Doubleife – Because one life is never enough

Carpe Diem


Evan reflected as she made her way to the club. She had been an early bloomer. Her physical development had been a source of unwanted attention and jealousy from both the boys and the girls in her class and it placed her in a very odd position at a very young age. In addition to her body’s changing awkwardness, she also remembered, that even back then, things would disappear then reappear inexplicably around her. Evan laughed at the first memory of realization when, one day her mind was wandering while staring at her classmate. She simply thought “I wonder what Phillip would look like without his glasses?” then poof they were gone, right in front of her eyes. Phillip turned just then pushed the invisible pair of glasses up his nose for comfort and surprisingly didn’t appear to be at all confused so she quickly wished them back, and with that thought they returned. Another day, while listening to an inordinately long lecture and suffering from a migraine, she cringed at the idea of dealing with the sound of chalk on a chalk board and miraculously every piece vanished. While the confused professor sought out a different solution, class was suspended and the students were asked to read quietly, much to her preference. Nothing was ever really gone, only invisible. The objects still had weight, mass and substance they were simply see-through until she decided to make them visible again. Evan knew the risks if she was distracted or inordinately stressed, as her abilities were more unpredictable in these moments, so she was always very careful, alert and focused.

Having developed her skills enough, with the simplicity of a thought her entire body could disappear. She was careful to act responsibly with her ability. She wasn’t a criminal. Most often though Evan used her skill for her own safety. The tricky part of choosing to be invisible was moving about in crowds or through public places in general. Evan would have to find privacy, to recover her visual state, anytime she needed move about heavily congested areas, simply to avoid collision. Despite her lack of appearance she was still human and bruised when struck abruptly by unsuspecting passers by. Not to mention the confusion on the faces of those colliding with an invisible solid object.

Finally a block from the club, she stepped into a secluded door vanished then continued passed the long line to the door, eluding the bouncer at a highly exclusive club she slipped in with a small tight group making their way inside. Once inside, Evan slid into the nearest alcove for the restrooms to reappear. As soon as she became visible a rather large man rounded the corner and knocked her to the floor. Sprawled and dazed, she thought, for a second, that she was still transparent yet he stood there staring down at her confused. “Where did you come from?” He genuinely sounded like he was accusing her of something. “I had taken a wrong turn, sorry.” Helping her to her feet swiftly his large hands had her up so fast she wobbled for a brief second. He immediately guided her back to the wall for better support and inspected her face closer than she was comfortable with. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have had so much to drink.” Evan instantly became indignant at his statement. She stiffened her spine, narrowed her eyes and pushed him back with her index finger poking repeatedly on his pectoral muscle as she made her point “How dare you! I just arrived. I haven’t had a drop to drink!” then stormed off.

In an offended rage she marched up to the bar, ordered a Long Island Iced tea, swallowed it down quickly and ordered another. With her second drink in hand made her way to a corner booth alone to enjoy her cocktail and continue to seethe. From her position in the club she could look out at the dance floor, observe the bar and see the door as well. A kind waiter noticed her empty glass and wandered over to offer her a fresh glass with a saucy wink. Her mood significantly improved, even if he was just flirting for a good tip, that by the time her third drink arrived her temper had completely abated. Evan found herself relaxing enough to enjoy the music she had originally come to this place for. Letting her eyes wander over the sea of bodies she noticed the rhythm of the patrons. Everyone seemed to move to the music. It was actually somewhat hypnotic, until she noticed one, very large customer, standing completely still staring openly and directly at her from the opposite end of the club. It was then that he held up his glass, of whatever he was drinking on the rocks, in acknowledgement and then took a sip.

Evan felt a suddenly sinking feeling under his intense gaze. People didn’t normally pay her any attention let alone stare at her. Evan simultaneously became intrigued by his interest. It wasn’t a glance, he was outright watching her every move. Embarrassed and strangely heated by his intensity she thought to herself ‘It might be time to go.’ As she stood, her head swam for a moment and she realized the 3 drinks were much stronger than she was used to. The fact that she rarely drank added to the intoxicating effects in having consumed more than her 5’4″ body could process.

She saw him push off the wall he was holding up with a smirk. Instead of making it obvious she was about to leave she quickly made her way to the alcove again but chose to duck to the right this time instead of the left, as she had before. As soon as she rounded the corner she vanished and under a second later he appeared. He spun around in confusion, since there was nowhere to go but the restrooms or outside through the emergency exit. Appalled, she watched him barge straight into the women’s room and followed curiously in his wake. He was greeted with the sound of a couple in the handicapped fucking loud and energetically. He actually opened the stall door, watched for a brief second, much to their own oblivion, then headed back out. She had to scurry out of his path to avoid getting knocked down again by his sheer size. Luckily she kept to wearing soft soled shoes, as to keep her foot steps silent.  She held her mouth as he passed trying in vain not to drunkenly giggle at his frustration. He whipped the door back open and glanced left then right then headed for the door outside.

“Where the hell did that hot little vixen go?” he said under his breath as he frowned. Since the path to the right lead to a closed alley she watched him march toward the street, glance back and forth then head to his right away from the club. Evan kept her distance but followed him down the street as he walked. She was no longer scared but and instead she was highly inquisitive about this man. What was it about him? Something about him drew her whether it was his size, his scent, his voice or the lethal combination of all three. The further they walked the more questions she had in her head. She allowed herself to become distracted enough to forget herself. When he suddenly turned and started in the opposite direction he stopped in his tracks and watched her walking straight for him in her distracted state. Evan looked up to see him staring straight at her and realized suddenly that she was now visible. Fuck …when did that happen? She must have been a bit more intoxicated than she thought

She quickly turned, to see if anyone around may have seen her reappear, but the street was deserted. At her sudden movement, he thought she was about to run and grabbed her to him from behind. Evan’s close proximity simply placed her closer to his manly smell as his hot breath fell on her ear as he whispered “I’ve been looking for you.” She didn’t resist his grip but lazily sagged against his chest with her back and sighed. His tension eased as he moved to put his arm around her and turned them both to walk back in the direction they had already been walking. Her heart sped up with, not only the pace he was setting but, the anticipation. ‘Where is he taking me?’ she asked herself. Evans feet became a bit tangled but he held her firmly keeping her from falling. He growled and for the second time that night said “Perhaps you shouldn’t have had so much to drink.” but this time he steered them both up to the side of a large building spun her and began kissing her as he walked her back into the wall.

Between the alcohol and the pheromones the heady mixture had Evan spinning out of control. She was not one for public displays but everything fell away as his tongue took her mouth by force. She couldn’t stop the involuntary moan that escaped her throat any more than she could stand without clutching him desperately about his broad shoulders. She heard footsteps heading in their direction and just as her spine stiffened he pulled away and took her with him again down the street, escorting her into a comfortable looking foyer, up an elevator then down a brief hall and into a spartan apartment. Once inside he closed an locked the door. Evan leaned against the door for support and with the sinking knowledge that she was in a stranger’s apartment yet that sobering effect was dampened by the hungry look in his eyes.

“Stay here” he said as he walked off into the apartment. Evan stood confused wondering what would be the best course of action. If she stayed, there was no doubt in her mind what he had planned to do with her. If she left she would be kicking herself for passing up an potential adventure she had never experienced. So instead of  deciding she did what she did best and made herself invisible. It was a sure way to see this man in his own environment without the risk. Evan moved off into his apartment a bit further to witness his reaction.

When he returned and saw her absent he uttered “That bad girl!” but composed himself quickly. He stalked about the rooms of his home slowly hoping to catch her wandering about but found her nowhere. “I will find you” he growled as he passed her for the fifth time traversing his dwelling searching top to bottom “I know you are still here.” Evan’s mind raced at that point “how could he know emphatically that she was indeed still there?” As if to answer her silent question he declared “The doors are locked and you would need the code or the key to enter or leave and since the key is now secured in my safe…” He left that to sink in as her heart froze and she swing around to see the 5 number non-electric industrial combination lock in the steel door. Reality sunk in at the thought of being caught in such close proximity to him. “Well it is up to you, little one, when you decide to show yourself, but the longer you wait…” He trailed off again leaving a very heavy yet mysterious threat that just drove her curiosity bonkers. “What would he do?”

Evan followed him to the bathroom where he started the shower and began peeling off layers of clothes. Her eyes widened as each stretch of skin was exposed to her. She held her mouth with her hand to prevent the gasp that she knew her lungs begged for. She could already see his obvious arousal behind his jeans and once they were gone their was nothing but skin. She approached as if being pulled as he stepped into the water stream and closed the glass door behind him. Evan stared, enraptured by his motions. She climbed up onto the counter next to the sink, sat there watching him for a few moments then suddenly grew embarrassed for watching what she slowly realized he was doing. Gradually in response to his own self stimulation she too became aroused, hiked her skirt up, pulled off her panties and timed her self pleasure to his pace. Evan closed her eyes as her mouth let out an involuntary moan. Less than a second later she felt a warm wet sensation as her fingers were arrested mid-stroke by a powerful set of hands around wrist. Her eyes opened to find herself staring down at not only her very visible body but also his mouth dancing and flicking over the now highly sensitive flesh, that she herself had brought to that state.

“I was wondering where you got off to” he rumbled, as his tongue continued it’s onslaught while his fingers teased and probed. Evan was overwhelmed by the sensations overloading her circuitry yet also realizing her weakness. He yanked up her shirt and roughly pulled out each of her breasts toying with them almost aggressively. Another much louder moan was rend from her vocal chords as his mouth and fingers picked up speed. “Cum for me” he demanded. Evan shook as the precipice rushed toward her and screamed as she came to the climax. When she opened her eyes he was staring directly at her face. “My turn” he said as he pulled her from the countertop and ushered her toward the bedroom, and more importantly the bed. Still a bit weak, once seated before him she became enraptured by the pulsing appendage before her. Leaning down she extended her tongue to lick and pull his cock into her mouth. Evan again closed her eyes to the sensations she was now delivering and felt his hands in her long hair massaging her scalp while directing his rhythm. The feel of his hips moving of their own accord renewed her arousal with a fierce awakening. She moaned knowing that not only was her own pleasure being recognized but that his was heightened by the vibrations of her vocal chords. As his member swelled even more Evan looked up to see his face just before he released warm jets of his climax into he mouth as she milked ever drop from him.

In a very sated state he turned and sat on the bed next to her and dropped back to lay face up as he recovered himself with one arm behind his head and the other wandering idly over her skin, exploring and familiarizing itself with her terraine. She rose to head back to the bathroom and he abruptly snagged her wrist. “Don’t you go disappearing on me again” he announced. She caught his meaning and her eyes widened in his knowledge. “How?” she left the question hang in the air without trying to imply that he knew her secret. Pulling her back to the bed, forcing her to lie back and positioning himself over her, he got down and whispered in her ear as he licked and kissed her lobe and neck “You, my dear, flicker when you cum.” Her spine stiffened as she realize that not only did he know but that she was firmly captive under his strength and body weight. “You won’t be hiding yourself from me again… understand?” Evan nodded slowly at the command he was placing before her. “Good girl” he said as he slid his newly aroused cock through her folds. She felt the desire to escape dissipate as he moved through her wetness. His body moved slightly to readjust his angle and lunged forward as she felt him rend her in two.

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