy the plane ticket was completely that, a hopeful spontaneous idea. I knew your schedule yet my confidence, that it would remain in place, wavered many times over the few weeks between my purchase and the departure date. I was helpless to the tumultuous emotions that wracked my brain and body as the evening  before the flight approached.  Taking a sleep aid on the final night, begging for the sleep I knew I would need, I fell into a deep dream filled darkness that engulfed my senses like a sweet tangy molasses swallowing my consciousness.

Dressed comfortably, the next morning, so that I could navigate the airport I arrived with ample time to deal with the lines. I couldn’t help but ask myself ‘What the hell was I thinking scheduling a flight on a Monday morning?’ Looking around, I think everyone around me is a business executive commuting to their destination for the week and I feel intimidated being surrounded by the competitive air of money and commerce chit chat. My luggage easily accommodated and checked I waited anxiously in the terminal for my flight to be called for boarding. I couldn’t imagine dealing with this mess without a full night’s sleep and silently thanked the little pill that sent me to dreamland the night before.

Stepping off of the plane I can’t wait to see you. I know I have time. I have already found your hotel. It is the only one in town directly across the street from a pub; the one you frequently text me from. I’ve checked in already and I made sure my room is adjoining yours. It is amazing what the desk is capable of when you mention what you have planned for their favorite and most reliable guest. Oh yes, they have noticed you. In fact Julie, the cute girl behind the desk, happened to notice how big you are that day we were on the phone as you hurried to check in to play with me. She quietly asked if I had seen you so ,knowing what an exhibitionist you are, I pulled up one of my favorite pics of you and she practically drooled. I leaned in and asked her in a whisper when her shift was over… tonight is going to be a long night. I pop off to my room to shower and get ready. I was sure to wax the night before I left with my favorite beautician and now my legs and pussy are still sensitive and warm from the recent abuse. I slip into my new sheer mid-thigh blue dress with tiny flowers with a solid blue attached slip underneath. I had no clue how warm it would be here but I quickly realized that I won’t be needing the sweater I packed. After slathering my body in my favorite scented lotion, I grab my iPad and head for the pub. I know you’ll be there because you’d already told me that you needed a drink after your hard day. Relieved that our communication had been sparse today I am actually surprised that I have been able to keep my secret this long. I’ve been excited about this for weeks.

Sitting down at the far end of the bar, where no one will see the dirty things I am typing over my shoulder, I start messaging you all the things I would want to do to you IF I was there and not miles upon miles away. You are very busy but you message occasionally about how hot I am making you and that if I WAS there I would be in ‘Big Trouble’ right now which only makes me more nervous for your arrival. Five o’clock rolls around and you text that you are headed to the hotel to shower but will message me when you get to the pub. I blush but I can’t wait for you to notice me. My anxiety has built steadily this entire day but luckily the second glass of Reisling I have ordered is calming my nerves. I know it will be some time between your commute from the jobsite to the hotel and your shower so I settle back into my writing. As I weave one of my torrid erotica stories from my imagination I wind up smiling to myself as I fidget in my seat.

I am so absorbed by the scene I am writing that when a man takes the barstool next to me I ignore his presence for the roll that I am on. I am quoting you in the story when I hear the voice of the man to my right order a beer and ‘another drink for the lady’ in Your voice. My face flushes as I look up to see your face filled with a heady mixture of lust and joy. Before I can say a word you grab my face and kiss me passionately right there in front of everyone! When you finally let me go I am left panting and embarrassed. I am not used to public displays of affection. Quickly looking around I realize why you came right to me. Only 3 other patrons occupy the pub and they are each scattered at the tables with no one at the bar. All I can do is stare into your eyes and smile. My shyness abates knowing the audience is sparce until I remember how wet I am from the scene I was just writing and my lids lower again, this time in internal embarrassment.

“What do we have here?” You grab my iPad and begin reading before I can grab it back. My cheeks begin to flame and the wine has already gotten them quite rosy. Holding up your hand you growl “You will sit there like a good girl, drink that glass of wine and let me read in peace… or else.” I bite my lips between my teeth and pout as I quietly glance around the bar again. A couple has entered and the sexy bartender is leaning in chatting them up.  I see you adjust yourself in your seat and glance down to see that yes you are indeed already hard. Seeing your hand on your cock, even if it is only on the outside of your jeans, has my mouth watering. Catching me staring you lean in and whisper “My girl is wet after writing all of this isn’t she?” I quickly look away and say shakily “Yes Sir” Pulling my chin up so that you can look into my eyes you insist “NO… tell me.” I repeat with a slight bit more volume “Yes Sir, writing that made me very wet.” Satisfied you lean back “Good because we are both going to suffer as we sit here because I’m hungry for dinner after skipping my lunch today in order to give you Sir time. This is part of your punishment for not telling me you were coming down.” Remembering the orgasm I had in the bathroom of the airplane with you coaxing me through the phone rushed back suddenly. I am positive everyone heard me but had I held back you would have know something was different. I can deal with that but knowing it was only partial payment had me curious what the other punishment would be.

Flagging down the attractive bartender you announce “Jennifer, we are going to sit at the back booth. Would you please bring us some menus, me another beer and bring the lady another glass of wine darlin’?” She cheerfully nods as you escort me closely from the barstool to the seemingly secluded half circle booth. I slide into the padded seat and moved to the back of the table as you glide in behind me. Grabbing my thigh you say “That’s far enough.” and leave your firm hand on my fiery skin.

I am panting and aroused by your touch but I am trying to remember this is a punishment not a reward but it’s not working. I want your hand to slide up, caress my panties, slide them aside and slip your fingers inside me but your hand just stays excruciatingly put. Jennifer brings our drinks and menus and you order immediately for both of us. Two Prime Rib dinners both with  Baked Potatoes and the house salad. Oh fuck I love that you ordered that. Then you look directly at me and say “If I am going to working on you all night, I am going to have a decent meal.” “Of course Sir. I love Prime Rib!” “I know you do baby, that’s why I ordered it.” Your hand eases up its clamping hold and gently strokes my thigh. I can feel that there is going to be a bruise but I am happy. As your hand moves back and forth you lean to me and say “Mmm smooth… is everywhere this smooth?” but before I can answer ‘Yes Sir’ you say “Nevermind, I’ll find out soon enough.” and my heart does a little flip in anticipation.

Our food is delivered along with 2 more drinks and by now I am feeling very relaxed. I am not a big drinker but despite the food I am getting quite intoxicated. I go to slide out of the other side of the booth only to have you clamp onto my thigh again and growl “Where do you think you’re going” “To the bathroom Sir?” “You’re mine now, you ask MY permission to leave my presence.” “May I go use the rest room please Sir?” I ask meekly. “Yes, but I expect you to return to the table and place you panties on the table, and don’t you dare touch that pussy, it’s mine now.” I stare at you for a moment and you say “Is there a problem?” “No Sir…” and your hand unclamps and I leave the table.

In the bathroom I am almost confused as to why I am there. I am pretty sure I’ve had at least 4 glasses of wine but all I can think about is the fact that I am not allowed to touch myself, and that only makes me want to more! My bladder speaks up and I realize ‘Right… I have to pee!’ and giggle at my forgetfulness. I pull my lacy panties down and know this is the last time I will see them. I kiss them affectionately good by, right on the wet spot that has collected and lick my lips to taste myself. Wadding them up into a ball in my fist I grab toilet paper and wipe myself slowly through the warm lubrication that has been collecting relishing the brief contact with my clit as I let go of the paper into the toilet, stand and then flush. I try to collect myself standing there with the close walls to steady my swaying just a bit due to the lack of equilibrium. I unclasp the latch and head back our table walking a bit more casually but also a bit more aroused.

I can feel the moisture build as my smooth wet lips feel the air flow across them in my short dress as I cross the floor to our table. I plop down in the booth and slowly slide in toward you. You begin to say “Did you forge..” when I slam the panties down, a little too loudly onto the table, making the silverware jump and the wine glass clink against your beer glass. “Hmmm… seems like you may have had enough to drink” and I giggle uncontrollably. “Is my girl drunk?” and I laugh uproariously. All that tension from my arousal is exploding out of me and had I not just peed I would have pissed my pants right then and there! “Hmmm… I like it when you’re happy. Want me to buy a bottle for the room?” I am finally catching my breath and nod with a giant grin on my face. “I’m going to go pay the bill stay right here” “Yes Sir.” I say as another giggle escapes.

I watch you up at the bar talking to Jennifer. You both look back at me and I realize my legs are apart and quickly close them. Mentally slapping myself I chide ‘What the hell Zoey… pull yourself together! You have big plans for this evening, now sober UP!’ Although I love feeling drunk I think it makes me look stupid and therefore I rarely drink. I am typically the designated driver but I didn’t need to drive anywhere. I only had to navigate my way across the street and to our rooms. You return to the table, bottle in hand with 2 wine glasses. Beaconing me to join you with your outstretched free arm I slide out once again, stand and become wrapped in your one armed embrace. I nuzzle your chest and you say “Come on I’ve got big plans for tonight and there are only so many hours before I have to be at work again.”

We cross the street, stroll through the double doors  Glancing over at the desk I wave enthusiastically at Julie behind the desk as she blatantly winks back at me smiling. I put my fingers up to my ear and mouth in the universal telephone sign and mouth very obviously ‘Call Me’ and she chuckles as she gives the thumbs up. Puzzled, you look down at me and ask “What was all that about?” but I just put my finger up to your lips and say “Shhhhh” and giggle. Ushering me down the hall to your room you swipe your keycard and enter the room dragging me roughly behind you. You slam the door behind you, put down the bottle and glasses and turn on me. “Now…” pinning me to the wall and towering over me you say “What was THAT all about?” I smirk up at you and say. “She likes you too so I asked what time she gets done work.” “Oh… is that all?” “Nope… she also put my room directly next to yours. Here’s my keycard …see for yourself.” Instead of taking the card you kiss me hard until I have dropped the card and  wrapped my arms around your neck, moaning into the tongue agressively taking my mouth.

When you release me all I can do I stand there against the wall panting. You march over to your bag and begin to riffle through it. Clearly dissatisfied with the contents, or lack there of, you throw the bag off of the bed and march back over to me, grab the hem of my dress and yank it over my head. The fact that the dress remained in one piece had me stunned. Standing there in my bra and heels I suddenly feel awkward that this is the first time you are seeing my body in it’s entirety. “Take off the bra… now” you growl. I quickly unhook and remove the blue plunge number that is the last piece of material coving my 44DDD breasts.  They descend from their support as my nipples harden further. “Now get over here and kneel down.” I watch hungrily as you take out your cock and stroke yourself and I wonder if you’ve been as hard as I have been wet this entire evening. I can feel my mouth water to have you in my mouth and look up. The smirk on your face is a sure sign that I will not be going lightly into the the learned art of deep throating… nope I am about to get a crash course.

“Open those lips baby, I want to feel your mouth wrapped around this this cock.” Parting my lips you place your fisted cock against my mouth and slowly push in. Stretching my mouth open for you my tongue moves seductively over the sensitive underside. I instinctively press the back of my tongue against the top of my palette to close off access to my throat. I hear you say “Oh no you don’t.” as you withdraw and plunge your cock right past my defense and rock back and forth right there, deep in my mouth. I’ve never done this before and I am already gagging and my eyes tearing. If I wore mascara it would be running down my face. “Good girl” you say as you give me air and move more freely in and out of my mouth. As I get more comfortable I begin to suck and enjoy my new oral pleasure skills.

You pull out of my mouth and I lean in for more. “Not yet, you are still due for some punishment.” I look up into his eyes as you take my hand and lead me to the bed. “I am going to sit against the headboard and you are going to lay across my lap.” Again, I know this is not going to be a gentle introduction into being spanked. Once you are positioned I crawl slowly toward you, ass in the air, hoping to entice you to do other things. Once I am over your lap you ask me to part my legs. I do so eagerly but instead of touching my dripping pussy you place your leg over the leg farthest from you and I fall into your lap trapped by your thigh one over one under. Your hand landing on my ass is startling and stings making me jump. Instead of starting out slow and building up to a steady burn you go all out spanking each cheek equally to ensure my entire ass is on fire. I silently thank the gods that I have a big ass and that your hand never falls in the same place two times in a row.

My voice has gone from yelps to moans, your hand has finally slowed and is alternately massaging and spanking closer and closer to my aching flesh. I feel a probing finger swipe through my wetness and delve into me. Hearing my gasp you say “Does my girl like that?” “Yes Sir… that feels so good Sir.” “You took your punishment very well. Would you like me to reward you?” “Oh YES Sir… please.” “I want to taste you Zoey. Roll over and lay down on the bed and spread your legs wide for me.” I quickly comply as adrenaline courses through my bloodstream. I can smell my own arousal filling the close space now that my legs are prone to you.

Your fingers slowly separate the folds until you can see the glistening pink lips and tiny bud peeking out. You swirl around the nub with the tip of your tongue until I am helplessly arching to meet your tongue. Pulling away you take a broad full lick of my vulva as if you were lapping at a big broad lollypop. It is then that I feel your fingers begin to work, delving in and out of me pulling and spreading the wetness you are producing, massaging my g-spot and lightly teasing over my tight little hole making it pucker and spasm. Moaning and gasping louder and louder with yours fingers and tongue against my skin I am so close. “Is my girl going to cum?” The air is sawing in and out of my lungs and between breaths I say “Yes Sir… I am so close.” “Tell me before you cum… understand?” “Yes Sir…. I will… please don’t stop…. OH GOD!” You begin sucking on my clit and finger fucking my pussy hard. “NOW Sir… I am going to cum NOW… AHH GOD!!!!” “Good Girl, cum for me Zoey. Cum for your Sir.” And I am over the edge screaming the entire way.

“I know what you need now baby. You want Sir to fuck that throbbing pussy don’t you?” “YES SIR… YES… PLEASE. PLEASE FUCK ME. FUCK ME NOW… PLEASE!!!” And you whisper in my ear “I love hearing you beg.” as your cock lunges into my spasming pussy. The climax you just gave me rushes back in and the hyper sensitive flesh clenches around you as you move deep and hard in and out of me. I can feel the twinge of pain I love as you hit the end fucking me with that big cock of yours. I can’t be quiet, I am moaning, screaming arching and thrashing feeling you everywhere. Your mouth on my nipples sucking hard, your hands restraining my arms, your legs thrusting back and forth as I wrap one around your ass and the other presses down on the bed to meet every thrust halfway, making the slapping sound that much louder.

“Time to turn over baby.” You pull out of me and I am already whimpering as I quickly get on my hands and knees, ass in the air begging for you to be back inside me. Grabbing my hips you tell me “Hold on to the wall, otherwise I am going to fuck you into that headboard and I am not going to stop.” With that you slam into me and the feeling of your balls slapping against my clit and your cock hitting me full on is already building another more powerful climax I never could have expected. “You are going to cum again,” you order “and I am not going to cum until you do!” My head is swimming in an oxygen hyperventilated haze and then it is there, sudden and powerful and I am shaking and screaming and THAT is when you begin spanking my ass again as your cock grows even more and each spasm of sperm pumps deep inside me making my orgasm clench harder around your own swollen spent flesh.

Collapsing onto each other in a tangle of limbs and sweat, you look over at me and say “I am so proud of you baby…” All I can say is “Oh Thank you Sir, thank you thank you thank you!” as i try to catch my breath and get my heart to slow down. I am sore and euphoric. “Why don’t we order some dessert?” “OK” and I close my eyes to absorb the new skin I am in, the muscles I have used and assess what more we will be doing this evening. Smiling to myself I glance at the time and wonder if the girl at the desk will call…

Chasing a Gypsy

Sitting at her table, scanning the faces of the vacationers milling about the boardwalk, she knew he was coming for her. The signs were all there, so all she needed to do was wait. A young couple wandered over to her, from the beach, giggling and carrying on. She knew her business was a joke to most people but it paid the bills. They sat down and said, in a sarcastic tone, “Madam Zoey, tell us our fuuuture.” then laughed again. She scoffed at their disrespect and decided to mess with them. Taking the hand of the young girl she yanked, jerking her arm roughly, throwing the girl off balance. “Oh sorry,” Zoey said sincerely, because she always immediately regretted her actions if they were not kind. Saying a quick prayer in her head that her actions were not too severely punished she proceeded to concentrate on the lines of the young girl’s palm.

“You wanted a palm reading, Yes?” Zoey laid on her Romani accent thick for effect… ‘Tourists’ she thought quickly. The girl quickly glanced up to her boyfriend who in turn narrowed his eyes at Zoey and said “How Much?” “For you?More than a Hex but less than a Spell” she replied snarkily, ‘Oops better say another prayer. I seem to be on a roll today’ she quickly thought. With that he grabbed his girlfriend by the arm, yanked her up saying “Com’on Baby, this is all a bunch of bullshit. Let’s go back to my crib. I got something special for you.” His girlfriend’s eye widened as she got excited and hopped in place drawing his eyes to her perky breasts. Little did she know that when he got her home he was going to make her blow him and then spend the rest of the day getting high and making her cook. Sadly she thought he actually had a present for her for the first time in the 3 months since they’d been exclusive… well since she’d been exclusive. Zoey shook her head and cleared her mind shaking loose the mental image of disappointment on the girl’s face. Praying again the girl comes to her senses quick, she knew full well the reason the girl stayed. Zoey grinned to herself while she watched them have energetic sex until they were just far enough away that the image finally dropped.

As the afternoon crested a man with a strange look on his face approached. “You can see the future right?” he ordered more than asked. “Sometimes” Zoey said in all honesty. She didn’t want to mislead him, but at the same time, she knew when to tell people what they wanted to hear and when to tell them what they needed to hear. “Please sit,” deciding to forgo her accent she gestured to the folding chair across from her. “Tell me,” he said “Tell me what you see.” She could feel his tension radiating off of him in waves and it washed over her skin like acid. ‘This one is going to hurt’ she thought to herself. “OK, relax. Give me your hand and I will try.” Taking his hand knocked the wind out of her lungs as if she had fallen from a galloping horse. She tried to remain calm despite her oxygen deprived gasping and as a result the burning sensation from his anxiety ratcheted up. “Sorry, I have difficulty with the heat, it will pass in a moment.” This eased him and said “Yeah, it’s hot alright.”

Coping with the pain Zoey took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. Although she saw everything clearly in her mind with her eyes open it was better to close them and not give away her expression as the disturbing images flooded her mind. A butcher knife followed by a hastily dug grave in a remote cemetery jumped into her mind. Her gorge rose and she choked down the bile and said “I am seeing a garden, freshly planted. Are you planning to start growing your own vegetables?” She felt his hand grip hers and heard him ask “Anything else?” She needed him to leave as soon as possible and answered “No, not really. I’m also not feeling particularly well and that can affect how I see things.” When she opened her eyes she tried to look as nonchalant as possible in her condition “Oh” was all he said. Releasing her hand he threw down twenty bucks and stormed off as heard him think ‘She’s fucking hack job!’ then laugh internally at his own joke. ‘Oh please tell me he goes to prison soon’ she desperately thought, and just before he was out of range she witnessed his arrest and took a breath of relief as her skin finally stopped burning.

Zoey scanned the barely clothed tanned bodies strolling by her booth. She debated closing but that would send a clear signal that something was wrong and she had no intention of drawing that kind of attention. Casting another harmless prayer out she resolved to be done for the day without having to leave. With a line of salt drawn around the perimeter of her booth and a cut apple laid out at either side the doorway she ensured her privacy and protection for the remaining hours. People passed by, glanced in but kept moving. Recovering herself she set to knitting. It was a therapeutic distraction to all of the minds swimming in and out of her periphery and being the scofflaw that she was she always got a kick out of the silent reactions to each yarn bomb she installed throughout the city. Some areas even left her colorful decorations up for everyone to enjoy while other areas immediately cut her creations away. What they didn’t know was that each one was woven with a special well wish and those that took it upon themselves to remove her knitted or crocheted pieces were blessed which always made her smile.

As evening approached Zoey knew she was being watched. She remained calm knowing her strengths, packed away her items, gathered her keys and crossed the threshold passing out of her protective circle. The beach was empty except for a few old men sweeping their own areas with metal detectors. Watching their methodical traipsing lulled her nerves and she smiled knowing the treasure trove each would find. Aware she would be followed she approached the people surrounding the saxophone street performer. His case was filled with gratuity, reflecting his talent but before he finished his set she felt his presence move closer. Taking a deep breath she knew it would be easier if she simply submitted but she found the chase so much more fun. Zoey knew her 5’4″ height was an advantage in large crowds and edged toward the thickest part of the crowd. Once in the thick of them she bent down under the pretense of tying her shoes but instead took down her hair, removed her vest and stashed her sarong skirt into her big bag with everything else. As she came back up her tank top and shorts helped her blend with the other day-trippers. She casually strolled out of the mob now applauding and cheering the musician. She felt a sense of confusion and as her distance grew a faint sense of his panic.

She smiled to herself for escaping his clutches once again. She would allow him to catch her another time, tonight she had plans. Descending the nearest ramp off of the boardwalk she headed for her cottage. The cool night air lifted her spirit and the presence of fireflies made her walk a playful game. Zoey stepped into a fenced in open lot to appreciate the dance of the bioluminescent beetles gathered in greater multitude due to the low wind and high unkept grass. Crossing to the middle of the impromptu meadow she sat to silently absorb herself in the spontaneous light show. Delicate wings whispered past her ears, tickling her neck and landing on the top of her breast. Engrossed in the gentle glow against her sensitive skin, the insect roamed her exposed cleavage. “Thought you slipped away from me didn’t you?” he whispered into her ear before he bit her lobe then kissed his way down her throat from behind.

Zoey closed her eyes and smiled, inhaling his intoxicating scent and feeling his warm tongue suck at her jugular. The sensation of his mouth in that precise location sent his hand, as well as lightening nerve,s flaring down her belly to her sensitive mound. It was as if he could follow every electrochemical wave and intensify it with his tactile pressure. A faint searing on her flesh seemed completely out of place but it’s magnitude grew. She opened her eyes to notice eerily that the entire meadow was now black and devoid of the dancing light. She gasped, held her breath and froze. “Tell me…” he tried to ask but she placed her hand quickly over his mouth and pulled him down into the tall grass as her panic rose and her body shook in terror. Engulfing her in his arms, they lay still and silent for long minutes until her skin finally cooled and she began to breathe normally again. It was then that she broke, sobbing loudly and uncontrollably. His body stiffened at the realization then growled “Who is hunting you?” “A man came into my booth today” her breath caught again on another sob. “What did you see?” he demanded. “I can’t… it was awful.” With that he quickly got up and pulled her with him. Surprised and reluctant to leave their natural sanctuary she pulled against his grasp.”Where are you taking me?” “You know I will protect you at all costs, I intend to take you home with me. I should have done this the last time you ran.” She stopped fighting his grip and chuffed at his impression that he could ‘make’ her do anything she didn’t already want to.

Sensing her inner battle and fueling a need to save her from herself he released her arm and wrapped his arm around her shoulder for comfort as much for her as for him. They covered the several blocks to his home in a flight her feet willingly flew across in terror. “Do you feel anything?” he asked looking up and down the street. Zoey closed her eyes and pushed her senses out. All that met her was the inane chatter of normalcy. Concentrating on the periphery she felt the hunter’s presence but it was not in the immediate vicinity. “He’s not close but he is still looking” she finally said. “That settles it you are definitely not going home tonight. Don’t make me tie you to the bed.” A little smirk crossed her face as she looked up at his brooding countenance. His mood lightened a fraction when he saw the look in her eye and said “Get your ass inside and I’ll think about it.” A full smile broke across her face knowing that he was more than thinking about it by now. Running up the porch steps to the door it was open by the time she reached for it. “I love it when you do that” she smiled back at him.

Crossing the threshold, she felt the barrier close behind her securing the property from intruders. The shore house was secure and climate controlled. The sweat from the day chilled her skin and a spontaneous shiver spun through her body from her shoulders to her ass. When her shorts stopped shimmying his hand landed in a loud crack across her round cheeks. The yelp and jump the smack elicited caught Zoey off guard. He was the only one who could do that to her and she relished the sensation of being unprepared. Too many predictable factors had left her craving spontaneity like a drug. She spun on him, eyes wide waiting for the next surprise. “Like that did you?” Narrowing her eyes at him she asked “How do you do that?” Smirking down at her, knowing full well she was more unnerved than angry, he goaded her saying “Do what?” Swooping in and surprising her with a hard kiss and tipping her off balance. “That… catch me off guard. No one can do that with me but you.” She said with honest reverence for his ability. “Good, because I don’t ever want there to be anyone else who can. You’re mine.” Her heart swelled with the words he had spoken. “As for how I do it… telling you would simply ruin the fun now wouldn’t it?” She knew he was right. The moment he explained it to her she would have the key to his secret, the marvel would all disappear and his intentions would become as transparent as all of the other minds walking in and out of her head. It was then that she noticed how surprisingly quiet her mind was. Alone with just her own thoughts in her mind she closed her eyes and relished in the silence taking a deep cleansing breath.

The silk that slipped across her face covering her eyes was smooth but tied tightly to prevent slipping. Zoey gasped in surprise as much as excitement. “This will help” he whispered in her ear just before he placed a set of earbuds in. Trying to sense his position, all she had to go on now was her sense of smell and touch. Having never been so devoid of her own highly acute faculties her thoughts slowly built upon one another like a stack of assembled Jenga® blocks and he pulled and poked at each founding block. She tried to differentiate between his mind’s touch and his fingers. Sensations danced over her skin and a fine sheen of perspiration beaded on her brow as a result of his indulgences. Reaching out for his support her legs wavered beneath her as a result of his gifts crashing through her easily bringing her first orgasm.

Her body left the floor as his arms scooped her up and hugged her to his chest carrying her away into the next room. The feeling of floating was magical like her corporeal form had evaporated and the weightlessness was so overwhelming that she clutched him tightly so as not to drift off like a ghost. She needed a firmer grip, his strength, psychologically as much as physically and just as she opened her mouth to voice her needs his tongue slipped into her mouth in a long luxurious kiss. Her body lowered to the mattress followed by his own. His cock entered her with a deep thrust. The passion building again, her recent climax heightened and expanded spiraled outward in tendrils until her lungs struggled to fill. His touch was all encompassing. Not an inch of skin was untouched by either his mind or his body until she screamed “YES… I AM YOURS… ah GOD no one else..” before she was babbling nonsensically bucking and writhing in an over-sensitized wash of flesh tensing to the point of pain and his own climax engulfed her as he opened his mind to her in that vulnerable moment. His defenses dropped, his primal instinct appeased by her words and their connection intensified to the point that lights flickered, fuses blew and car alarms tripped as the electromagnetic pulse rushed from the epicenter of their bodies. 

As her body and mind recovered from the explosion he rolled to his back pulling her over to hold her close against his side. The stresses of her day weighed heavily on her, pulling her under as she drowned in the physical and mental grief and pleasure. The shield was weaker now and she could feel the hunter searching but her exhaustion was too overwhelming to resist. “You’re safe” he whispered, feeling the shield thicken again and the block solidify against the world around them. A deep sigh was all he heard before her body succumbed to the tide of fatigue.

In the morning Zoey awoke deeply rested for the first time in her life. ‘I could get used to this’ she thought. Sneaking out of his grasp and skating across the floor in her bare feet she wandered out into the living room. Cocking her head she stared at the most prominent and most curious furniture in the room a heavy duty Singer sewing machine. Hanging off the plate stood a thin leather top, a sexy leather skirt and long thread up leather boots. She couldn’t resist and placed each one on her body. The fit was perfect ‘A second skin’ was the exact words that flooded her mind. Hearing the sheets stir in the next room she grabbed her bag that had dropped by the door. The sun was already up and she had to go start her day. The door was unlocked and her smile grew at his thorough confidence against intruders. ‘Now to see if outgoing traffic is as protected against as incoming’ she theorized. Opening the door, Zoey stepped out onto the porch and quietly returned the door to latch softly closed again. The world rushed in by the time she touched the concrete sidewalk like a blanket of information at her disposal. Everything was clear again and she strolled back to her booth on the boardwalk. It was early yet but if she could get there in time a young couple could really use her help. Sitting at her table, scanning the faces of the vacationers milling about the boardwalk, she knew he was coming for her.

Ms. Date’s New Boss

She had only worked in the private office for a short time, nine weeks to be exact. She was hired as a part-time personal assistant to handle the phones, filing, correspondence and anything else her employer needed; while he logged in hours of computer time barely taking a moment to grab meals for himself. Her desk was a spartan table and chair positioned, just outside his own office, facing his door that was rarely closed. Due to the office structure she was frequently required to enter his space to deal with files, take notes and generally keep things organized on his massive floor length tiger oak desk. The large beautiful piece of furniture faced the entrance to his office, and subsequently her desk, giving him a commanding position in the room. With his large screen laptop permanently in position at his fingertips, she often felt as alone as she maneuvered through her days’ tasks.

Her new boss was a large man, well over 6 foot, and his broad frame filled the custom leather chair in a commanding way. Aside from the few instructions he gave her and the few phone conversations that he was required to handle he was, more often than not, a quite man. When he did speak his voice was smooth, even and deep. It struck her, from the moment she interviewed for the position, that she could easily be coerced into doing almost anything if he would just use his voice to ask. He was even handsome, which made spending her time around such a workaholic that much more difficult. Not only did he dedicate his time to his work he did so with a discipline she had not witnessed before.

She decided that she wanted to catch his attention today, make his work days more enjoyable, so she began to hum as she worked about the office flitting from task to task. The more furrowed his brow became the more she made it a point to work nearer to his desk humming away with a giant smile on her face. That is until he pushed his laptop away, for the first time since her interview, and simply stared at her. As she felt the weight of his stare a blush bloomed in her cheeks. When she came within his reach, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her firmly toward him and said quietly while simultaneously snaring her eye contact “What do you think you are doing Ms. Date?” Captured by his voice, his eyes and his hand, now more gently grasping her arm running his thumb slowly up and down the inside of her wrist, she swallowed hard to try and regain her voice and moisten her suddenly dry mouth. “H…Humming Sir? I… I only wanted to make you h…happier,” she stammered  “you looked so frustrated and…” His tension eased a bit at her words as he interrupted her. “In that case, in the future I will let you know when and how to make me happy Ms.Date.” With that statement he released her and pulled his laptop back into position and continued his work.

Escaping to the private bathroom, down the hall, she sat down breathing hard and surprisingly excited. She could feel the moistness in her panties from just that one encounter, despite it’s lack of overt sexual nature… ‘or was it there after all?’ She asked herself as she let her fingers wander over her swollen breasts, kneading them, and tugging briefly at her hard nipples. Her hand slid down to her trousers and slipped into her panties to feel the confirmation that she was indeed soaked. She relished in the lubrication coating her fingers as they glided over her clit and lips while closing her eyes suddenly wishing it was him touching her. She couldn’t dare to orgasm in here, she thought, since he would surely hear her with such close proximity to his office. She put herself back together and purposefully didn’t wash her hands. She liked the smell of her arousal and decided it would make an interesting twist in their day. Regretfully it did nothing. He continued to work without distraction, unlike her, and 5 o’clock arrived much too swiftly. Time for her to leave. Mournful that her plan failed she decided to step up her game for the next day she was scheduled to work.

That next morning she showered, slid on her thigh high stockings, attached her stays, pulled on her short tight black skirt, cinched her Demi bra in place and slipped into her white silk blouse. The heels she chose were still a bit precarious to wear, for a woman so accustomed to flats, but she decided that it would be entirely enjoyable to land in his lap ‘accidentally,’ she grinned, as she fastened the buckle. Cinching the belt on her favorite red-orange double breasted trench coat, she was half tempted to remove everything but her stockings stays and bra then throw her coat back on. ‘Another day’ she quietly convinced herself, smiling at her idea. Walking out the door to her apartment made her heart flutter with anticipation. Today was going to be full of surprises.

When she arrived he was already in his office, miles away yet, sitting right there. She wanted his reaction, his attention, as her coat came off. Although she could see his eyes, they were both firmly glued to the computer screen as she passed back and forth getting her purse stowed in a closet and checking the voice mail messages. When she finally gave up, she turned around and peeled the belt loop from about her waist. The moment her outfit was revealed she though she heard him growl yet, when she turned, his eyes appeared to never have left his screen and his face remained set. She sighed as she walked up to pull a hanger from the closet and hung her coat.

“Ms. Date” she jumped at the sound of her name, “Yes Sir?” “I need you in my office… now.” His voice sounded serious but her secret smile was hard to contain. She walked in, as outwardly professional as she could muster, and paused once she entered the room he had called her into. “I have a list of errands that I need accomplished before the day’s end today.” Without looking up he handed her a piece of paper with hours of tasks . “I will require lunch as well; however I will leave that up to you to decide from where you will pick that up. Thank you, I will see you around noon.” She stood for a moment staring blankly down at the list with her mouth slightly agape. With his list in hand she walked back to her desk, pulled her coat and purse from the closet, opened the door and left without another word.

Readjusting her plan she set out for the first task. By reordering the list she knew she could accomplish more that half the duties before noon. Each involved picking up a package from a variety of stores throughout town. The odd part was that, each place she visited, there was at least someone at each business who was openly looking her up and down. She felt somewhat on display and as a result she refused to remove her trench coat, preferring to keep her outfit choice private. By the time 11 o’clock struck she was almost finished but oddly keyed up from all of the flirtatious attention that had been afforded her. The last thing on the list was about 15 minutes away and luckily there was a nice restaurant next door that she knew well and could also pick up his lunch. The air was crisp, and cooled her heated cheeks, as she drove to her final destination. Upon arriving she popped into the restaurant to order before picking up the last package. Once again she was given an overly attentive welcoming and again she smiled, courteously thanked this last shop owner and headed back to the restaurant.

The crowded eatery was like a gauntlet for her already tight skin. She managed to maneuver up to the counter, pay and retrieve the order then make her way back out without losing her mind. Twenty minutes later, a bit calmer and with 10 minutes to spare she placed his lunch on the edge of his desk. In just 3 short trips with arms loaded she had all of his packages in from her SUV and on her desk. Again she removed her Trench Coat, with very little ceremony this time, hung it in the closet then walked over to her bag, pulled out her yogurt and spoon and sat to enjoy her own lunch. Today’s flavor was her favorite, Chobani’s Passion Fruit. The tangy sweet flavors burst vibrantly on her tongue intermingling with the natural greek yogurt flavor as she slowly spooned each moist dollop into her mouth. She moaned a bit over how fulfilling the flavors and textures danced on every tastebud.

She hadn’t realized she had closed her eyes until she heard him clear his throat mere feet from her chair. Her eyes sprang open to see him standing over her. “Sir? Is there something wrong” From his positionshe knew he could see straight down her blouse. He chuffed and then said “I want all of these boxes in my office now Ms. Date, not on you desk. When you are done your” he wrinkled his nose at the yogurt container “lunch, you may go out and finish my list.” She quickly placed her cup on her desk and scurried to place the boxes in his office. She knew bending over would reveal her stocking tops and even possibly her absence of panties so she chose to place them on the floor next to his desk as he hovered watching her next to her own desk ominously. After her third trip, and all of the boxes were settled, she turned to find him in the doorway. “Ms. Date, did you complete my entire list this morning?” “Yes Sir.” She couldn’t tell if he was impressed, frustrated or proud of her from the look on his face. “I was expecting that to take you all day. I don’t have any more tasks for you today, you may go home.”

Her heart fell at the thought of leaving. “Oh… OK” she muttered as she moved to walk past him. “Unless” he paused. She looked up with anticipation. Their bodies close “Yes Sir?” He leaned in “Do you still want to make me happy Ms. Date?” Her eyes lit up and she said enthusiastically “OH, YES Sir!” A wicked smile broke on his face and he said “Wonderful, now be a good girl and lock the door then come in my office and close my office door behind you.” Her heart sped up as she rushed over to the front entrance and turned to latch then breezed past her desk and into his room pulling the door closed behind her. When she heard the final click of the handle she stood with her back to the door. Her excitement had sped up her breathing and her breasts rose and fell straining at her blouse with every inhale. Her skin felt tight and ached to be touched.

He approached her slowly and said “What am I going to do with you?” She quickly said “Anything you like Sir.” His eyebrow cocked and he questioned her “Anything? That is a VERY broad term, I havent even told you what would please me. It could be very uncomfortable for you. I hardly want to have you calling the police or suing me for harassment.” “No Sir, I agree. Please tell me, what is that you want? How can I please you?” He strolled around his office like a shark getting closer to her with every pass until he stopped directly in front of her, leaned in and growled “Well first I think you need a spanking for neglecting to wear your panties today. I can’t have you traipsing about exposing yourself to my vendors and clients.”

“No Sir, of course not, that is why I wore my Trench Coat the entire time I was gone.” she confessed. “Well that was unexpected. Were you not treated respectfully?” he inquired. “Oh yes, I was treated with a great deal of kindness. It was even a bit embarrassing. I felt so ‘In the Spotlight’ everywhere I went. I am in no way an individual used to excessive compliments so I just tried to get in and out of each business as efficiently as possible. They were all very nice.” then she looked him directly in the eye and said “But if you still need to spank me… ” her lids lowered to stare at his lips as she licked and nibbled her own. What happened next happened suddenly like a strike. First he was in front of her, Then next his tongue was in her mouth and his hands were on her, one holding her hands above her head and the other roaming free.

She sighed as his hand coasted down her shoulder, pausing to roughly grope her breast and nipple then drift down her leg to the hemline and retrace it’s path along her inner thighs over her stocking tops, onto her bare leg and to the crux of her core. She widened her stance to allow him better access to her needy flesh. He moistened his fingers in her flow of excitement before he slowly inserted two long fingers deep inside her. “Now Ms. Date,” he began “I would like to ask you a few questions.” Her gasps for air, as his fingers moved in and out of her, clouded all practical thought. “Sir?” she struggled to speak as her body leaned heavily against the door.

“Ms. Date did you, by any chance, wear this outfit today in an effort to get my attention?” and with that question his fingers tapped rhythmically on her inner walls stimulating her arousal further. “YES!” she panted wildly. “Now is that a yes to this?” as his fingers literally plucked at her pleasure center, “or were you saying yes in answer to my question?” Her back arched and with a strip of sanity left she said “Both!” He whispered “Good girl” and she felt he climax rush through her body.

He quietly waited for her to regain a modicum of composure before his next statement “Are you prepared to take responsibility for your actions?” On an exhale she said “Yes Sir.” His hand snaked into the base of her hair and grabbed a healthy portion and then leaned in and whispered right into her ear. “I am going to march you over to my desk, bend you over and spank you very hard. Do you agree Ms. Date that you do indeed ‘deserve’ these consequences for your actions?” With her eyes cast down, her nose swimming in the heat and scent coming from his neck, her post-orgasmic state told her to lick his neck so she did. She paused to say “Yes Sir” before she kissed and sucked this time. “Mmmmmmm” It was in that moment he pulled reluctantly at her hair, detaching her mouth from his nape, and marched her to the opulent desk. He had already cleared it prior to her locking the door. Even in her dazed state she realized that in order to clear his desk everything must have been filed and his massive wooden furniture was always full.

In the moment it took to traverse the room and throw her down on the desk, with her ass in the air, his own climax began to test his limits. The first smack was capricious. Only one person knew how hard it was going to be and it wasn’t her. The pain in his own hand was an initial balm for the threatening precum seeping from his cock. Throwing up her skirt, picking up a rhythm and alternating a pattern he stimulated her cheeks to pinken. The initial shocking chirp that erupted from her lungs after the first blows to her ass turned quickly to moans. She tried to remain still but with every blow she jumped and arched her back to feel the delicious blows closer to her center. Her own juices flowing and seeping down her inner thighs she was already close again.

The absent sound of his hand cracking down upon her flesh was followed by the feel of his palm smoothing over her heated ass, brushing teasingly through her dripping folds only to leave again to massage her cheeks further. She tried to follow his palm with her ass aching to have his fingers caressing her sensitive crux to no avail. Despite the heat radiating off of her reddened ass when his hand stopped she shivered as if the loss made her cold when, if anything, she was on fire. She jumped again when she felt his hands on either side of her hips. Without any other formality his cock pressed unnervingly slowly into her. Once he was fully seated inside her, he held for the moment relishing the spasms of her muscles desperately trying to gain friction as well as purchase on his slippery member. Instead of giving her the expected withdraw, she was clearly waiting for, instead he pushed in farther anchoring her between the desk and his own hips and began rotating his hips while fully buried.

The pressure of his cock swirling inside her created the simultaneous sensations of his base stretching her opening and the tip caressing her cervix like a slow dance. He was so deep her legs shook. The long low moan that erupted from her throat was what he was waiting for. He withdrew for the first time as slowly as he entered her until only his sensitive head remained within and feeling her desperation grasping him, begging for his thrust, as his own lust took the forefront. With his pause he warned her to grasp the edge of the desk to either side of her hips. He could hear her nails scrape the underside of his desk in anticipation. His cock twitched the moment before he slammed into her. The wet sound of slapping as well as her breath sawing in and out filled the room as the humid smell of her sex seeped into his nostrils. She felt the bloom of a bruise building on her thighs as he pounded her up against the desk over and over welcoming the pain in contrast to the sting on her ass and the throb in her tight wet sheath. A fine coating of sweat coated her forehead as he began to buck and thrust irregularly. She felt him swell further and the repeated battering of his balls on her clit sent her into a second more powerful climax. The clamping pressure sent him over the edge as he pumped his seed deep inside her staying there until it was all delivered.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear “Stay.” Laying across his desk, legs limp and catching her breath she closed her eyes recovering from the assault to her body. Her affirmative moan made him chuckle as he opened his office door and walked down the hall. She recognized the sound of the faucet turning on in the bathroom and heard him through the wall saying, “I know everything that goes on in my office Ms. Date, you should keep that in mind next time you touch yourself.” Her eyes opened in shock at how clearly his voice came through. Even the wringing out of the water was heard with little dampening. She scanned the wall for an explanation for the ease of communication. She saw no grates, no vents that would be a clear reason but accepted her underestimation of her new employer. In fact, she was aware at how quickly everything changed since that one act and how his simple command to “stay” was said to demonstrate a portion of his omnipotence.

She heard him return to the room but decided to keep her eyes closed. Unable to find a reason for it matter what happened from here, on she remained still and sated. She felt the warm soft damp terry cloth gently swipe across her sensitive skin followed by a fluffy towel patting her dry. The sound of a knife being dragged across the top of a box and the dual pop of tape breaking, something scraping along cardboard then a snap of a lid like a bottle of lotion. She felt a cool ointment smoothed over her heated ass cheeks with his fingers messaging it into the muscle. A slow smile spread across her face at his tender care and clear homage to her ass. A second box was popped opened and a soft brush against the inner walls was barely discernible except for the stillness in the room.  “I need you to stand Ms. Date” She found her legs and rose. “Please sit” He had folded and placed a fluffy red towel in his own big leather chair and was inviting her to have a seat.

Once comfortable, he knelt at her feet and slowly unbuckled her steeply heeled shoes massaging each sole till she groaned in relief. “You may NOT wear these to work again… are we clear?” Responding meekly she replied “Yes Sir.” After removing her stockings, he rose and went to the pile of boxes again and opened a third. She clearly remembered picking up this box from a shoe store and when he turned presented her with a pair of elegant flats which he slipped on to each foot suspiciously confident of their perfect fit. Glancing back at the pile of boxes she became more and more curious as to the contents of each one. Six more boxes remained. “Please stand, I want to be sure they fit correctly.” Standing, her legs still shaky and unsteady, she took a few steps away from him and stopped. Lowering her head, looking down at the most beautiful and most comfortable shoes her eyes filled and spilled over. She wept silently at his generosity. She could feel the heat emanating from his body at her back, felt his hands on her shoulders then turned her to face him and pulled her chin up to see her face. His brow furrowed at the falling tears. Gathering her into his arms, pulling her back into the chair with him, into his lap, he held her tight as she began to weep openly, rubbing her back allowing her to bare herself.

When she recovered she began to apologize “I’m so sorry…” at which he stopped her “No. You will not apologize for expressing yourself. That goes for all emotions. You will, however, communicate with me why you believe you are experiencing this, when you are ready, but I want you to be open and you deserve to have a whole range of emotions.” She rested her head back on his shoulder, closing her eyes and sighed deeply. A sudden realization hit her and she pulled away. “How is this going to affect…” Again he interrupted her “You have several options available. You may carry on your duties as per usual, if you want to continue I will need see you outside of the hours we have deemed office hours. If working for me is a problem you are welcome to end your employment at any time and if an intimate relationship with me is an issue then you may end it here, just say the word. Just know this, I want you and if you want me as well then I will want to do things like this to you often.” His words had trailed off in a low lustful tone that renewed her arousal.

He had been soothing her, running his hand up and down her thigh. With the spoken words hanging in the air his grip had become more rough, more like a deep muscle massage and edging back up to her sex. Her gasp as he worked his thumb into the bruise that had yet to bloom was followed by a moan as he eases a finger between her thighs to tease her sensitive clit. “I already need to use you again” he growled into her ear. “Yes…please” she whispered. With her submission he jumped up holding her close, whipped the towel off of his chair and placed it onto his desk in back of her. Pulling her roughly into another passionate kiss he yanked her skirt down, tore her shirt open and wrecked her bra getting her naked. He then backed her up to the desk and guided her to sit close to the edge. Breaking their lip lock and holding her neck he guided her to lay back. She felt awkward with her legs hanging to either side of his hips. Dragging his hands over the newly exposed skin of her torso, down her breasts tweaking her nipples and over her belly as he pulled his chair back to the desk.

Raising her head she watched as his he opened the top drawers to either side of him, picked up each leg and placed her feet into each drawer edge. With a palm on each ankle she felt them skate up her shins then tuck his fingers under her knees and lay her wide and open to his inspection. His eye contact never broke. When he lowered to lick her moist folds her head fell heavily to the desk with a thud. Drunk on lust the dull pain from the back of her skull receded quickly in the light of the tongue stroking, licking and tasting her to a rhythm that made her toes curl and go numb. Her hips began to rock against his face to get him closer, deeper then he thrust his tongue into her aching pussy. The moans she had been trying to suppress were suddenly set free. She was close and he knew. He pulled away and heard her very audible opposition to his decision. “Please” she begged fruitlessly. Hearing another box open she looked up to find him inserting batteries into a dildo with a vibrating hummingbird. I was the exact one she had at home so she knew precisely how it would feel and her eyes went wide in anticipation.

From the same box he pulled a bottle of lube pouring some into his hand he began stroking his cock. Watching him made her breathing hitch and speed up to a pant. Placing his cock on her flesh he guided it down and down picking up more moisture as it descended. Placing it at the opening to her ass she jumped until he settled her with his reassurance. Holding her firmly he presented the toy, let her watch him turn it on and place it inside of her. Her previously cooled impending orgasm came screaming back as he kept stroking his own cock pressing firmly against her tight bud. Just as her orgasm began to crest he thrust inside of her ass. Her breath left her in a whoosh at the sudden feeling of over fullness. He stayed there deep inside as he increased the vibe level on her clit. Lifting her knees to spread and tilt her hips farther up he began working the rubber cock in and out of her as he began to move slowly, allowing her to adjust to the new sensation. The vibe increased again and she felt the climax again rushing in and began bucking as her muscles wound tighter and tighter. Her scream was followed by his own series of bucking as her he fucked her clamping ass until he filled her tight hole.

Both panting and exhausted he unceremoniously fell back into his chair and placed her feet carefully back into the drawers her legs falling open sated and limp. When he recovered himself he again said “Stay” before leaving the room, as if she was going anywhere. He had destroyed her silk top and bra and she had no clue what she could wear home other than her skirt and trench coat. She giggled to herself about her earlier thought of arriving so scantily clad. She was still giggling from the combined thought as well as the adrenaline dump subsiding in her blood stream when he returned. “Something funny? Remember, I can hear everything you know.” Her smile brightened and she said “I was just laughing at the thought of having to move when you ordered me to ‘Stay’. Where would I even go, my clothes are destroyed and when I imagined putting on my trench coat and being naked underneath I remembered that this morning I actually had contemplated coming to work in just that with only my stockings, bra and panties underneath.” Crooking his eyebrow with a sly grin he inquired “Is that so Ms. Date?” Blushing furiously now she averted her gaze and said “Yes Sir.”

Pulling her up from her reclined prone position and offering her his hand for stability he guided her to stand and escorted her to the door of his office. She hesitated a moment, knowing the outer door was clear glass and anyone passing would see her nudity from across the often crowded parking lot. “Do you trust me?” With a shaking voice she said “Yes Sir.” “Then open the door.” She turned the knob and swung the door wide despite her fears. Looking to her right, light filtered weakly through edges not magnetically attached opaque fabric laid carefully over the glass. She looked down to see the lengthy thin box she had almost dropped trying to maneuver it into the office. She glanced back to see him carrying the most fragrant of the boxes picked up from the Lush store. Drooling over the lotions and bath bombs she almost cried having to leave the store without buying something for herself, but she knew her time frame was close and left on a broken sigh. Now curious, with his hand at the small of her back he directed her to the left, down the hall passed the small powder room to a door at the end of the hall.

Leaning in close he reached around her and turned the knob. The open door lead to a set of steps going up. She had not realized that he had access to the second floor or what was up there. As she ascended the staircase the sound of water caught her ear. Once at the top the space opened up to beautiful hard wood floors. With his hand once again at the small of her back her steered her toward the sound of water. The humidity increased as they approached the steamfilled room. A large tub with jets sat to the back of the room. “Go on, I want you to soak.” He opened the box in his arm and tossed in a fizzy pink bath bomb with a tiny rose and began placing Shampoos, Conditioner and Lotion within her reach as she sat on the edge and swung her legs into the hot bubbly fragarent water. Once again her eyes filled with tears at the humble feelings she felt. “Thank you” was all she could say around the knot in her throat. “You’ve more than earned it Ms. Date.” “Please Sir, please call me Zoey” she begged. “I will call you what I like but if you prefer Zoey I will make an effort to incorporate that into my vocabulary but I can’t make any promises… especially when I am fucking you.” Her breath caught. “Now, if you will please excuse me I must retrieve a few things and allow you to soak before I take you again.” Leaning in he grabbed her face, kissed her passionately and tweeked her nipples making her moan again before pulling away and walking out of the room and sutting the door behind him.

Immersing herself into the heavenly warm liquid she pampered her skin and hair, allowed her fingers to become pruny and soft, closed her eyes and let her muscles turn to gelatin. A soft knock on the door roused her from the dream. She opened her eyes to find more red towels in his arms inviting her to be swathed in cottony soft pillows of terry cloth. “Come” was all he said before she rose. Carefully drying every inch of her skin the perfume of the Lush products clung to her body like a light aura. “Let’s go out.” He pulled the door open and the remaining boxes were set in two piles. One large to the left and two medium to the right. “Please choose.” She tried to recall the stores she visited. The haze of her afterglow left her mind blank as she looked from left to right then back agian. “You realize that, either way, they are all yours anyway. I will not hesitate to choose for you.” With a smirk on her face she said, “Do your worst.” Stalking toward her he replied “Oh, you definitely shouldn’t have said that!” 

Brushes aren’t just for Spanking

Standing in her local grocery store’s Shampoo and Conditioner isle she stood facing a small wall of hair accessories and brushes. Running her fingers affectionately over the rubber ridges she takes a pic of one out of three brushes he assigned for him to select from. Reviewing his words, despite the fact she had yet to hear his voice, “Choose three brushes with handles you can imagine putting into your pussy” and oh my …could she ever imagine feeling this one… little did she know how wrong she was. The other two, even worth looking at, had smooth ridgeless handle surfaces; one with a gel handle and one with a bulbous ended hard plastic handle. She sent the remaining pics he requested via phone, anxiously struggled for them to send and impatiently waited for him to receive them. She knew he was excited when he asked if she could buy two instead of just one. She wasn’t expecting that but was willing to negotiate for the one she wanted. Hovering awkwardly at the front of the store, mentally willing the cell service to transmit effectively, his answer came “Not the gel one.” Trying not to imagine what the register employees thought as the voted-out brush was returned back to its place and she strolled with more confidence through the store. Already she couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The next day she made sure she was available. Aside from a few obligations and the workload was light compared to most days. He emailed that he had a busy morning so planned for an afternoon rendezvous. Lunch came and went, she wrapped up my work for the afternoon and logged on. Unsure if she should call on him or if he intended to contact her, she wasn’t in the know of the protocol in these things. She tried to bide her time and heat things up by reading a favorite erotica story which worked very effectively in spurring impatience and with a new boldness simply stepped up and said “Sooo…?”

When he came online explaining via email that work that morning hadn’t gone as planned her heart fell. Her pussy was already aching for attention. It was kind of him to offer the opportunity to take care of her need without him, but that was not what she wanted. After politely declining with a “no thank you” she knew how important work was and told him as much. She decided to forgo the panties, that had already been removed in anticipation of their afternoon, and headed back to work and setting herself to some busy tasks to take her mind off of the topic now flooding her inner thighs.

The work was minimal and repetitive so she maintained their communication. She was sure to share her absent panty condition, hoping to insight a creative image of her dancing around my workplace, bending over to pick things up and generally revealing her ass as she saw fit, not that anyone was there to see, but that was not the point…oh wait is that a delivery truck? hehe. Nope. The conversation was sparse and weighted as the time wore on. With every passing moment the window of opportunity was closing and she came to accept it. There is always Thursday, next Monday…some other day. Then you said

“Screw it. get naked and grab your brushes. We will see how far we can get. My cock is hard and I need to use you.”

Dashing through the rooms to a quiet place, she had never been fully naked at work before, so she wasn’t sure about the idea, but he insisted. Stripping off her remaining clothes Skirt, Top and Bra and positioned on the floor seated on a soft towel, awaiting his instructions. She prayed that he would pick her favorite as the anticipation built but resolved that no matter which he picked she would be happy because he were playing with her.

“Grab the brush with the rubs on the handle and rub it up and down over your clit”

Already in her hand, she was quick to comply and eager to feel this texture on her sensitive nub. She slowly stirred her arousal back to the forefront. Pretty sure she had time now, that they had finally begun, she wanted to savor and reignite the fire started earlier.

She carefully followed every instruction, as if he were there, moving her fingers over her nipples tugging, pinching and fondling her breasts. Keeping pace with the brush alternately stimulating her clit and then rubbing it over her entrance, trying different angles but slowly building the sensitivity. Reading his instructions gradually fill the chat window on her computer screen she turned over the brush and tickled her pussy lips with the spokes of the brush.

“Now insert the tip of the brush handle just an inch, gently move, apply pressure and spread my moisture then returned to coasting over your clit.”

His thoughts, an extension of himself via the chat window she struggled to keep her eyes open enough to read, now had the handle sliding inch by slow inch into her waiting pussy. Feeling the rubber ridges stimulate and catch on her textured inner walls, she couldn’t slow down. Quickly accelerating on a path toward her climax her fingers found her clit as she moved the brush in and out faster and faster until the dam broke. The sudden gush was only the first of the pleasures and she sped up the pressure on her clit until the muscles spasms overtook her. Clutching the brush desperately, she came hard..

He went on to share his thoughts of how they would have progressed, had they been in person; encouraging her to play further as he spoke of well worded touches and lengthy tastes. She came again to the thought of his cock in her mouth as she sucked her own juices from the brush handle tonguing the ridges and valleys and as her fingers slid through the moist folds that he inspired to convulse so quickly after the first climax. Knowing she was multi-orgasmic he coaxed her to cum again and again typing what he knew she couldn’t resist reading, forcing her eyes to the screen for her next taste of his pleasure.

She slipped from the propped up position to the floor to lay sprawled and panting, she idly used the brush in her hand to toss the disheveled hair out of her eyes and reporting the results of his word craft. Here’s to a new respect for Hair Brushes!


Evan reflected as she made her way to the club. She had been an early bloomer. Her physical development had been a source of unwanted attention and jealousy from both the boys and the girls in her class and it placed her in a very odd position at a very young age. In addition to her body’s changing awkwardness, she also remembered, that even back then, things would disappear then reappear inexplicably around her. Evan laughed at the first memory of realization when, one day her mind was wandering while staring at her classmate. She simply thought “I wonder what Phillip would look like without his glasses?” then poof they were gone, right in front of her eyes. Phillip turned just then pushed the invisible pair of glasses up his nose for comfort and surprisingly didn’t appear to be at all confused so she quickly wished them back, and with that thought they returned. Another day, while listening to an inordinately long lecture and suffering from a migraine, she cringed at the idea of dealing with the sound of chalk on a chalk board and miraculously every piece vanished. While the confused professor sought out a different solution, class was suspended and the students were asked to read quietly, much to her preference. Nothing was ever really gone, only invisible. The objects still had weight, mass and substance they were simply see-through until she decided to make them visible again. Evan knew the risks if she was distracted or inordinately stressed, as her abilities were more unpredictable in these moments, so she was always very careful, alert and focused.

Having developed her skills enough, with the simplicity of a thought her entire body could disappear. She was careful to act responsibly with her ability. She wasn’t a criminal. Most often though Evan used her skill for her own safety. The tricky part of choosing to be invisible was moving about in crowds or through public places in general. Evan would have to find privacy, to recover her visual state, anytime she needed move about heavily congested areas, simply to avoid collision. Despite her lack of appearance she was still human and bruised when struck abruptly by unsuspecting passers by. Not to mention the confusion on the faces of those colliding with an invisible solid object.

Finally a block from the club, she stepped into a secluded door vanished then continued passed the long line to the door, eluding the bouncer at a highly exclusive club she slipped in with a small tight group making their way inside. Once inside, Evan slid into the nearest alcove for the restrooms to reappear. As soon as she became visible a rather large man rounded the corner and knocked her to the floor. Sprawled and dazed, she thought, for a second, that she was still transparent yet he stood there staring down at her confused. “Where did you come from?” He genuinely sounded like he was accusing her of something. “I had taken a wrong turn, sorry.” Helping her to her feet swiftly his large hands had her up so fast she wobbled for a brief second. He immediately guided her back to the wall for better support and inspected her face closer than she was comfortable with. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have had so much to drink.” Evan instantly became indignant at his statement. She stiffened her spine, narrowed her eyes and pushed him back with her index finger poking repeatedly on his pectoral muscle as she made her point “How dare you! I just arrived. I haven’t had a drop to drink!” then stormed off.

In an offended rage she marched up to the bar, ordered a Long Island Iced tea, swallowed it down quickly and ordered another. With her second drink in hand made her way to a corner booth alone to enjoy her cocktail and continue to seethe. From her position in the club she could look out at the dance floor, observe the bar and see the door as well. A kind waiter noticed her empty glass and wandered over to offer her a fresh glass with a saucy wink. Her mood significantly improved, even if he was just flirting for a good tip, that by the time her third drink arrived her temper had completely abated. Evan found herself relaxing enough to enjoy the music she had originally come to this place for. Letting her eyes wander over the sea of bodies she noticed the rhythm of the patrons. Everyone seemed to move to the music. It was actually somewhat hypnotic, until she noticed one, very large customer, standing completely still staring openly and directly at her from the opposite end of the club. It was then that he held up his glass, of whatever he was drinking on the rocks, in acknowledgement and then took a sip.

Evan felt a suddenly sinking feeling under his intense gaze. People didn’t normally pay her any attention let alone stare at her. Evan simultaneously became intrigued by his interest. It wasn’t a glance, he was outright watching her every move. Embarrassed and strangely heated by his intensity she thought to herself ‘It might be time to go.’ As she stood, her head swam for a moment and she realized the 3 drinks were much stronger than she was used to. The fact that she rarely drank added to the intoxicating effects in having consumed more than her 5’4″ body could process.

She saw him push off the wall he was holding up with a smirk. Instead of making it obvious she was about to leave she quickly made her way to the alcove again but chose to duck to the right this time instead of the left, as she had before. As soon as she rounded the corner she vanished and under a second later he appeared. He spun around in confusion, since there was nowhere to go but the restrooms or outside through the emergency exit. Appalled, she watched him barge straight into the women’s room and followed curiously in his wake. He was greeted with the sound of a couple in the handicapped fucking loud and energetically. He actually opened the stall door, watched for a brief second, much to their own oblivion, then headed back out. She had to scurry out of his path to avoid getting knocked down again by his sheer size. Luckily she kept to wearing soft soled shoes, as to keep her foot steps silent.  She held her mouth as he passed trying in vain not to drunkenly giggle at his frustration. He whipped the door back open and glanced left then right then headed for the door outside.

“Where the hell did that hot little vixen go?” he said under his breath as he frowned. Since the path to the right lead to a closed alley she watched him march toward the street, glance back and forth then head to his right away from the club. Evan kept her distance but followed him down the street as he walked. She was no longer scared but and instead she was highly inquisitive about this man. What was it about him? Something about him drew her whether it was his size, his scent, his voice or the lethal combination of all three. The further they walked the more questions she had in her head. She allowed herself to become distracted enough to forget herself. When he suddenly turned and started in the opposite direction he stopped in his tracks and watched her walking straight for him in her distracted state. Evan looked up to see him staring straight at her and realized suddenly that she was now visible. Fuck …when did that happen? She must have been a bit more intoxicated than she thought

She quickly turned, to see if anyone around may have seen her reappear, but the street was deserted. At her sudden movement, he thought she was about to run and grabbed her to him from behind. Evan’s close proximity simply placed her closer to his manly smell as his hot breath fell on her ear as he whispered “I’ve been looking for you.” She didn’t resist his grip but lazily sagged against his chest with her back and sighed. His tension eased as he moved to put his arm around her and turned them both to walk back in the direction they had already been walking. Her heart sped up with, not only the pace he was setting but, the anticipation. ‘Where is he taking me?’ she asked herself. Evans feet became a bit tangled but he held her firmly keeping her from falling. He growled and for the second time that night said “Perhaps you shouldn’t have had so much to drink.” but this time he steered them both up to the side of a large building spun her and began kissing her as he walked her back into the wall.

Between the alcohol and the pheromones the heady mixture had Evan spinning out of control. She was not one for public displays but everything fell away as his tongue took her mouth by force. She couldn’t stop the involuntary moan that escaped her throat any more than she could stand without clutching him desperately about his broad shoulders. She heard footsteps heading in their direction and just as her spine stiffened he pulled away and took her with him again down the street, escorting her into a comfortable looking foyer, up an elevator then down a brief hall and into a spartan apartment. Once inside he closed an locked the door. Evan leaned against the door for support and with the sinking knowledge that she was in a stranger’s apartment yet that sobering effect was dampened by the hungry look in his eyes.

“Stay here” he said as he walked off into the apartment. Evan stood confused wondering what would be the best course of action. If she stayed, there was no doubt in her mind what he had planned to do with her. If she left she would be kicking herself for passing up an potential adventure she had never experienced. So instead of  deciding she did what she did best and made herself invisible. It was a sure way to see this man in his own environment without the risk. Evan moved off into his apartment a bit further to witness his reaction.

When he returned and saw her absent he uttered “That bad girl!” but composed himself quickly. He stalked about the rooms of his home slowly hoping to catch her wandering about but found her nowhere. “I will find you” he growled as he passed her for the fifth time traversing his dwelling searching top to bottom “I know you are still here.” Evan’s mind raced at that point “how could he know emphatically that she was indeed still there?” As if to answer her silent question he declared “The doors are locked and you would need the code or the key to enter or leave and since the key is now secured in my safe…” He left that to sink in as her heart froze and she swing around to see the 5 number non-electric industrial combination lock in the steel door. Reality sunk in at the thought of being caught in such close proximity to him. “Well it is up to you, little one, when you decide to show yourself, but the longer you wait…” He trailed off again leaving a very heavy yet mysterious threat that just drove her curiosity bonkers. “What would he do?”

Evan followed him to the bathroom where he started the shower and began peeling off layers of clothes. Her eyes widened as each stretch of skin was exposed to her. She held her mouth with her hand to prevent the gasp that she knew her lungs begged for. She could already see his obvious arousal behind his jeans and once they were gone their was nothing but skin. She approached as if being pulled as he stepped into the water stream and closed the glass door behind him. Evan stared, enraptured by his motions. She climbed up onto the counter next to the sink, sat there watching him for a few moments then suddenly grew embarrassed for watching what she slowly realized he was doing. Gradually in response to his own self stimulation she too became aroused, hiked her skirt up, pulled off her panties and timed her self pleasure to his pace. Evan closed her eyes as her mouth let out an involuntary moan. Less than a second later she felt a warm wet sensation as her fingers were arrested mid-stroke by a powerful set of hands around wrist. Her eyes opened to find herself staring down at not only her very visible body but also his mouth dancing and flicking over the now highly sensitive flesh, that she herself had brought to that state.

“I was wondering where you got off to” he rumbled, as his tongue continued it’s onslaught while his fingers teased and probed. Evan was overwhelmed by the sensations overloading her circuitry yet also realizing her weakness. He yanked up her shirt and roughly pulled out each of her breasts toying with them almost aggressively. Another much louder moan was rend from her vocal chords as his mouth and fingers picked up speed. “Cum for me” he demanded. Evan shook as the precipice rushed toward her and screamed as she came to the climax. When she opened her eyes he was staring directly at her face. “My turn” he said as he pulled her from the countertop and ushered her toward the bedroom, and more importantly the bed. Still a bit weak, once seated before him she became enraptured by the pulsing appendage before her. Leaning down she extended her tongue to lick and pull his cock into her mouth. Evan again closed her eyes to the sensations she was now delivering and felt his hands in her long hair massaging her scalp while directing his rhythm. The feel of his hips moving of their own accord renewed her arousal with a fierce awakening. She moaned knowing that not only was her own pleasure being recognized but that his was heightened by the vibrations of her vocal chords. As his member swelled even more Evan looked up to see his face just before he released warm jets of his climax into he mouth as she milked ever drop from him.

In a very sated state he turned and sat on the bed next to her and dropped back to lay face up as he recovered himself with one arm behind his head and the other wandering idly over her skin, exploring and familiarizing itself with her terraine. She rose to head back to the bathroom and he abruptly snagged her wrist. “Don’t you go disappearing on me again” he announced. She caught his meaning and her eyes widened in his knowledge. “How?” she left the question hang in the air without trying to imply that he knew her secret. Pulling her back to the bed, forcing her to lie back and positioning himself over her, he got down and whispered in her ear as he licked and kissed her lobe and neck “You, my dear, flicker when you cum.” Her spine stiffened as she realize that not only did he know but that she was firmly captive under his strength and body weight. “You won’t be hiding yourself from me again… understand?” Evan nodded slowly at the command he was placing before her. “Good girl” he said as he slid his newly aroused cock through her folds. She felt the desire to escape dissipate as he moved through her wetness. His body moved slightly to readjust his angle and lunged forward as she felt him rend her in two.

Fantasy Friday: Unscheduled Delivery

Standing at his door in my matching brown shirt, brown skirt and brown jacket, that I had carefully hand embroidered with the company’s logo, I was practically shaking with anticipation. The package and clipboard clutched to my breast tightly, as my finger paused over his doorbell. I glanced around to see if the neighbors were paying any attention to me. Having approached on foot from around the block without a truck, with his neighborhood being in the city, I was hoping I wasn’t too conspicuous. As I look first right then left I saw a few people down the block moving about, heading to and from the local bodega and the corner pharmacy, but other than that the street was not very active.

I knew he would be home. We had chatted online briefly yesterday about his physical therapy schedule the other day. My only concern was that he would be exhausted today. I knew his knee would be sore, and with the 2nd reconstructive surgery behind him, the recovery was going slow but steady. I enjoyed being supportive, but I was done waiting for our first meeting. We had discussed so many scenarios but schedule conflicts and distance played a huge role in our absence of face to face time.

I tried to picture his reaction. I had emailed very few pics and none of them showed my face and I had still not seen any images of him. I thought our first meeting would be more interesting that way. We had joked about, with the few pics I had already provided, if he would be able to recognize me in a crowded bar. He, of course, said “Yes, I would just look for the most nervous woman in the room.” He was right and that was exactly why I didn’t want that type of meeting. There were just too many possibilities and, although I don’t have trouble socializing, I would be a wreck knowing he would see me before I saw him. It was an unfair disadvantage.

As I rationalized my reason for standing at his door, I was simultaneously concerned he would be angry that I knew where he lived. It wasn’t as if he kept his information private. I am the farthest thing from a technophobe and with the internet at my fingertips it was hardly a challenge. We both knew each other’s real names, there was already a level of trust between us, but I still was unsure of that aspect. I was willing to walk away but his anger was the biggest risk. I squared my shoulders and pushed the button to the door bell and waited as my heart rate tripled.

As I stood there humming with excitement and a growing level of trepedation, I worried briefly that he had gone out. What if he was at the local park, or even at a neighbors house? He could even be on his back porch and not even hear the bell ring. I stepped back to look up and just as my ass bumped into the railing, at the end of the landing, the door whipped open. The man staring back at me was tall, ruggedly handsome and on his cell phone. As he glared down at me, he gestured for me to hand him the clipboard to sign, in order to receive his package. I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights until he said “Give me a minute I have to sign for a delivery… I don’t know what it is… Well give me a sec will you?” My heart was in my throat when he looked me in the eye and said “I’ll take that.” I handed over the clipboard without breaking eye contact. I was still reeling from hearing his voice for the first time when he said “Pen?” I frantically glanced around the ground. I could only guess that it must have fallen from the board on my walk over. Just as I began to apologize he popped back into the house with the clipboard still in his grip, in search of a pen. When he made it back to the door I began “I must have dropped it along the way. I am so sorr…” Handing me his pen and my clipboard back, he stopped me saying “Not a problem… Keep it.” I handed him the package still in my arms and said “Have a nice day!” as I quickly descended the steps to his door.

As I turned to walk away, as inconspicuously fast as possible, I heard the tearing of paper and his voice “I’m going to have to call you back… Something just came up… Look I’ve gotta go NOW… bye.” I had already turned the corner when I heard him curse loudly. I kept walking expeditiously, thinking he was in fact angry. I certainly had no intention of making him any madder. A woman across the street yelled “Wait!” but I was already approaching the next block that my vehicle was parked on. I was pretty sure I was not the person the woman was trying to summoned until I heard his voice again when he yelled “MISS!!! …STOP!” Startled, I turned to see him stalking toward me.

“Y..Y..Yes?” I turned and stood just yards from my car. Technically I could have sprinted and gotten inside my vehicle before he caught me, but my feet had turned to cement anchoring me to the spot. My body vibrated with anxiety and tension over his potential reaction. When he finally reached me I was once again speechless. His limp was not as pronounced as I expected it to be and he reached me in just a few more strides. Without even being winded he said “Thank you for stopping, I know you’re busy, but I need to know where you got this… There is no return address.” I just stood there, furrowing my brow, stupidly confused. ‘Of course there is no return address,’ I thought… then it clicked, my brain caught up, and my eyes went wide. I never thought to make it look like an actual delivery. I had only thought to include his name and address and dress the part of a delivery girl. As the seconds ticked by, I could almost pinpoint the moment his own mind put the puzzle together then looked me over with more scrutiny. “Come with me,” he said as he grabbed my hand and towed me back to his house. As I stumbled along, behind his surprisingly long gait, I tried to recover my tongue to get out “Ahh..” To which he simply glared back at my bouncing form hungrily and said “No.” A few of the neighbors had wandered out to join the woman across the street and watch the scene he was causing, but I was too stunned to care.

Dragging me back up the concrete steps to his door and straight into the house, he slammed the door behind us. He hadn’t let go of me yet and now had me backed up to the wall looming over me. He simply said “It’s you… You’re here.” I just stood there looking up at him trying to catch my breath. I tried again to make my tongue work “I…” but he swooped down to take my mouth with his. As his tongue danced over mine the deep satisfying moan from my throat was all it took to encourage his hands to explore my body. He pulled my hips into his and I felt him audibly growl as my body arched eagerly into his every touch.

With my jacket already on the floor, I could feel him tear at the buttons of my shirt. With his tongue still mingling with mine, my brain ceased to function properly. I felt my hands pull at his shirt seeking his flesh with as much enthusiasm as his own hands were roaming, pinching and squeezing over my skin. When his lips left mine I was gasping for air as his mouth sucked, kissed and bit its way along my jawline and throat. With his left hand he pulled my knee up to his hip and sunk into my open stance. Running his hand back up the back of my thigh he boldly caressed my panties now soaked in anticipation. He pressed firmly beneath the silk barrier sinking two fingers into me. I cried out feeling his digits move in deep firm strokes making a climax, I hadn’t know was already building, suddenly imminent.

I wrapped my leg higher practically climbing up his torso when he suddenly stopped and pulled back. In a deep determined voice I heard him say “I need to know that you’re sure.” Leaning against the wall, staring at him with heavy lids and breathless I said “I am here aren’t I?” He narrowed his eyes at my challenge “Only after making me chase you around the block and dragging you back here. Now, answer my question.” Feeling snarky and frustrated, that I wasn’t still being mauled, I shot back “Well maybe if you hadn’t been on the phone…” At which time he grabbed my arm and hauled me upstairs. I was going to have a bruise but I didn’t care. More action and less talk was fine with me. Yanking me down the hall to a bedroom he sat on the bed, which was just inside the door, then propelled me over his knee.

Startled at being in this unexpected position, I fought to right myself but he held me firmly. He threw up my pleated skirt with his other hand and landed a good hard slap to my left cheek. I cried out more startled than hurt. The next blow came quickly to my next cheek and he alternated, spanking my ass thoroughly, until I felt tears prick at my eyes and an even warmth spread from my burning cheeks to my heated core. “Now…” he said as he righted me, propping me onto his lap, from being over his knee “Tell me.” I sat there a moment, afraid to say something else that would tempt his hand further, and nodded meekly. He grabbed my lowered chin and gently pulled my head up to look into my moist eyes. “Say it” he whispered between clenched teeth. I took a deep breath burning, as every second passed, holding my eye contact. I said between short gasps, “I am sure… I want to be here… I want you” with the deepest conviction I could muster in my current state of disarray as another tear slipped down my cheek.

I could feel his arousal. I knew he wanted me. I squirmed as his tense silence drew on for what seemed like an eternity. I felt his hand move slowly, almost imperceptibly, over my tender ass. My spine stiffened at his touch but I tried to remain patient. I knew it was better this way for both of us. I remained as still as I could but the burn was growing more pronounced and I even began to smell my own arousal. I tried to clamp my thighs together to gain some friction against the building pressure. His hand locked down on my thigh as he said “No!” I looked up at him with furrowed brows thinking ‘Does he have any idea how this feels?’ I couldn’t help but fidget trying to alleviate my condition.

His frustration at my disregard to his command was audible as much as it was visible. He stood, dumping me from his lap, to stalk over to the largest dresser in the room. He yanked open the top drawer and began removing lengths of what looked like nylon rope. I stood slowly, from having sprawled on the floor, to stand in the doorway. Without turning he calmly said “You can try but you won’t make it.” I took another step back and his speed was indeed unexpected. With his hand on the back of my neck he hauled me back into the room kissing me hungrily. My head scrambled again under his control. I felt my shirt leave my body and my breasts break free as my bra was removed. I was guided so that the backs of my knees were against the bed and was lowered onto the mattress. Prying one of my arms from exploring his torso, he pulled it up over my head, as he moved his hips over the place I ached for him most. When he descended to capture my nipples in his mouth to tease and taunt, my other arm was placed with my first. I arched up to feel his scruffy face roughly move over my highly sensitized skin, as he sucked and sunk his teeth into my breasts.

I didn’t even notice being bound at first. Everything was so pleasurable and over sensitized. He glided down my body to the edge of my pleated skirt and tugged. The snap came loose and the zipper unfurled easily enough as he glided the material over my hips. Now left in only my drenched silk panties, I watched him stand and begin to remove his t-shirt and jeans. It was now that I realized my dilemma. I went to move, to touch him, and met the resistance of my bonds. I pulled harder to test their strength and found no slack. Panic and adrenaline flooded my body. I looked up to find him patiently waiting to see my reaction. “You said you were sure. You said you wanted to be here. You said you wanted me… remember? Well this is how I want you.” he said as I glanced down his arm, slowly following the muscles flexing, to see his hand moving back and forth over his firm member beneath his boxer briefs. My eyes were locked on to the rhythm of his hand moving up and back. My mouth watered wanting to taste his taught skin sliding over my tongue. I licked and sucked my bottom lip into my mouth to nibble and bite, trying to control my shallow panting as I continued to stare intently.

He knew what I wanted. My regard for the tether was completely gone only to be replace by my lust to have him in my mouth. “If you are a good girl I won’t bind your legs.” he casually mentioned as he removed his final article of clothing. I just lay there staring at his hardness so close to me and equally out of reach. I couldn’t decide which I wanted more, for him to ease my ache by fucking me hard or to suck him dry. He stood there with his hand on himself casually watching my face, with my knowing full well he would do as he pleased, and enjoying the play of anticipation as the moments ticked by.

When I began to pull at the bonds again he bent over me and pulled the last remaining scrap of fabric from my body. It was excruciating to no longer have a barrier between me and the slightest breeze. To emphasize this point he blew softly over my skin. I had never arched into a puff of air before now; but without any other pressure on my skin I sought every sensory application hungrily. The touch of his tongue to my tender clit made my toes curl and go numb instantly. I gasped and fought my instinct to jump. Then he said “Oh, and one more thing… you can only cum with my permission. Do you understand?” With that he sucked hard on my stiff little nub. My resullting scream was easily audible down the block.

“Oh god… I can’t think. PLEASE!” I begged. “Please?…Please what?” he teased. “I… wait… I’m so close. Don’t stop. Please… ” I couldn’t think straight. I just knew I had a question to ask but my head was swimming with sensory overload. It came to me slowly like a airplane towing a sign crossing the sky, reading the words as quickly as they came into focus “Please may I cum? …I can’t stop it!” Even without his mouth on me it was rushing forward. Just one more lick. I was already on the precipice and shaking. In a casual voice, as if he was disappointed, he said “Since this is your first time I will allow it… but next time you will work a lot harder to control yourself… understood” I nodded frantically.

His eyes were mischievous as I watched his head dip down, but I didn’t feel his tongue right away. Instead I felt his fingers slide into my hot wet pussy, curl under and tap rhythmically on my g-spot, building a whole new climb. I tried to control my panting but my hips rocked up of their own accord. When he added his tongue again it was to flick and suck on my clit in time to his fingers. My thighs shook, trying to spread wider, to feel the rub of his fingers and tongue all acting independently yet in synchronization of each other inside and out. Like a concert musician, he played me like a fine tuned instrument and within moments I sang.

As my muscles twitched and released, tensing of their own accord, my body had gone slack and boneless. My arms dangling carelessly from their tether, my legs splayed wide and my chest heaving in exhaustion. He climbed up my replete form to peer at my face. “Open your eyes little one. I am about to make you mine, and I want you to see that it is me who is claiming your body.” The confusion of his words swam through my brain slowly, like bubbles through syrup popping without enthusiasm. “Little one?” I was far from little in my voluptuous body, until I opened my eyes lazily to see his massive form over me bowed and paused for his command. It was then that I realized how small I truly felt. His cock slid into me inch by slow inch expanding my tightened muscles. All the while, he kept my gaze riveted to his looking for nuances in my expression.

My slack arms gradually came back to life, once he was seated in me fully. He continued to keep my eye contact until I tried to squirm uncomfortably under his gaze then said, “I want you to grab hold of the bars, I’ve tied you to, and keep you arms rigid. I am going to fuck you hard and I don’t want you sliding up the bed until I am slamming your head into the headboard.” I locked my arms eagerly and felt myself get even wetter at the promise he just delivered. I also realized my new position gave me very little ability to move him deeper as I had hoped. My legs tried to find purchase on the bed, to raise my hips, but kept sliding due to the angle they were splayed at.

His mouth explored my breasts as he withdrew slowly, making the burn that much hotter. I tried to arch my pelvis again, to gain any kind of friction, only to have him abruptly grab my right ankle and thrust it over his shoulder. I tried to use the resistance his body afforded but he was considerably stronger and simply ignored my efforts to move and said “Now… where do you think you’re going?” as he forcefully thrust into me. My panting increased but my struggles stopped. He withdrew as excruciatingly slow as he had initially slid into me, demonstrating fully that his will alone was the one in control, as he absorbed the last evaporation of my resistance. I was already climbing slowly up to the next peak and he had barely fucked me.

The broad smile that crept across his face was one of triumph. I was in his hands to do with as he pleased, and not only that, I clearly wanted to be there. It was then that he decided the pace would pick up. He built on the burn he established with his eyes. My focus drifted out as a different set of senses took over. The flavor in the room was heady as the perspiration built up on our skin adding to the lubrication of our bodies moving over one another. The new position allowed him further depth and took everything I had to keep my arms rigid.

With his hands alternately kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples painfully, I was helpless to his ministrations. As the pressure grew so did his cock. Harder and deeper as his hand wandered back down to tease my clitoris, pinching and rubbing. My head thrashed from side to side trying to hold the climax at bay. He felt my muscles contract against his erection and froze. I lay there panting trying to contain my chaos when he whispered ” Cum NOW!” My body complied immediately to his words spiraling outward in waves. My muscles clamped down on him to the point that he groaned and couldn’t hold back his pause any further. He slammed into me hard and fast grunting with the force with which he was fucking me causing my orgasm to be honed and sharpened as his own end exploded and filled me with hot streams of his burning seed.

Collapsing to my left, leaving my leg to drop awkwardly aside as I struggled to catch my breath and allow the blood to rush back into my leg and arms. As I felt his hands untie my arms I took a deep breath, sighing in relief. Puling me into his reclined body, as he released the last of the ropes, I curled into his chest and closed my eyes contentedly as he stroked my hair. “Sleep for now little one but you have several more deliveries to make and you won’t be reporting back to the office until your package is fully delivered.” My eyes bolted wide open to the feel of his chest jump in mirth only to hear my inner voice say ‘You are so Fucked.’

Fantasy Friday: Fever Cabin part 2

Continued from Fever Cabin Part 1

Dreaming of snow, I awaken to the early chill of a late summer evening approaching. My body gently swaying to the motion of the dock. Looking around, I notice my guest has left me to my solitude, and my sated body welcomes the isolation. Standing, I stretched to feel all of the muscles I had previously tensed. Hunger swept over me as I scooped up my evening meal from the chilly water still fighting. The thick fish arched and swayed on the line as I left the dock and headed for the porch.

In the fading light, I set about lighting the grill again, cleaning, seasoning and placing my meal over the coals as well as lighting the outdoor fire pit. I felt an intimate celebration was in order and I could think of no better way, than with a warm open fire. I had been waiting for the weather to turn before I christened the long shallow pit. I had dug it over the course of a few weeks and carefully placed interlocking paver stones for a smooth surround. I popped into the house for a few quilts to lay along the side of the pit for added warmth and a more comfortable cushion for my tender thighs.

With the pit fire stoked and beginning to burn the larger logs, I went back to the grill, to turn my dinner, to find a body already tending my dinner. Startled that I had not heard his approach, I was a bit frustrated, at first, having already contented myself to my evening of independence. I huffed and marched past him on my way back to the house, feeling my energy seethe with each heavy foot fall. Before I reached the door, however, he had matched my stride to the door, grabbed my arm and swung my body in a complete one-eighty, making me stumble awkwardly backward into the closed front door.

His body was almost as hard as the door to my rear. Breathing heavily, I was fuming at the turn about. “How dare you!” I spit. He just stood there against me, staring down at the challenge I was presenting. “Did you expect me to just disappear, as easily as I appeared, after what happened this afternoon?” He paused to narrow his eyes at me, letting the weight of the hypothetical question take residence in my mind. “You’ve been working awfully hard to get me over here, and I have a lot more planned before I am done with you.” He calmly countered. My body responded to his words faster than my mind. My posture softened and my core tingled and pulsed at the thought of more. His smirk grew as he saw me war with my self trying to hold on to my anger. “Smug bastard” I thought to myself, although I may have whispered it under my breath as well, since his body shook against me in mirth.

“I hope you don’t intend to burn that.” I gestured toward the grill with my chin, since the rest of me was not available. “I hadn’t …until you decided to get angry. Now I am thinking ‘blacked’ catfish won’t be all that bad.” as he dipped his head to take my mouth with his. The remainder of my fury evaporated as his tongue swept across mine and his hands pulled my arms over my head. “Now, are you going to let me join you for this evening, or am I going to burn your dinner convincing you?” As much as I wanted being convinced I was equally starved for food. So as his tongue and teeth traveled over my neck I moaned and said, “Fish first then …we’ll see.” With those words he grabbed my thigh with his other arm and ground his hips into my core so I could feel his full length ready for me. I gasped and he took my mouth more aggressively. I was struggling for air and my head was swimming when he said “Wrong answer.” My skin felt too tight and I was fighting for a clear thought as he continued to grind against my sensitive folds when I shakily whispered “Stay.”

He dropped my leg and arms walked back to the grill, muttering something I didn’t catch, obviously tense with need. I leaned against the door a bit longer, for the support it gave me, before following. In my newly heated state, I knew how to reverse his mood as quickly as he turned mine. I strolled over to the grill as he pulled the meal off the heat and onto the plate I had previously set out. I smelled the rich aroma of the seasonings and felt my mouth begin to water. I reached around his back to stroke his erection firmly. With my other hand, I reached around his other side to drag my hand over his chest while I interspersedly kissed and nipped at his back.

His hand came down to cover mine and squeezed hard as I heard him groan. He spun around in my arms and placed his hands on my shoulders gently applying pressure. I dropped to my knees slowly, dragging my hands down his sides to anchor my balance, keeping eye contact on my way down. I already knew what we both wanted and my tongue snaked out to lick him from base to tip before sucking him deep into my mouth. Playing with different gestures, my tongue moved over his length with a fluid grace. I felt his hands move to my hair, massaging at first then gripping more firmly as my pace picked up and fell into a rhythm. As I felt his fingertips burrow into my skull and his body tense I pulled him deep into my mouth and swallowed.

Sighing deeply, he picked me up with one arm and grabbed the plate with the other and walked us both over to the open fire. I sat and pulled a quilt over my shoulders, only to have it pulled back off. After placing the meal to my right, he positioned a large log a slight distance behind me then settled himself against it pulling me back and wrapping me in his scorching body heat. Out of hunger, I reached for a morsel of fish, only to have my fingers slapped away abruptly. My stomach responded loudly in opposition to this tantalism until he said “First I will feed you, then I will feed on you.” He whispered this in my ear as he gently bit my lobe and then probed my canal with his tongue, which in turn began stirring the moisture building between my legs. I shivered at the sensation above and below as I relaxed into his torso and closed my eyes trying to decide whether the open flame or his body was the warmer of the two.

Compassion Habitat

With a singular goal in mind, I climbed the trail steadily to my newly discovered secluded spot. It was a wonderful little cave with plenty of room to stand and walk about, but not so deep that it was inhabited by other creatures. The elevation and slight grade to the earth insured a dry floor. I imagined a fire could easily be started against the far wall that would radiate heat and light throughout the moderately enclosed space. I had only had a chance to visit twice before in order to insure the location’s secrecy. My last five attempts to stop by the location were thwarted by other visitors to the area, and I wasn’t willing to risk my secret with the chance that the general public would destroy my solitude.

I was anxious and excited to get up the last steep incline. Having packed well and light for this trip, I wanted to spend the weekend and made sure I was prepared. I wanted no distractions, no interruption and not a soul to disturb my self prescribed isolation. The large sharp holly growing across the entrance was my assurance that this location was undetected and inhospitable. I slipped on my heavy leather gloves and bent back the dense branches barring the entrance. Facing the rock wall I slid past the thorny leaves taking the brunt of the scrapes to my back and pack.

Once inside I breathed a sigh, releasing the tension I had built. Looking out through the filtered light I pulled off my sack and began setting about building a fire. I had a prepared earlier by storing wood on my previous visits so I wouldn’t need to trek back and forth upon arrival. My affinity for an open fire was palpable. I knew that the key to a good flame was oxygen and ventilation so I was anxious to see if I would have any trouble.

Seeing the flame and more importantly feeling the warmth spread to the earth and rock gave me a primordial soothing feeling that not only settled in my bones but into my soul. It was in this moment that my senses spread and heightened. The sudden darkness and shift in atmosphere was palpable. The established flame even waivered before it charged on. I turned to the cave’s entrance and peered through the bramble down to the grounds below. Wandering about alone I saw a lone child of maybe 10 or 11 looking back and forth as if lost. My chest tightened at the familiar emotion. I paused waiting to see what would happen, expecting a worried parent to rush up any moment but as the seconds ticked by my tension rose.

The lightening strike took us both off guard. He jumped and I braced. Both of us were shaken but I was safe and he was not. I grabbed my gloves and jumped out of the cave to quickly take the path to his side. With tears streaming down his face he froze when he saw me. I reached out my hand and without hesitation he took it. I dragged him back up to the safety of the cave peering suspiciously up at the sky. The cloud break was audible as the water let go all at once. Having only witnessed this event once before i stopped and looked up. The boy equally as curious gazed upward and then saw what was coming. He yanked on my hand half a second before we were pummeled by the cold drenching downpour.

Just feet from the entrance I took those last few steps and stopped. The child tried to look up at me confused but the large drops prevented him from making eye contact. I let go of his hand and grabbed the bush putting just enough space for him to slide in unscathed. Getting a bit more scraped up this time I slid in behind him both of us breathing heavily and moderately soaked. He immediately approached the fire and settled in. I stood there waiting for the words but not a moment later I turned to see another distressed hiker. She was soaked and shivering and knowing I had the fire to return to I again left the warmth to pursue my next rescue.

“Over here!” I yelled but the volume of the thunder and rain left her deaf to my call. I carefully decended this time trying not to slip on the quickly deterioriating path. Waving my arms she spotted me, turned and sprinted in my direction as I waved her toward me. I turned as she reached me and pointed to our destination. We helped eachother over the terrain but reach the cave unscathed. Glancing back I saw another hiker had caught sight of us and was now halfway up the trail. Sighing I waved the man up as I pulled the branches open for the woman. He looked worn and weary as he approached as if he’d been running since the rain broke and my heart opened with compassion. We made eye contact and I pulled a bit harder so he could ease into the cave without too many scrapes. Tired and soaked everyone eased up to the fire and sank to the floor in exahustion. I leaned heavily into the rock wall closing my eyes.

The voices of the three individuals were soft and weary. Each of them was explaining their situation. The boy, who lived close by just outside the park, was out on a scouting project and was caught too far from his house when the storm approached. Frozen with fear he knew he had to find a safe place but panicked when the lightning struck so close. He said he couldn’t move until I had shown up and dragged him inside. The woman was parked several miles away and had just come into the woods for a day hike. She was dressed too light and shivered as she explained how she had tried running to a heavy tree but felt like she was going in circles until I came along and pulled her to safety. The man explained that he had been hiking for days but had felt fortunate once he saw me wave him up as he saw her slip out of sight.

It was then that I felt them all turn to look at me wondering at my story. I felt ashamed at my selfishness for solitude and desire for isolation. The last thing any of these people needed was to feel guilt over my trivial needs, so I simply remained mute. The woman rose and approached me, inspecting the tears in my clothing and skin guiding me closer to the light. The boy began riffling through my pack and I stiffened at his personal intrusion but quickly eased as he intuitively handed the small First Aid kit to the woman then reached for my canteen. The man was the most deteriorated and took the first pull on the bottle drinking thirstily then handed it to the woman. She drank a bit and urged me to rehydrate. I looked to the boy who stared at me worriedly. Closer to the light the concern on their faces was more evident. I sighed and deflated and with that gesture she embraced me wholly and whispered “Thank you.”

Change Ability

Sitting peacefully along the shore of a small pond, peering into the smooth water, I watched as minnows and tadpoles swam up, surfaced to gulp air or snatch insects then quickly dash away. Enjoying this display for some time with quiet contentment I then noticed one particular fish approach the shore and drift slowly forward and back in an rhythmic dance. Taken aback by this new behavior I stared with rapt attention. The fish continued it’s approach and retreat several times but stayed in relatively the same space. The instant we made eye contact the fish froze, at first unsure of what to make of my presence, until it slowly backed up disappearing out of my sight. Unexpected disappointment came over me. As I was about to turn my attention back to the dance of the minnows and tadpoles the fish suddenly burst at full speed out of the water onto the shore and began to flip and flop about on the dry land. Abruptly I was on my feet with excitement staring dumbfounded at this turn of events.

As I watched, the flailing fish began to make progress, not back toward the water but, farther up the bank and onto the grass land of the surrounding park. A couple jogging by, seeing the astonishment on my face, slowed as I gaped at the fish. Their own interest became piqued at the sight as they stopped and joined in my shock at what was happening. In turn, this drew the attention of others until a small audience had formed to watch with anticipation and curiosity at what was happening.

Once we were all 100 yards from the shore the silence was broken by murmured whispers among the crowd now following the fish still jumping and treking over land. Some were crudly placing bets on how long the poor creature would survive out of it’s element while others took a compassionate stance wanting to intervene. The volume of the group grew as others tried to voice their own opinions as to what this meant. A small group formed discussing the option to simply pick up the fish and carry it back to it’s pond while an opposing group demanded they leave the animal to it’s destiny or fate.

Speculation over the species of the fish came into question with some suspicions turning to a critical evolutionary shift. “How else could it be surviving?” on person shouted. Concern over climate change was voiced while many simply just declared that this is what this fish is meant to do. Things were quickly getting out of hand and I actually doubted that the followers were even paying attention to the creature’s progress any further.

Once again I made eye contact with the fish and in that moment I knew I had to speak up. Letting it continue on it’s journey I stopped in front of the mob and attempted to get the attention of the growing debate. I yelled “Who here knows where the next water source is?” and “Does anyone even know why it left the pond in the first place?” I had them all speechless looking back and forth among themselves. “Has anyone even thought about what the fish wants?” At that final question uproarious laughter broke out. Some turned turned red with embarrassment for me while others openly declared my stupidity but not one of them had an answer to my questions and as a result stopped in their tracks.

When they all finally caught their breath and and stopped to dismiss me the fish was gone. Those who had placed their bets on the the animal’s demise demanded payment as the opposition demanded proof. The scientific speculators scoffed and decided to dissipate moving on to more intellectual pursuits followed quickly by the joggers who first approached. I grinned to myself for a moment and strolled casually back to the pond. It was at that point that I noticed I had been followed. The little girl sat down next to me and smiled. I gave her a quick wink and said “What do you think will happen next?” She looked up at me with a huge grin and said “I don’t know but…I think it might be your turn.”

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