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Her Panties

Freshly bathed and smelling clean, I lay against the fragrant wood relaxing among the varieties of fabrics surrounding me. I was looking forward to going out and knew it would happen sooner rather than later. It was already Friday and the light in the room was visibly dimming. Hearing the phone ring off in the distance my anticipation rose as the lights flipped on and I was grabbed excitedly. My own thrill was barely contained as hands lovingly caressed my silky soft texture, inhaled my fresh scent and slipped a warm curvaceous ass into my lacy and smooth material. I loved being so intimately close. Absorbing the heady building scent as the growing humidity permeated my very fabric.

We had our own game. She’d move and sway and I would work my way in closer and closer hugging every valley, disappearing into each crevice and making myself wet with her sexy juices until she felt compelled to tug and pull me out to only start all over again. I loved the feel of snapping my elastic against her skin. She always wore a skirt or dress with me. It was as if she knew how much I needed the fresh air and the view of the terrain beneath us. As she glided onto the car’s well worn leather seats I enjoyed the slippery feel against my fabric. The vibrations of the engine and her excitement combined were enough to intoxicate me.

I didn’t know where we were going but I did know where this evening was headed. If I was lucky I would get to participate. When she got out of the car she wiggled and disentangled me from her nether regions to ride once again along her smoothly waxed outer lips and ass cheeks. It wouldn’t be long before I was nestled deep again so I allowed her this reprieve. I could feel her strut as she wagged her ass and watched her strappy heels weave her way past a crowd men, one of which laid a covert hand pressing me into her hip. I heard a clear slap and a bit of verbal confrontation but I knew what her body really wanted.

Her footsteps hastened as she entered the dark bar and sidled up to the vinyl upholstered stool. As he ass hit the cold seat her ass cheeks clenched against the temperature adjustment before her muscles relaxed and settled. I herd her phone chime and with each one she would squirm and twist allowing me to wedge myself further into my comfort zone. I knew what was happening and I loved every minute as I became bathed in her sweet and tangy juices.

A broad hand slid over her ass and I felt he spine stiffen but then her leg began to jiggle up and down indicating her nervousness as well as her voice elevating a bit in volume and pitch. This is the one she had been waiting for. His voice was deep and accented but his hand… oh god his hand just kept playing with me. His fingers would tease across my waistline then ease down to skim my hem. This man had skills and I couldn’t wait to see his face. I heard them talking about me. She describe me to him and he lifted a bit of her dress at her thigh to get a peek at me. OH… He was bad! I could see the whole bar but he discreetly covered me right back up before I could see his face.

She stood, slowly peeling her skin from the warmed stool, they wandered over to a more secluded part of the restaurant and sat right next to one another. The booth had similar vinyl coverings and she slid into it with little effort. Her thigh jumped as he placed his hand high making for a bold rather than subtle move. I could feel her breath increase as well as her dampness. He was going to do this right her, wasn’t he? Right in plain sight. I felt his hand rub my fabric over her lips. It felt amazing. It was as if he knew what I wanted.

Those magic fingers of his toying with my fabric, caressing my lace, pinching ruffled hem. He pulled me aside and was inside me. He was inside Her! O god. The feel of the back of his hand stretching my elastic. His knuckled scraping against my cotton panty liner already wet with her essence. Her bucking working me deep between her ass cheeks. I could hear her moaning, feel her legs trembling, her ass clenching, her juices flowing and then he just stopped. What happened? Where did he go? What is this? DON’T STOP! But this was His game. He was teasing her, readying her for the big show later. She excused herself to go to the ladies, probably to dislodge me from my paradise but that was our thing.

She sat on the potty and relieved herself as I sat patiently around her knees for her to finish. Her finger swiped through the dampness as I watched her lick the flavor from her fingers. If I had lungs I would have sighed watching her full lips suck her two fingers into her mouth as she closed her eyes. She wiped up and pulled me back into position. Her step had a fresh new bounce and she was clearly in a great mood now. Once again she slid into the booth and his hands slid over me like he was taking possession. he bunched my waistband at the back wedging me deep into her ass crack and I was dizzy with his dominance.

Releasing me suddenly I could barely hear his muffled command but I did hear one word particularly clearly “…OFF!” That was when I felt her thumbs hook into my waistband at her hips and her ass lift as I was drug from her body. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be participating any further this evening but felt confident we would have another play date. Guiding me into her purse I felt his hand surround hers and snatch me away from her grasp. It wasn’t until he dropped me in the middle of the table that I began to panic.  saw her face. She knew what was happening and looked at me mournfully. The sadness in her eyes was palpable. “NO!” I wanted to scream. The waiter arrived to deliver the check and looked down to see me plain as day and quickly looked back up at the man who paid him no attention then to the woman who blushed furiously as I lay there exposed for the whole world to see.

The man dropped a bunch of cash on the table, stood from his seated position pulling her with him and they left. I saw her look back one last time before they disappeared out of sight. I felt empty without her inside me. Looking back to the waiter he was still standing there staring at me. His head looked left then right before he quickly grabbed me from the table and shoved me into his pocket. What could he do with me? He didn’t look the type to wear ladies panties but maybe I was special.

He worked the rest of his shift, poking his hand into his pocket now and then to fondle my material. I felt something pressing from behind the pocket but wasn’t positive it wasn’t my imagination. I couldn’t see anything, I missed having a view of the floor and time, sound and light were muted. When he finally stopped he sat down and pulled me slowly from my confines. He put me up to his face and inhaled her embedded scent. He turned me over and licked my cotton panty liner and I could have shivered feeling his tongue rasp over my fabric.

I heard a zipper and looked down to find him pulling out his cock. It was then that he wrapped me tightly around him. his hand on the inside of me and his cock on the silky outside. “OH WOW…” I thought “I’ve never been HERE before. I like this!” His strokes moved slow at first. I glided over his head, his shaft, his pubic hair, his balls teasing the skin and hair with my satin. He was getting closer. It felt like her was growing, getting harder as his hand and pressure got faster and harder. I was more excited than I had been nestled in her pussy lips and I felt drunk with euphoria and then his head spilled a delicious salty mix upon my surface soaking me more than she ever had all in one time.

Oh I think I will like my new home after all 😉


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  1. Firehorse on said:

    Those panties are very lucky 😉

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