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Carpe Diem

Listening Hard

It’s easy as much as it is hard. You already know how dirty my thoughts can be. It just takes a little coaxing. Just a little dare. Today was no different. I messaged you as early as I could curious if you’d be busy, hoping you wouldn’t be, but playing the conversation casual to ‘feel you out.’ I don’t like making you feel bad that we couldn’t spend time together. I know you work. You know my time is limited. That is the trick.

We banter and flirt back and forth sporadically as the morning evolves and the conversation becomes more inquisitive on my end as to what you are doing, if you have any meetings basic information gathering but you already know what I want. You are toying with me. Only I don’t figure it out until you ask “Why?” Then it hits me and a slow smile crosses my face as a shy blush spreads across my cheeks. “You’re going to make me say it aren’t you?” “Yup” your simple playful firm reply reads.

Breathe, I tell myself and I figure out what to type. Something simple something that is easy and not too dirty “I want to hear your voice.” There, that’s not too bad. Then you send “You want to scream and cum like a hot lil slut for me?” All bets are off at this point. My breath becomes shallow I feel my panties grow moist and my anticipation rises but I still don’t know for sure if you are available. “I do” is all I can reply. “Beg for it” you reply… so I do. All I want right now it to hear that sexy gravelly low whispering voice in my ear. I will absolutely beg for that.

I ask the magic question “so…are you available?”  and you  reply “Call me in three minutes, not a minute later or sooner and be naked fucking yourself when you call.” Oh god! THREE MINUTES? Tearing up the stair and ripping clothes off as I go I dash into the bedroom and pull out my toy. I check the time, 1 minute left. I put down the towel, set up the pillows and place the batteries in my toy and check the time again. Time to call. I anxiously scroll through my contacts in my phone as I complete the final step and gasp as I push my toy in and turn it on. I touch his name and the phone rings.

I haven’t heard his voice in weeks and I’ve missed it. Missed how he talks to me. The things he whispers in my ear. The cadence of his voice. I want to turn up my speaker volume. I know he is trying to be quite because he is in his office but that just makes his voice hotter. One ring, two rings and the line picks up. I hear him say “Right on time” and beam with pride.

He can hear that I am hot, can hear the buzzing sound of the clit vibrator, knows that I am moving the toy in and out of me but he asks anyway. He wants me to tell him what I’m doing. It’s that much better when he makes me tell him. His words turn to what he wants if we meet, what we would do, how he would take me. It becomes like a story of possibilities in my ear and then he talks about the one thing I never thought would arouse me. The one thing that I don’t know if I would ever have the nerve to do. He makes the thought of taking me in a public place sound so hot. The story he is weaving makes me feel so overwhelmed in combination with his confidence that all worry dissipates and my orgasm rushes in overwhelming me. I can picture us together vividly. I am right there in the moment and he just pushes me over the edge and I AM screaming just like he predicted.

I am weightless turning off my toy and letting it slip from my body sinking to the floor attempting to recover my breath still. With air still sawing in and out of my lungs my words turn to gratitude and supplication. We calmly discuss further my limits, my thoughts, his desires and possibilities of what we would both like should the circumstances change suddenly. Again our thoughts turn to scenarios and I ask about the time. I know he has very little and then he say “I have a few minutes left… I want to hear you cum again. Do you think you can do that?” My mind races. It usually takes me LONGER the second time. But with his voice in my ear instead of panic I am excited to see if I can. I quickly sit back up, grab my toy and say “I want to try.”

He is already painting a picture for my brain to imagine as I ready myself. I gasp audibly as I place my toy back inside and turn it on. OH GOD… it is SO wet, SO slippery and his liquid voice is fucking my mind with the next public sex scenario. This time we are at a park, walking in the woods, becoming passionate right there on the path. Taking me out in the open and suddenly I am orgasming. How is this happening? How did he do that? I’ve NEVER cum so fast in my life. I am astonished and fascinated by this and realize it is all of it. It is the fantasy, the potential reality, the voice, the story, his dominance, my ready submission and our mutual chemistry.

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