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The Paradox

Saying my job search was going poorly was an understatement. My idea of a short commute to a great small business that needed my unique brand of computer savvy, a creative mind for problem solving and a certifiable customer service extraordinaire had long ago been dashed. Here I was interviewing at companies now within an hour’s radius of home. How the hell did this happen? I don’t WANT an hour commute! The position and the salary were the only thing that got me dressed and in the car for the long trek. Sitting in traffic on the interstate I make a mental note to find a different route, something more scenic, IF I get this job.

The only positive part of sitting in traffic is the opportunity to play on my phone. Log in, check messages, message back something clever and fun, look up and let the car roll another few feet, repeat. What the fuck am I doing? This is a nightmare. I didn’t want to drive this far. Crossing the river and taking the exit for the Land of Opportunity I pulled onto the campus and parked in one of the few visitors parking spaces provided.

The nearby kiosk held brochures and maps as well as local posters for study groups, items for sale and a variety of announcements. Pulling open the small map I quickly located the building and office I had been scheduled to visit and took a deep breath, spun in the right direction and began to walk. Checking my phone for the time I grin to myself that not only am I early I don’t have to run but instead can stroll casually without duress that I would in any way be late.

I have to say, there is something to be said for well kept grounds. The slow pace and the cool breeze made all of the outer activity of the campus seem to speed up. The buzzing of schedules too tight and people with poor time management scurrying between the haphazard movement of everyone else flowing in and out of the buildings. Slipping earbuds into my ears the dance becomes orchestrated and moves inadvertently to the music. Finally arriving at the building I tug out the beat I had set and quickly ascend the concrete steps to the front doors.


He arrived on campus, after his long commute, rested and relaxed having listened to a streak of consistently better and better songs streaming through his XM radio. The campus was in full swing and he absorbed the potent energy exuded from the fresh minds and bodies speeding from point A to point B. This environment was like a balm. Scanning the crowd, his eyes landed on a new but familiar face. A rush of thoughts flooded his brain, paralysis struck him motionless and his heart rate tripled staring at the woman he had heard cum. ‘What the fuck is she doing here?’, ‘Did I tell her where I work?’. ‘She’s rounder and fuller than her pictures’, ‘Fuck I’m hard’, ‘Does she know where my office is?’ ‘Why won’t she look up?’, ‘Grrr, she turned the other way’, ‘What is she here for, a fucking stroll?’, ‘Oh fuck, is she actually sashaying?’ ‘Fuck, I’m hard’, ‘I should follow her and see where she goes.’

His legs were moving but is eyes were glued to her movements as she sauntered along the campus paths. The closer she got to his own building the more intrigued and oblivious to his surroundings he became. He heard his name called but he moved without acknowledging until someone finally grabbed his arm to get his attention. “I’m sorry Sir but the meeting was changed.” Looking down he recognized the associate but his mind was still in a haze. “What time?” “It is in two hours Sir.” Smiling down at her easily he said “Thank you” and continued his pursuit.

She hadn’t gotten far but she was now close to the steps of his building. He watched as she pulled out a pair of earbuds and tucked them into her big laptop size red purse. She did a little sprightly jog up the steps and as her ass bounced his cock leapt while sounds of her screaming into his ear came imaginatively alive. Fuck.


Opening the double doors I step up to the foyer and approach the receptionist. “Hello, I have an interview with Mr. Grossman” She begins clicking furiously on her keyboard and says “Yes, you are early and he is still interviewing the last applicant. Please have a seat, I am sure he will be out soon.” smiling at me brightly. I thanked her and picked one of the comfortable lounge chairs set up in small groups with a tiny useless table that wouldn’t support my iPad. I snickered at the idea of two people trying to place each of their coffee cups on this joke of an engineering design. When the receptionist suddenly asked “Oh, I forgot to ask, can I get you anything… coffee, tea, water?” I had to bite my lip to prevent the laughter bubbling up and sincerely declined her offer thinking.

In an attempt to look professional, instead of checking my phone, I pulled out my iPad. I immediately check the wifi connection, quietly elated that it is not password blocked, and I quickly peeked into my social networking accounts to relax a bit. Posting something clever and witty is kind of my thing so of course I post an impromptu quip “Job interviews and anxiety are the equivalent threat of almost drowning while receiving water torture, you’re not sure which will kill you first but you can consider yourself lucky if you don’t have to pee while you are enduring either one.” On that note I make a mental assessment, as to if I do in fact actually have to use the lavatory, and decide that all is good and move on to peruse what everyone else is posting.

My peripheral vision registers people moving in and out of the building. I am obviously the only applicant here for an interview as everyone else has a destination and proceeds to and from the building in an expeditious manner. I can hear the receptionist cheerily greeting some while somber and professionally greeting others. I wonder if she knows how obvious she is being with her tone of voice. She was currently in flirtatious mode and whoever she was trying her hardest with wasn’t even speaking to her. Poor girl, the least he could do is acknowledge her! I go to look up and suddenly from the opposite direction I hear my name called and turn my head too quickly to see the object of her affection.

Quickly stowing my iPad back into my purse I rise, hand outstretched to shake Mr. Grossman’s hand firmly. “Hello Sir, thank you for this opportunity.” I smile brightly at the man who looks a bit too much like Jerry from “Parks and Recreation” which only made me wish he looked more like Ron Swanson. ‘Now him I would like’ I think to myself and smirk. “Please, follow me Ms. Date.” Jerry explained that the majority of the administration staff is housed in this building and that the IT department handles all of the campus technology needs. There would be a certain amount of traveling from building to building and I finally saw my ray of sunshine. Getting out from behind a desk once in a while, what a refreshing change! ‘I have to nail this interview’ I realized just as we reached the door to the conference room. I take a deep breath and step into the gauntlet.


Watching her disappear through the doors he realizes that she is temporarily gone. ‘What if she knows where she is going and I lose her?’ ‘What if she is waiting for me in my office?’ His cock tightens further at the thought and his feet pick up their pace. He reaches for the door winded for a brief moment but more anxious than out of shape. Taking the time to collect himself he opens the door, holds it curtiously for a colleague then follows their path to the receptionist.

It was a mistake, in his opinion, to have flirted with her at that office party but in his defense the alcohol was mostly to blame and he wasn’t the one drinking that night. Ever since then she has had her hopes up and unfortunately they had to interact on a daily basis. Today was no different as she saw his face and she brightened up like a freshly lit Christmas tree and her voice lifted by at least an octave. Scanning the room for the woman who had him captivated, he found her with her head down writing intently on her tablet. ‘I wonder if she is messaging me’ he thought as the hopeful girl behind him tried earnestly to attract his attention.

Just as he thought his intent stare would will her to look up Grossman from IT summoned her from the opposite direction. Flustered she quickly returned her iPad to her purse and stretched her arm out to shake his hand. The hand he had imagined touching his cock, rubbing his chest, pulling his ass anxiously into her waiting mouth was shaking Grossman’s hand and his anger surged momentarily. Checking his emotions firmly, for the professional contact that it was, he watched as they animatedly walked off toward the department he now realized she was interviewing for. Reviewing the possibility of working on the same campus came a variety of pros and cons but the only that continued to pop up was ‘I wonder how many times in a day can I get IT to visit my office?’


The interview was surprisingly comfortable and easy. Jerry was kind, open and excited to have me on board. He disclosed that all of the previous applicants fell short in some way and due to that fact saw no need for a second interview. I was so overjoyed I almost hugged him but instead just beamed from ear to ear thanking him, promising to not disappoint him. Exiting the room I requested directions to the nearest ladies room and shook his hand again saying “I will see you Monday morning!”

The rest room was quite a bit farther down the corridor so I felt safe enough to do a little dance knowing that Mr. Grossman had headed back in the opposite direction. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Besides, they will figure out soon enough who I am but for right now I was a stranger to everyone present.

I enthusiastically pushed open the door to the women’s room. A surge of thoughts entered my mind. ‘I could always move down here instead of commute.’ ‘I wonder how the housing market is right now.’ ‘I should get into the job first then explore the area decide if I want to relocate.’ ‘I wonder how often I will be able to sneak onto my social network since I will already be on the computer anyway?’ ‘I can’t believe I got the job!’ I quickly peed and washed my hands. Staring at my face in the mirror I felt like I was glowing. My smile was bright, my body full of energy practically bursting with joy I started jumping up and down and let out a loud excited squeek.

Hearing the door open abruptly I immediately stopped, lowered my eyes and pretended I wasn’t just doing a happy dance. Whoever entered just stood there. I nervously rewashed my hands, pulled the paper towels to dry them again and felt awkward knowing that the person was still standing there. ‘What the fuck is she waiting for? All of the stalls are open and available.’ Then I noticed the shoes. ‘Those are not women’s shoes.’ I abruptly looked up and into the face of the man who had commanded me to cum for the last several weeks over the phone and the floor lost its solid state just as I heard the bolt on the door click home.


Waiting patiently, well not so much patiently as pacing irritatedly back and forth past the conference room she and Grossman were animatedly chatting away, he began to let his mind wander. ‘All of the other candidates were obvious idiots compared to this woman, of course Grossman was going to offer her the job.’ ‘What the fuck is going on in there?’ ‘Why are they laughing so much, it is IT for fuck sake.’ ‘Who laughs this much in an interview?’ ‘She had better not be flirting with him.’ ‘I bet he wants to fuck her… no no no Grossman is a good man, a family man.’ He recognized the deterioration of his thoughts and took several deep breaths.

Realizing that she still had no idea that this was his turf he knew that his next move, before she could escape, would be to make his presence known. He had been upping the ante of their online conversations, stirring her tighter and tighter. He knew she loved his rules and strictness and she was opening up more with each dialogue exchange. She had already let slip her real name, accidentally, and he used it at every opportunity to heighten their connection. He also knew she was job searching but never imagined she would venture this far, but now that she was here and no longer safely behind a computer or a blocked cell phone number he was finally at an advantage.

From the end of the hall he watched the two exit the room, again shake hands and heard her say brightly “I will see you Monday morning!” Of course she got the job. Instead of walking toward him though he saw Grossman approach and her turn in the opposite direction going deeper into the building. He nodded to the man in passing and pursued his quarry, realizing that she was headed for the ladies. ‘Holy shit is she dancing?’ as he watched her disappear into the next room.

Waiting again, outside another door, he paced a bit closer this time. She wouldn’t be in there long. He heard the toilet flush, the water run then nothing. ‘Where is she?’ Being in a more remote part of the building, very few staff occupied this area since it was mainly dedicated to conference rooms and storage. His normally ample supply of patience was already down to its last few grains of sand that when he heard a high pitch sound from in the bathroom he abandoned all decorum and barged in.

He caught a glimpse of her jumping up and down with a simultanious view front and back since she was facing a mirror with her full breasts bouncing, her ass shaking and a smile plastered on her face. Once the door hit the wall she immediately stopped and pretended that she wasn’t just wildly dancing about. She began to rewash her hands and he notices that she has her eyes cast down to avoid unwanted eye contact. ‘So alluringly submissive, even in the presence of strangers!’ His cock stiffened again after having finally regained control. There was no other exit to the room so he waited for her to complete the ritual.

Waiting for her to turn, to notice that he was not just another woman in to use to facilities he stared at her long dark curly hair pulled tight into a bun and imagined it cascading around her shoulders. Her body stiffened when she realized that the person occupying the space with her was not a woman but a man and he reached behind him securing their privacy, locking the door, just as their eyes met and recognition hit her.


My eyes went wide, my heart rate sped up and I felt like my entire body went hyper sensitive. I could hear every breath, feel the slightest shift in the air and he just stood there staring at me as if waiting for me to decide what to do next. I am not typically the aggressive type but with all of the pent up energy from the successful interview I dropped my purse, stepped forward, pressed my body into his and pulled his lips down to mine. Once in his arms, he wasted no time taking the upperhand swinging me about so that my back was now to the door and his body ground hard into my own. My arms wrapped around his neck and was coupled by encouraging moans as our tongues delved deep intermingling with lips and skin trying to devour one another. ‘Could this day get any more perfect?’ I thought. Then it hit me.

I pulled back suddenly, trying to put a lid on my voracious appetite for a moment to ask “What are you doing here? How is this happening right now? Oh god, what are you doing with your tongue? Mmmmmm, right there… oh yes.” I was drowning in the sensations of his mouth, which after leaving mine had traveled south to my neck, nibbled on my shoulder and currently had both breasts out with one nipple deep in his mouth and the other being roughly groaped, teased and tweeked by his other hand.

My head hit the door with a thud which, in turn, startled him into thinking someone was knocking and he stepped back abruptly. Leaning heavily on the door breathlessly panting, with breasts exposed and heaving, my heavy eye lids held his as his rumpled suit and clearly shaken countanance he first said “Are you OK?” A slow smile crossed my face and I nodded. He reapproached me and gently put me back together, mindful to pinch and caress my skin while a low moan rumbled in his throat as he did so. “I have a meeting in 30 minutes,” my heart fell for a half a second “but after that the rest of my day is open and I would like to take you to lunch and see where the day goes from there.” he said, refreshing my elated state. Then his voice lowered and his eyes dialated as he continued to say “But before any of that I need to hear AND see you cum.”

A rash of goose pimples spread across my skin, my throat tightened and all I could do was stand there mouth agape staring at him. “Take off your panties… Now.” I stooped down, drew my hands up my thighs on the underside of my dress, put my thumbs in the waistline of my thong and pulled them off seductively. “Now go over to the sink, sit up on the counter and spread your legs wide for me.” A bit more hesitant, but still compliant, I walked over and did as he commanded. He watched from across the room as I obeyed. “Wider.” I placed my feet on the edge of the countertop with my back against the wall length mirror and a sink to either side of my hips. “Good girl. Now, I want you to take your middle finger, push it deep inside several times then when it is good and wet begin to circle your clit slowly. Do it now.”

As I began my task, I heard his zipper lower and watched from across the room as he pulled out his hard cock watching my hand moved skillfully and purposefully to fullfill his instruction. His hand stroked his hard member equally as slowly as my own was roaming my wet aroused flesh on display for him. My arousal grew as I watched him pleasuring himself to watching me pleasure myself. I could feel my spring tighten. Each breath I took seemed to echo off of the the walls. His hand had picked up speed as had my own to match. I moaned as I got closer. I could see the precum gathering at the head of his cock. “I want you inside me… please…. I’m so close.”

With those words hanging in the air he asked “Do you have your toy?” Nodding I said, “In my purse.” He leaned down, never taking his eyes off of me, pulled out the instrument, that had been the buzzing purple replacement for his own hard cock all these weeks, and handed it to me before he said “I’ve been waiting a long time to watch you cum for me. Show me. Show me how you have been fucking yourself.” I placed the rubbery tool at my aching entrance and he growled “Now, Turn. It. On.” I nodded and said “Yes Sir” Immediately building my climax tighter and and tighter, with the internal stimulation I now felt the dual orgasm change and speed up.

I again watched his hand move back and forth over his own purpling head, from squeezing and pulling his beautifully aroused member. And then his voice started saying all of the wonderfully dirty things he would whisper in my ear. Telling me what he was going to do to me later. How hard he was going to spank me for not telling him I was to interview here. How deep he was going to fuck me bent over his desk when he gets back from his meeting. How hot I looked fucking myself for him… and then it was crashing over me. I cried out over and over trying desparately not to scream as I came hard while watching him follow close behind me.

It was then, as I sat there recovering from my improvisational erotic adventure, that my brain finally kicked in and started to chide me for my behavior. Thoughts like ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ ‘You JUST got hired and you TRYING to get fired the same day?’ I closed my eyes and closed my legs curling up on the counter realizing what I just done, something I had not done before for anyone. Then I felt his arms come around me and his voice whisper “You are so sexy. Thank you.” His words halted my negative thoughts. Helping me down from the counter he took my hand, led me to the door and said, “Now you are coming with me to my office to wait while I am in that meeting, because when I get back we have a lot to discuss.” Picking up my underwear off the floor “Oh and these are mine now… just like you.”

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