Doubleife – Because one life is never enough

Carpe Diem

Anticipated Connection

We’d been messaging back and forth for some time. It is absurd of me to think that I know a man I’ve never met, to assume you are anything more than a mystery to me, but I am a wistful romantic optimist to a fault. It is why my heart is always so open, why I feel so deeply and why I long to experience positive anxiety and anticipation like a drug. Just reading the words you write sends a thrill down my spine and I am yours every moment our time coincides. The impulse to buy the plane ticket was completely that, a hopeful spontaneous idea. I knew your schedule yet my confidence, that it would remain in place, wavered many times over the few weeks between my purchase and the departure date. I was helpless to the tumultuous emotions that wracked my brain and body as the evening  before the flight approached.  Taking a sleep aid on the final night, begging for the sleep I knew I would need, I fell into a deep dream filled darkness that engulfed my senses like a sweet tangy molasses swallowing my consciousness.

Dressed comfortably, the next morning, so that I could navigate the airport I arrived with ample time to deal with the lines. I couldn’t help but ask myself ‘What the hell was I thinking scheduling a flight on a Monday morning?’ Looking around, I think everyone around me is a business executive commuting to their destination for the week and I feel intimidated being surrounded by the competitive air of money and commerce chit chat. My luggage easily accommodated and checked I waited anxiously in the terminal for my flight to be called for boarding. I couldn’t imagine dealing with this mess without a full night’s sleep and silently thanked the little pill that sent me to dreamland the night before.

Stepping off of the plane I can’t wait to see you. I know I have time. I have already found your hotel. It is the only one in town directly across the street from a pub; the one you frequently text me from. I’ve checked in already and I made sure my room is adjoining yours. It is amazing what the desk is capable of when you mention what you have planned for their favorite and most reliable guest. Oh yes, they have noticed you. In fact Julie, the cute girl behind the desk, happened to notice how big you are that day we were on the phone as you hurried to check in to play with me. She quietly asked if I had seen you so ,knowing what an exhibitionist you are, I pulled up one of my favorite pics of you and she practically drooled. I leaned in and asked her in a whisper when her shift was over… tonight is going to be a long night. I pop off to my room to shower and get ready. I was sure to wax the night before I left with my favorite beautician and now my legs and pussy are still sensitive and warm from the recent abuse. I slip into my new sheer mid-thigh blue dress with tiny flowers with a solid blue attached slip underneath. I had no clue how warm it would be here but I quickly realized that I won’t be needing the sweater I packed. After slathering my body in my favorite scented lotion, I grab my iPad and head for the pub. I know you’ll be there because you’d already told me that you needed a drink after your hard day. Relieved that our communication had been sparse today I am actually surprised that I have been able to keep my secret this long. I’ve been excited about this for weeks.

Sitting down at the far end of the bar, where no one will see the dirty things I am typing over my shoulder, I start messaging you all the things I would want to do to you IF I was there and not miles upon miles away. You are very busy but you message occasionally about how hot I am making you and that if I WAS there I would be in ‘Big Trouble’ right now which only makes me more nervous for your arrival. Five o’clock rolls around and you text that you are headed to the hotel to shower but will message me when you get to the pub. I blush but I can’t wait for you to notice me. My anxiety has built steadily this entire day but luckily the second glass of Reisling I have ordered is calming my nerves. I know it will be some time between your commute from the jobsite to the hotel and your shower so I settle back into my writing. As I weave one of my torrid erotica stories from my imagination I wind up smiling to myself as I fidget in my seat.

I am so absorbed by the scene I am writing that when a man takes the barstool next to me I ignore his presence for the roll that I am on. I am quoting you in the story when I hear the voice of the man to my right order a beer and ‘another drink for the lady’ in Your voice. My face flushes as I look up to see your face filled with a heady mixture of lust and joy. Before I can say a word you grab my face and kiss me passionately right there in front of everyone! When you finally let me go I am left panting and embarrassed. I am not used to public displays of affection. Quickly looking around I realize why you came right to me. Only 3 other patrons occupy the pub and they are each scattered at the tables with no one at the bar. All I can do is stare into your eyes and smile. My shyness abates knowing the audience is sparce until I remember how wet I am from the scene I was just writing and my lids lower again, this time in internal embarrassment.

“What do we have here?” You grab my iPad and begin reading before I can grab it back. My cheeks begin to flame and the wine has already gotten them quite rosy. Holding up your hand you growl “You will sit there like a good girl, drink that glass of wine and let me read in peace… or else.” I bite my lips between my teeth and pout as I quietly glance around the bar again. A couple has entered and the sexy bartender is leaning in chatting them up.  I see you adjust yourself in your seat and glance down to see that yes you are indeed already hard. Seeing your hand on your cock, even if it is only on the outside of your jeans, has my mouth watering. Catching me staring you lean in and whisper “My girl is wet after writing all of this isn’t she?” I quickly look away and say shakily “Yes Sir” Pulling my chin up so that you can look into my eyes you insist “NO… tell me.” I repeat with a slight bit more volume “Yes Sir, writing that made me very wet.” Satisfied you lean back “Good because we are both going to suffer as we sit here because I’m hungry for dinner after skipping my lunch today in order to give you Sir time. This is part of your punishment for not telling me you were coming down.” Remembering the orgasm I had in the bathroom of the airplane with you coaxing me through the phone rushed back suddenly. I am positive everyone heard me but had I held back you would have know something was different. I can deal with that but knowing it was only partial payment had me curious what the other punishment would be.

Flagging down the attractive bartender you announce “Jennifer, we are going to sit at the back booth. Would you please bring us some menus, me another beer and bring the lady another glass of wine darlin’?” She cheerfully nods as you escort me closely from the barstool to the seemingly secluded half circle booth. I slide into the padded seat and moved to the back of the table as you glide in behind me. Grabbing my thigh you say “That’s far enough.” and leave your firm hand on my fiery skin.

I am panting and aroused by your touch but I am trying to remember this is a punishment not a reward but it’s not working. I want your hand to slide up, caress my panties, slide them aside and slip your fingers inside me but your hand just stays excruciatingly put. Jennifer brings our drinks and menus and you order immediately for both of us. Two Prime Rib dinners both with  Baked Potatoes and the house salad. Oh fuck I love that you ordered that. Then you look directly at me and say “If I am going to working on you all night, I am going to have a decent meal.” “Of course Sir. I love Prime Rib!” “I know you do baby, that’s why I ordered it.” Your hand eases up its clamping hold and gently strokes my thigh. I can feel that there is going to be a bruise but I am happy. As your hand moves back and forth you lean to me and say “Mmm smooth… is everywhere this smooth?” but before I can answer ‘Yes Sir’ you say “Nevermind, I’ll find out soon enough.” and my heart does a little flip in anticipation.

Our food is delivered along with 2 more drinks and by now I am feeling very relaxed. I am not a big drinker but despite the food I am getting quite intoxicated. I go to slide out of the other side of the booth only to have you clamp onto my thigh again and growl “Where do you think you’re going” “To the bathroom Sir?” “You’re mine now, you ask MY permission to leave my presence.” “May I go use the rest room please Sir?” I ask meekly. “Yes, but I expect you to return to the table and place you panties on the table, and don’t you dare touch that pussy, it’s mine now.” I stare at you for a moment and you say “Is there a problem?” “No Sir…” and your hand unclamps and I leave the table.

In the bathroom I am almost confused as to why I am there. I am pretty sure I’ve had at least 4 glasses of wine but all I can think about is the fact that I am not allowed to touch myself, and that only makes me want to more! My bladder speaks up and I realize ‘Right… I have to pee!’ and giggle at my forgetfulness. I pull my lacy panties down and know this is the last time I will see them. I kiss them affectionately good by, right on the wet spot that has collected and lick my lips to taste myself. Wadding them up into a ball in my fist I grab toilet paper and wipe myself slowly through the warm lubrication that has been collecting relishing the brief contact with my clit as I let go of the paper into the toilet, stand and then flush. I try to collect myself standing there with the close walls to steady my swaying just a bit due to the lack of equilibrium. I unclasp the latch and head back our table walking a bit more casually but also a bit more aroused.

I can feel the moisture build as my smooth wet lips feel the air flow across them in my short dress as I cross the floor to our table. I plop down in the booth and slowly slide in toward you. You begin to say “Did you forge..” when I slam the panties down, a little too loudly onto the table, making the silverware jump and the wine glass clink against your beer glass. “Hmmm… seems like you may have had enough to drink” and I giggle uncontrollably. “Is my girl drunk?” and I laugh uproariously. All that tension from my arousal is exploding out of me and had I not just peed I would have pissed my pants right then and there! “Hmmm… I like it when you’re happy. Want me to buy a bottle for the room?” I am finally catching my breath and nod with a giant grin on my face. “I’m going to go pay the bill stay right here” “Yes Sir.” I say as another giggle escapes.

I watch you up at the bar talking to Jennifer. You both look back at me and I realize my legs are apart and quickly close them. Mentally slapping myself I chide ‘What the hell Zoey… pull yourself together! You have big plans for this evening, now sober UP!’ Although I love feeling drunk I think it makes me look stupid and therefore I rarely drink. I am typically the designated driver but I didn’t need to drive anywhere. I only had to navigate my way across the street and to our rooms. You return to the table, bottle in hand with 2 wine glasses. Beaconing me to join you with your outstretched free arm I slide out once again, stand and become wrapped in your one armed embrace. I nuzzle your chest and you say “Come on I’ve got big plans for tonight and there are only so many hours before I have to be at work again.”

We cross the street, stroll through the double doors  Glancing over at the desk I wave enthusiastically at Julie behind the desk as she blatantly winks back at me smiling. I put my fingers up to my ear and mouth in the universal telephone sign and mouth very obviously ‘Call Me’ and she chuckles as she gives the thumbs up. Puzzled, you look down at me and ask “What was all that about?” but I just put my finger up to your lips and say “Shhhhh” and giggle. Ushering me down the hall to your room you swipe your keycard and enter the room dragging me roughly behind you. You slam the door behind you, put down the bottle and glasses and turn on me. “Now…” pinning me to the wall and towering over me you say “What was THAT all about?” I smirk up at you and say. “She likes you too so I asked what time she gets done work.” “Oh… is that all?” “Nope… she also put my room directly next to yours. Here’s my keycard …see for yourself.” Instead of taking the card you kiss me hard until I have dropped the card and  wrapped my arms around your neck, moaning into the tongue agressively taking my mouth.

When you release me all I can do I stand there against the wall panting. You march over to your bag and begin to riffle through it. Clearly dissatisfied with the contents, or lack there of, you throw the bag off of the bed and march back over to me, grab the hem of my dress and yank it over my head. The fact that the dress remained in one piece had me stunned. Standing there in my bra and heels I suddenly feel awkward that this is the first time you are seeing my body in it’s entirety. “Take off the bra… now” you growl. I quickly unhook and remove the blue plunge number that is the last piece of material coving my 44DDD breasts.  They descend from their support as my nipples harden further. “Now get over here and kneel down.” I watch hungrily as you take out your cock and stroke yourself and I wonder if you’ve been as hard as I have been wet this entire evening. I can feel my mouth water to have you in my mouth and look up. The smirk on your face is a sure sign that I will not be going lightly into the the learned art of deep throating… nope I am about to get a crash course.

“Open those lips baby, I want to feel your mouth wrapped around this this cock.” Parting my lips you place your fisted cock against my mouth and slowly push in. Stretching my mouth open for you my tongue moves seductively over the sensitive underside. I instinctively press the back of my tongue against the top of my palette to close off access to my throat. I hear you say “Oh no you don’t.” as you withdraw and plunge your cock right past my defense and rock back and forth right there, deep in my mouth. I’ve never done this before and I am already gagging and my eyes tearing. If I wore mascara it would be running down my face. “Good girl” you say as you give me air and move more freely in and out of my mouth. As I get more comfortable I begin to suck and enjoy my new oral pleasure skills.

You pull out of my mouth and I lean in for more. “Not yet, you are still due for some punishment.” I look up into his eyes as you take my hand and lead me to the bed. “I am going to sit against the headboard and you are going to lay across my lap.” Again, I know this is not going to be a gentle introduction into being spanked. Once you are positioned I crawl slowly toward you, ass in the air, hoping to entice you to do other things. Once I am over your lap you ask me to part my legs. I do so eagerly but instead of touching my dripping pussy you place your leg over the leg farthest from you and I fall into your lap trapped by your thigh one over one under. Your hand landing on my ass is startling and stings making me jump. Instead of starting out slow and building up to a steady burn you go all out spanking each cheek equally to ensure my entire ass is on fire. I silently thank the gods that I have a big ass and that your hand never falls in the same place two times in a row.

My voice has gone from yelps to moans, your hand has finally slowed and is alternately massaging and spanking closer and closer to my aching flesh. I feel a probing finger swipe through my wetness and delve into me. Hearing my gasp you say “Does my girl like that?” “Yes Sir… that feels so good Sir.” “You took your punishment very well. Would you like me to reward you?” “Oh YES Sir… please.” “I want to taste you Zoey. Roll over and lay down on the bed and spread your legs wide for me.” I quickly comply as adrenaline courses through my bloodstream. I can smell my own arousal filling the close space now that my legs are prone to you.

Your fingers slowly separate the folds until you can see the glistening pink lips and tiny bud peeking out. You swirl around the nub with the tip of your tongue until I am helplessly arching to meet your tongue. Pulling away you take a broad full lick of my vulva as if you were lapping at a big broad lollypop. It is then that I feel your fingers begin to work, delving in and out of me pulling and spreading the wetness you are producing, massaging my g-spot and lightly teasing over my tight little hole making it pucker and spasm. Moaning and gasping louder and louder with yours fingers and tongue against my skin I am so close. “Is my girl going to cum?” The air is sawing in and out of my lungs and between breaths I say “Yes Sir… I am so close.” “Tell me before you cum… understand?” “Yes Sir…. I will… please don’t stop…. OH GOD!” You begin sucking on my clit and finger fucking my pussy hard. “NOW Sir… I am going to cum NOW… AHH GOD!!!!” “Good Girl, cum for me Zoey. Cum for your Sir.” And I am over the edge screaming the entire way.

“I know what you need now baby. You want Sir to fuck that throbbing pussy don’t you?” “YES SIR… YES… PLEASE. PLEASE FUCK ME. FUCK ME NOW… PLEASE!!!” And you whisper in my ear “I love hearing you beg.” as your cock lunges into my spasming pussy. The climax you just gave me rushes back in and the hyper sensitive flesh clenches around you as you move deep and hard in and out of me. I can feel the twinge of pain I love as you hit the end fucking me with that big cock of yours. I can’t be quiet, I am moaning, screaming arching and thrashing feeling you everywhere. Your mouth on my nipples sucking hard, your hands restraining my arms, your legs thrusting back and forth as I wrap one around your ass and the other presses down on the bed to meet every thrust halfway, making the slapping sound that much louder.

“Time to turn over baby.” You pull out of me and I am already whimpering as I quickly get on my hands and knees, ass in the air begging for you to be back inside me. Grabbing my hips you tell me “Hold on to the wall, otherwise I am going to fuck you into that headboard and I am not going to stop.” With that you slam into me and the feeling of your balls slapping against my clit and your cock hitting me full on is already building another more powerful climax I never could have expected. “You are going to cum again,” you order “and I am not going to cum until you do!” My head is swimming in an oxygen hyperventilated haze and then it is there, sudden and powerful and I am shaking and screaming and THAT is when you begin spanking my ass again as your cock grows even more and each spasm of sperm pumps deep inside me making my orgasm clench harder around your own swollen spent flesh.

Collapsing onto each other in a tangle of limbs and sweat, you look over at me and say “I am so proud of you baby…” All I can say is “Oh Thank you Sir, thank you thank you thank you!” as i try to catch my breath and get my heart to slow down. I am sore and euphoric. “Why don’t we order some dessert?” “OK” and I close my eyes to absorb the new skin I am in, the muscles I have used and assess what more we will be doing this evening. Smiling to myself I glance at the time and wonder if the girl at the desk will call…

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