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Straight Cthulhu my Heart

Wandering out to ocean in the mornings she spent her time playing in the tide pools. She preferred the deeper ones containing the lovely tentacled creatures that would caress her skin with their tiny suckers drawing up her skin like the little loving kisses Gomer would reign upon Morticia’s arm. Her reluctant retreat would only come with the approaching tide. Gently releasing their grasp she would lovingly return her friends to their home and walk mournfully back to shore.

She had been trying to extend her stay, allowing the tide to flow in deeper and deeper each day, before heading to shore. On a particularly deep wading day she was heading back and felt her legs sweep out from under her. She felt the familiar tentacled caress but this time it was larger, more powerful, and a firm tug pulled her quickly out into deeper water. Trying not to panic she detached the suckers one at a time and swam more vigorously back to shore.

With her heart racing,  and trying to catch her breath, she looked down at her leg to find what looked and felt like a number of intricately designed hickeys winding up her foot to her calf and well up onto her thigh. The sight and feel of the line traveling up her leg sent a curiously arousing tingle straight to her core. Once back in her cabin she felt compelled to stroked the burst capillary design drawing her fingers up and down her leg all evening working hard not to succumb to the strange emotions that were trying to overwhelm her.

Her dreams that night were stormy and dark, filled with erotic overtones, as substances moved over her skin tantalizing her senses. Waking with a start to a loud clap of thunder the powerful storm shook her cabin as the wind and rain surrounded her small home. Her mind still vividly recalling the recent dream made her once again touch the sensitive line and follow it up her inner thigh to her crux. The bright flash of light and almost simultaneous thunder made her jump as she was blinded and deafened momentarily. A knock on her door, equally as loud and powerful as the storm, had her questioning the validity of the presence of someone actually out in this torrent; but before she could arise to check the door broke inward and in walked Cthulhu.

The wind and rain whipped into the room surrounding his imposing form in a strobe like effect. The shock of his presence quickly dissipated as her body began to chill and dampen from the rain. The thin t-shirt and panties she wore were no match for the gusts of frigid air. Her anger rose and her eyes narrowed at his countenance still looming over her. “You ARE aware that you just broke my door and it is fucking freezing in here RIGHT? I mean WHAT THE HELL?”

He stood watching this woman yell at him for being cold, getting wetter by the minute and complaining about the object that moments ago separated him from her. She should be on her knees cowering at the very least and at the very most staring at him in shock and horror frozen in fear (that was his favorite.) But this, this wild eyed woman was berating him for his actions and he was just standing there in awe watching her face get redder and watching her pace angrily from one end of the small cabin to the next, wind driving her hair wild and getting into her face as she slapped it away.

Blinking several times with his dual eyelids, the inner clear layer sweeping across and the outer opaque layer down, making him appear a modicum more human despite the tentacles on his face. He bent down suddenly picked up the door, she was prattling on about, and slammed it back into the hole in the wall. In his deep watery lunged voice he finally said “Better?” She blinked having heard his voice and said “For now.” A shiver ran down her spine and he noticed a fine sheen of goose pimples spread inward from her extremities making her body shudder involuntarily and drawing his eyes down to her hard nipples.

Her anger had dissipated momentarily when the door was replaced, and the warmth began to reestablish itself in the small space, until she noticed his stare. “HEY! My eyes are up here!” His eyes blinked again and a stern look took over his face. “I will do as I please. Do you not recognize when you are in the presence of a GOD?” his voice boomed and shook the cabin. ‘Bully’ she thought. “This is MY house. Don’t you get all pushy with me!” This was not a behavior he was familiar with. “Have you never thought of anyone but yourself and your own needs all these millennia?” she said. With her ire in full swing his own frustration mounted and he finally bellowed “I am a GOD! You WILL bow to me! You WILL submit!”

He hadn’t laid a hand or tentacle on her yet she stood frozen and silent. ‘Finally’ he thought until she suddenly burst out laughing. She collapsed on the floor with tears running down her cheeks gripping her sides as she literally shook in laughter. “What is this?” he asked. “No… Stop… I can’t take it any more. You’re going to make me PEE!” she said between giggles and guffaws. “I DEMAND to KNOW!” he snapped. She tried to take a few sputtering deep breaths. She said “I’m an atheist” and burst out laughing again. In his opinion the fact that she didn’t ‘believe’ in him was irrelevant. However this laughter was considerably more preferable to her combative and challenging behavior at the onset.

Once again his eyes wandered about her form. He could still see the bruised pattern of his sucker marks he had left earlier and yearning to make more he approached her slowly. Crouching down in front of her his fingers and stroked the line he had made earlier from her ankle, up her calf, around the back of her knee and slowly up her thigh. Looking up into her eyes, they were no longer laughing or smiling but now filled with heat and she was breathing very differently. “You left those… didn’t you? You marked me.” She wasn’t angry. In fact he could sense and smell her arousal. “Yes” was all he said. She at the waist and he grabbed  her head  pulling her in and took her mouth with his.

Still kissing her deeply he stood and lifted her up. His arms pulling her thighs to wrap around his waist, his hands smoothed their way back up her thighs to squeeze and knead her ass. She was hungry, starving even, for his touch. This was a new experience for him since all of his other conquests were mere victims to his advances. He was enjoying the enthusiasm she was displaying until she pulled back. “Wait…” she said “I need a minute.” Confusion as to how she could go from ravenous to subdued was infuriating him. “I’ve waited long enough.” His tentacles restrained her arms as he placed her on the bed.

This time it was her turn to be confused. “What the hell are you talking about?” she asked. “I’ve owned you since the first day you came out to sea. Didn’t you ever wonder what was compelling you to visit each day?” Thinking back to those weeks ago when she first discovered the tide pool and remembering the first marks placed on her skin by the cephalopod in her hand. She remembered caressing the design lovingly, feeling the arousing wetness soaking her bikini and how it sent her home to touch herself intimately. She looked down at her palm and fingers as the design reappeared back to its full bruised color.

“Are these permanent?” she shouted. “Yes,” he said “but they’re only visible if I’m close and I want them to appear. I can feel you through them.” His voice lowered “I could feel you touching yourself through the ones I left on your fingers.” Embarrassment swept over her as her face flushed when she got up the courage to ask “So you’ve been close… How close have you been?” He paused watching her face as he said, “Since the last full moon I’ve been outside your home every night.” Looking down her body at him, his tongue snaked out licking, sucking and nibbling at the marks on her foot and calf. He worked his way up to her thigh kissing each round bruised circle intensifying each and every sensation. Her breath coming in short pants as he edged closer and closer to her panties. “Yes,” she said “I remember.” before he pulled the thin fabric aside to now lick and suck at her moisture. Her head lolled back and she closed her eyes absorbing the sensation of his tongue. A moan escaping her lips as her back arched.

“Say the words… Tell me you’re mine.” Her brow furrowed hearing this. He didn’t know her, didn’t know her secret, but he would know soon enough at the rate he was going. Her heart raced at the thoughts conflicting with the host of sensations he wrought from her body making her moan louder and louder. His growl became a vibration against her sensitive flesh. She felt the pressure against her hips and heard the sound of fabric ripping. It was then that all of the lovely sensations came to a stop.

With her eyes closed, she sighed. He stood angrily slowly putting distance between her and himself. “What is the meaning of this?” She cringed as his words thundered about the room. His form morphed and grew larger somehow taking the already small room and filling it. “It’s not as if I chose this.” she defended. “Do you have any idea what this means?” he bellowed. Rolling her eyes she huffed, “I know it means you won’t be touching me any further apparently!” as she crossed her arms over her chest. His roar was deafening. “Your one of the nine daughters. I’ve marked you as mine. I was seconds away from making those marks permanent!” Her eyes brightened when she heard his words “Really?”

“I’m.. ” His tentacle slapped over her face with a clap leaving her cheek stinging and her mouth silent. “Are you SO ready to see my execution? For fuck sake your mother is a TITAN!” A dark laughter built behind her silenced lips shaking her shoulders and bringing tears to her eyes. His eyes narrowed and he asked “What the hell is so fucking funny?” Pointing at her lips. Pulling the suction of his grip from her face he furrowed his brow in the expectation that she would be explaining herself promptly. Instead she just stood there and stared up at him with those eyes. His mind nudged at him to ask the question that wouldn’t go away “How can you be an atheist if you are the spawn of Gods?” “There are no Gods… only mortals and immortals. We are all fuck ups. We all try to control one another. Some of us have a genuine talent for it.” she said as she cocked her eyebrow at him.  “Have you seen the people they hire in marketing firms lately??? and LAWYERS my my what a crazy mess THEY can make. NOW if you are quite done…” His form readjusted to hers yet remained massive by comparison. His mood markedly changed back as his lust reemerged. The extended locked eye contact pulled him back to her.

“Just know that this makes us equals. I will not be one of your victims. You cannot own me.” His slow touch snaked its way up her leg “Is that how you see it?” he teased. “Yes… it is.” she said but her voice wavered. As he saw it, her arousal was his for the taking and he whispered “You are mine.” He found his way inside her and she gasped as her hips bucked. Holding her firmly he easily manipulated her building climax, legs spread wide for him, as she writhed  in his grasp. Pulling her to his mouth he lapped at her tangy sweetness. Placing a cup over her clitoris he applied the appropriate pressure to throw her over the edge. She could feel the suction pull and felt the tingle of his mark seep into her. Her hazy mind recalled his words but not before it was too late and she became flooded with the most powerful orgasm in her life.

Her eyes tried to open and readjust, but when she looked around he was gone. Her mind was slow to register the impact of his absence. When she did though it was met with rage and disappointment. ‘Males…’ she frustratedly thought to herself. Deciding not to play into his hands she pulled the warm blanket over her exhausted body and fell quickly into a sleep roiled with texture and feeling without images. When she finally awoke the next morning the sun taunted her with it’s brightness. Instead of keeping to her routine she stayed in. She couldn’t get caught if she didn’t go out. Pursuing tasks that had been neglected, she found her center once again and went to bed that night peaceful once more.

This night her dreams were vivid. He was there and she could feel every touch. It all seemed so real but, knowing it was a dream, she fought it and awoke with a gasp. Her body continued to feel the onslaught of touch moving over her skin yet she was alone. Looking down at her body the marks he had left would glow as the sensations of touch came upon her. she watched the bruises alight down her arm to the sensation of licks and kisses. They continued up her arm to her neck as she felt the sucking and nipping of absent teeth. Her anger tried to rise but the tactile impressions moved to her breasts and nipples as her chest lit up in a phosphorescent dance of color and sensation. An involuntary moan escaped her lips as the attention being paid to her nipples instantly made her arousal surge and her panties dampen. A new glow spread down her belly to her mons pubis. Twisting, trying to escape the approaching ghostly touch her back arched as the same sucking sensation from the other night overtook her. She tried to fight it for as long as she could but the reluctant screaming orgasm tore through her body like a lightening strike. The gush of liquid that soaked her was just that much more evidence of his success and she scowled at her sated body that betrayed her as the glow slowly subsided. Sleep once again took her but not by means of rest but by means of exhaustion.

Upon awaking she knew she had to run so she packed what she needed and left. She was determined to escape so with the top down on her 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible and music blasting she headed for her sister’s house. She knew that Clio would have answers. Traversing the highways heading ever further inland, putting distance from her and the sea, she felt the slow rebellious smile creep across her face. She felt triumphant and liberated while simultaneously saddened. Pushing down the unexpected depression she focused on the sun in her face, the wind in her hair and the B-52’s Love Shack filling her ears with their upbeat lyrics until she was laughing and thinking of the little love shack her own cabin had transformed into over the past two nights.

Arriving at Clio’s she found the door open and the house empty. Her sister had been working on a local University professor who was in the midst of being published. She knew better than to interrupt her work so she simply threw her bag into the spare room and headed for the living room to read. All the sisters owned the full collection of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter novels so she simply picked up her favorite one and relaxed on the sofa. The 10 hour drive must have been more tiring than she realized because she awoke to the sound of thunder and the abrupt flashes of lightening around her sisters home. The giant wall of windows made the storm so much different than her small cabin by the beach. The landscape appeared majestic against the flashes of light. The storm raged but the house was solid and the barrier secure. Taking a deep breath she moved through the house to make herself a cup of tea to enjoy the show.

Absentmindedly dipping her tea strainer she suddenly felt an electrical spark. The shock made her jump abruptly and she watched as her entire arm lit up. Anger spiked through her an she ran over to the sink to attempt to make the sensation stop. She ran cold water at first then progressively hotter. She scrubbed at marks on her arms trying to get them to subside. That was when the tremor hit. She knew what it was. Her heart raced and she knew there was no escape. She wanted to avoid damage to her sister’s home so she quickly ran outside to face him. His leathery wings were still spread and he was breathing hard. Looking up at him made her feel things she didn’t want to admit to. The rain still hadn’t begun yet but the wind took her hair and made it act wild like her head was that of Medusa as the ends snapped and bit at her skin.

He kept his stance, staring at her enraged but holding his tongue. He knew any foul word would bring the lightening upon her and despite her immortality it would be painful. He had other plans for that. “You ran from me.” he said slow and methodically. “I did… I was angry” she said. Lightening struck less that 100 yards away and she felt the electrical charge in her bare toes. “You can’t run from me.” he growled. “Oh but I can… you simply found me.” she said as the definition of ‘megalomaniac’ skated across her mind adding a slight smirk to her face. “And I will keep finding you wherever you go.” he said with confidence. “We’ll see.” she said back. With each exchange their distance closed and she was standing just inches from him now as if pulled magnetically. “Come with me now.” he whispered in her ear. She nodded and they were off the ground. His hard muscles pulsated as they lifted higher and she felt his arousal surge.

They didn’t travel far. He had passed a vacant property on his approach and landed at the door. “I hope you aren’t considering breaking and entering.” she glared up at him. “Well do you know a hotel owner who would check US in without questions?” Looking down at herself then looking up at him she agreed and allowed him to do as he pleased. Once inside he turned back around, grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. She protested at the position until he landed a firm slap to her ass. “OH!” She felt the tingle between her thighs build. She wiggled again and her squirm was met with another firmer slap to her other ass cheek but this time she let out a moan. A smile crossed his face as his large hand rubbed her reddened flesh and abruptly swung another spank. He felt her breath quicken. He reached the master bedroom and dumped her unceremoniously onto the bed. She blinked up at him a bit startled, until he said “Get those panties off… NOW.” The shiver that spiked through her body at his tone had her obeying instantly.

‘What is it about this one?’ she asked herself. She couldn’t help feeling compelled. She genuinely drew pleasure from just the act of obeying him. “Come here.” he ordered, and she did. She watched intently as his sex grew before her eyes. “Now open that pretty little mouth for me.” Her eyes widened at the implication but her body was still very much on board so her jaw dropped as he pulled her down to his cock. Licking and sucking him brought her a whole new brand of pleasure. Feeling his hands in her hair guiding her to the pace he needed brought on an arousal she had never experienced. She was learning things about herself from circumstances that had never presented themselves before.

As his thrusting became more insistent she tried to relax but she began to tense and resist the onslaught. It was then that her entire body became bathed in phosphorescent light. He knew that the simultaneous sensations reigning upon her skin all at once would open her up completely. He felt her resistance fade and took full advantage as he fucked her mouth and throat. The delicious feeling of slipping into her airway was just enough to put him over the edge as he felt her arousal as well as his surge and crest. He allowed his seed to pour down her throat jerking back and forth not allowing her to let any escape.

She continued to suck and tongue every vein long after his hands left her hair. She was euphoric and couldn’t help but worship every inch of his cock. His firmness was returning and she awaited his next command. “You are an eager one, aren’t you?” he chuckled. She furrowed her brow at him. He was making fun of her need and she was not amused. “I can find someone else who will appreciate my hunger.” She sat up abruptly and turned to leave the bed. She was abruptly restrained. Feeling his hot breath on the back of her neck he rumbled “NO… you are MINE!!!” just before she felt his cock slam into her. Her body burst into virtual flames. He could feel her arousal and it spurred him on as he tapped at her tight back door with one of his tentacles while he fucked her tight little pussy. Entering her ass he felt her swell under the dual penetration pushing him closer once again to a climax. Taking another sucker he applied this one to her clit as well as two more to her breasts directly onto her nipples. “Cum NOW!” he commanded. Feeling her muscles clamp down and her juices gush he filled her once again. Her screams amplified and every window in the house shook. He knew the consequences of his action and accepted whatever repercussions they entailed.

She slowly felt her particles realign. ‘Oh Fuck’ she thought. She knew something major had shifted and she was scared. Unfortunately she couldn’t move to escape. She was still pinned and she tried to abate the gradual panic that was rising. Jerking her arm he held her firm. “Stop fighting it.” He knew her cells were restructuring. Tears streamed down her cheek in denial “No” she whispered.

She didn’t feel like her body was her own anymore and her conflict surged. As much as she wanted to be in his arms, restrained by him, helpless to his whim and under his control she also wanted to run, be free, test the distance she could put between them, try his ability to catch her but also BE caught again. Despite that fact that he could not read her thoughts he still knew all of this. “Before I release you, you must realize there is no longer anywhere you can hide that I won’t find you, feel you or touch you. We are bonded.” Her sigh was one of resignation as his grip loosened. She looked down and said “I understand.” Fully releasing her he sat back with confidence that she had been conquered. He watched a grin emerge on her face and just before he could ask she dematerialized as she said “If you can catch me.”


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