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Carpe Diem

Chasing a Gypsy

Sitting at her table, scanning the faces of the vacationers milling about the boardwalk, she knew he was coming for her. The signs were all there, so all she needed to do was wait. A young couple wandered over to her, from the beach, giggling and carrying on. She knew her business was a joke to most people but it paid the bills. They sat down and said, in a sarcastic tone, “Madam Zoey, tell us our fuuuture.” then laughed again. She scoffed at their disrespect and decided to mess with them. Taking the hand of the young girl she yanked, jerking her arm roughly, throwing the girl off balance. “Oh sorry,” Zoey said sincerely, because she always immediately regretted her actions if they were not kind. Saying a quick prayer in her head that her actions were not too severely punished she proceeded to concentrate on the lines of the young girl’s palm.

“You wanted a palm reading, Yes?” Zoey laid on her Romani accent thick for effect… ‘Tourists’ she thought quickly. The girl quickly glanced up to her boyfriend who in turn narrowed his eyes at Zoey and said “How Much?” “For you?More than a Hex but less than a Spell” she replied snarkily, ‘Oops better say another prayer. I seem to be on a roll today’ she quickly thought. With that he grabbed his girlfriend by the arm, yanked her up saying “Com’on Baby, this is all a bunch of bullshit. Let’s go back to my crib. I got something special for you.” His girlfriend’s eye widened as she got excited and hopped in place drawing his eyes to her perky breasts. Little did she know that when he got her home he was going to make her blow him and then spend the rest of the day getting high and making her cook. Sadly she thought he actually had a present for her for the first time in the 3 months since they’d been exclusive… well since she’d been exclusive. Zoey shook her head and cleared her mind shaking loose the mental image of disappointment on the girl’s face. Praying again the girl comes to her senses quick, she knew full well the reason the girl stayed. Zoey grinned to herself while she watched them have energetic sex until they were just far enough away that the image finally dropped.

As the afternoon crested a man with a strange look on his face approached. “You can see the future right?” he ordered more than asked. “Sometimes” Zoey said in all honesty. She didn’t want to mislead him, but at the same time, she knew when to tell people what they wanted to hear and when to tell them what they needed to hear. “Please sit,” deciding to forgo her accent she gestured to the folding chair across from her. “Tell me,” he said “Tell me what you see.” She could feel his tension radiating off of him in waves and it washed over her skin like acid. ‘This one is going to hurt’ she thought to herself. “OK, relax. Give me your hand and I will try.” Taking his hand knocked the wind out of her lungs as if she had fallen from a galloping horse. She tried to remain calm despite her oxygen deprived gasping and as a result the burning sensation from his anxiety ratcheted up. “Sorry, I have difficulty with the heat, it will pass in a moment.” This eased him and said “Yeah, it’s hot alright.”

Coping with the pain Zoey took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. Although she saw everything clearly in her mind with her eyes open it was better to close them and not give away her expression as the disturbing images flooded her mind. A butcher knife followed by a hastily dug grave in a remote cemetery jumped into her mind. Her gorge rose and she choked down the bile and said “I am seeing a garden, freshly planted. Are you planning to start growing your own vegetables?” She felt his hand grip hers and heard him ask “Anything else?” She needed him to leave as soon as possible and answered “No, not really. I’m also not feeling particularly well and that can affect how I see things.” When she opened her eyes she tried to look as nonchalant as possible in her condition “Oh” was all he said. Releasing her hand he threw down twenty bucks and stormed off as heard him think ‘She’s fucking hack job!’ then laugh internally at his own joke. ‘Oh please tell me he goes to prison soon’ she desperately thought, and just before he was out of range she witnessed his arrest and took a breath of relief as her skin finally stopped burning.

Zoey scanned the barely clothed tanned bodies strolling by her booth. She debated closing but that would send a clear signal that something was wrong and she had no intention of drawing that kind of attention. Casting another harmless prayer out she resolved to be done for the day without having to leave. With a line of salt drawn around the perimeter of her booth and a cut apple laid out at either side the doorway she ensured her privacy and protection for the remaining hours. People passed by, glanced in but kept moving. Recovering herself she set to knitting. It was a therapeutic distraction to all of the minds swimming in and out of her periphery and being the scofflaw that she was she always got a kick out of the silent reactions to each yarn bomb she installed throughout the city. Some areas even left her colorful decorations up for everyone to enjoy while other areas immediately cut her creations away. What they didn’t know was that each one was woven with a special well wish and those that took it upon themselves to remove her knitted or crocheted pieces were blessed which always made her smile.

As evening approached Zoey knew she was being watched. She remained calm knowing her strengths, packed away her items, gathered her keys and crossed the threshold passing out of her protective circle. The beach was empty except for a few old men sweeping their own areas with metal detectors. Watching their methodical traipsing lulled her nerves and she smiled knowing the treasure trove each would find. Aware she would be followed she approached the people surrounding the saxophone street performer. His case was filled with gratuity, reflecting his talent but before he finished his set she felt his presence move closer. Taking a deep breath she knew it would be easier if she simply submitted but she found the chase so much more fun. Zoey knew her 5’4″ height was an advantage in large crowds and edged toward the thickest part of the crowd. Once in the thick of them she bent down under the pretense of tying her shoes but instead took down her hair, removed her vest and stashed her sarong skirt into her big bag with everything else. As she came back up her tank top and shorts helped her blend with the other day-trippers. She casually strolled out of the mob now applauding and cheering the musician. She felt a sense of confusion and as her distance grew a faint sense of his panic.

She smiled to herself for escaping his clutches once again. She would allow him to catch her another time, tonight she had plans. Descending the nearest ramp off of the boardwalk she headed for her cottage. The cool night air lifted her spirit and the presence of fireflies made her walk a playful game. Zoey stepped into a fenced in open lot to appreciate the dance of the bioluminescent beetles gathered in greater multitude due to the low wind and high unkept grass. Crossing to the middle of the impromptu meadow she sat to silently absorb herself in the spontaneous light show. Delicate wings whispered past her ears, tickling her neck and landing on the top of her breast. Engrossed in the gentle glow against her sensitive skin, the insect roamed her exposed cleavage. “Thought you slipped away from me didn’t you?” he whispered into her ear before he bit her lobe then kissed his way down her throat from behind.

Zoey closed her eyes and smiled, inhaling his intoxicating scent and feeling his warm tongue suck at her jugular. The sensation of his mouth in that precise location sent his hand, as well as lightening nerve,s flaring down her belly to her sensitive mound. It was as if he could follow every electrochemical wave and intensify it with his tactile pressure. A faint searing on her flesh seemed completely out of place but it’s magnitude grew. She opened her eyes to notice eerily that the entire meadow was now black and devoid of the dancing light. She gasped, held her breath and froze. “Tell me…” he tried to ask but she placed her hand quickly over his mouth and pulled him down into the tall grass as her panic rose and her body shook in terror. Engulfing her in his arms, they lay still and silent for long minutes until her skin finally cooled and she began to breathe normally again. It was then that she broke, sobbing loudly and uncontrollably. His body stiffened at the realization then growled “Who is hunting you?” “A man came into my booth today” her breath caught again on another sob. “What did you see?” he demanded. “I can’t… it was awful.” With that he quickly got up and pulled her with him. Surprised and reluctant to leave their natural sanctuary she pulled against his grasp.”Where are you taking me?” “You know I will protect you at all costs, I intend to take you home with me. I should have done this the last time you ran.” She stopped fighting his grip and chuffed at his impression that he could ‘make’ her do anything she didn’t already want to.

Sensing her inner battle and fueling a need to save her from herself he released her arm and wrapped his arm around her shoulder for comfort as much for her as for him. They covered the several blocks to his home in a flight her feet willingly flew across in terror. “Do you feel anything?” he asked looking up and down the street. Zoey closed her eyes and pushed her senses out. All that met her was the inane chatter of normalcy. Concentrating on the periphery she felt the hunter’s presence but it was not in the immediate vicinity. “He’s not close but he is still looking” she finally said. “That settles it you are definitely not going home tonight. Don’t make me tie you to the bed.” A little smirk crossed her face as she looked up at his brooding countenance. His mood lightened a fraction when he saw the look in her eye and said “Get your ass inside and I’ll think about it.” A full smile broke across her face knowing that he was more than thinking about it by now. Running up the porch steps to the door it was open by the time she reached for it. “I love it when you do that” she smiled back at him.

Crossing the threshold, she felt the barrier close behind her securing the property from intruders. The shore house was secure and climate controlled. The sweat from the day chilled her skin and a spontaneous shiver spun through her body from her shoulders to her ass. When her shorts stopped shimmying his hand landed in a loud crack across her round cheeks. The yelp and jump the smack elicited caught Zoey off guard. He was the only one who could do that to her and she relished the sensation of being unprepared. Too many predictable factors had left her craving spontaneity like a drug. She spun on him, eyes wide waiting for the next surprise. “Like that did you?” Narrowing her eyes at him she asked “How do you do that?” Smirking down at her, knowing full well she was more unnerved than angry, he goaded her saying “Do what?” Swooping in and surprising her with a hard kiss and tipping her off balance. “That… catch me off guard. No one can do that with me but you.” She said with honest reverence for his ability. “Good, because I don’t ever want there to be anyone else who can. You’re mine.” Her heart swelled with the words he had spoken. “As for how I do it… telling you would simply ruin the fun now wouldn’t it?” She knew he was right. The moment he explained it to her she would have the key to his secret, the marvel would all disappear and his intentions would become as transparent as all of the other minds walking in and out of her head. It was then that she noticed how surprisingly quiet her mind was. Alone with just her own thoughts in her mind she closed her eyes and relished in the silence taking a deep cleansing breath.

The silk that slipped across her face covering her eyes was smooth but tied tightly to prevent slipping. Zoey gasped in surprise as much as excitement. “This will help” he whispered in her ear just before he placed a set of earbuds in. Trying to sense his position, all she had to go on now was her sense of smell and touch. Having never been so devoid of her own highly acute faculties her thoughts slowly built upon one another like a stack of assembled Jenga® blocks and he pulled and poked at each founding block. She tried to differentiate between his mind’s touch and his fingers. Sensations danced over her skin and a fine sheen of perspiration beaded on her brow as a result of his indulgences. Reaching out for his support her legs wavered beneath her as a result of his gifts crashing through her easily bringing her first orgasm.

Her body left the floor as his arms scooped her up and hugged her to his chest carrying her away into the next room. The feeling of floating was magical like her corporeal form had evaporated and the weightlessness was so overwhelming that she clutched him tightly so as not to drift off like a ghost. She needed a firmer grip, his strength, psychologically as much as physically and just as she opened her mouth to voice her needs his tongue slipped into her mouth in a long luxurious kiss. Her body lowered to the mattress followed by his own. His cock entered her with a deep thrust. The passion building again, her recent climax heightened and expanded spiraled outward in tendrils until her lungs struggled to fill. His touch was all encompassing. Not an inch of skin was untouched by either his mind or his body until she screamed “YES… I AM YOURS… ah GOD no one else..” before she was babbling nonsensically bucking and writhing in an over-sensitized wash of flesh tensing to the point of pain and his own climax engulfed her as he opened his mind to her in that vulnerable moment. His defenses dropped, his primal instinct appeased by her words and their connection intensified to the point that lights flickered, fuses blew and car alarms tripped as the electromagnetic pulse rushed from the epicenter of their bodies. 

As her body and mind recovered from the explosion he rolled to his back pulling her over to hold her close against his side. The stresses of her day weighed heavily on her, pulling her under as she drowned in the physical and mental grief and pleasure. The shield was weaker now and she could feel the hunter searching but her exhaustion was too overwhelming to resist. “You’re safe” he whispered, feeling the shield thicken again and the block solidify against the world around them. A deep sigh was all he heard before her body succumbed to the tide of fatigue.

In the morning Zoey awoke deeply rested for the first time in her life. ‘I could get used to this’ she thought. Sneaking out of his grasp and skating across the floor in her bare feet she wandered out into the living room. Cocking her head she stared at the most prominent and most curious furniture in the room a heavy duty Singer sewing machine. Hanging off the plate stood a thin leather top, a sexy leather skirt and long thread up leather boots. She couldn’t resist and placed each one on her body. The fit was perfect ‘A second skin’ was the exact words that flooded her mind. Hearing the sheets stir in the next room she grabbed her bag that had dropped by the door. The sun was already up and she had to go start her day. The door was unlocked and her smile grew at his thorough confidence against intruders. ‘Now to see if outgoing traffic is as protected against as incoming’ she theorized. Opening the door, Zoey stepped out onto the porch and quietly returned the door to latch softly closed again. The world rushed in by the time she touched the concrete sidewalk like a blanket of information at her disposal. Everything was clear again and she strolled back to her booth on the boardwalk. It was early yet but if she could get there in time a young couple could really use her help. Sitting at her table, scanning the faces of the vacationers milling about the boardwalk, she knew he was coming for her.

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