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Brushes aren’t just for Spanking

Standing in her local grocery store’s Shampoo and Conditioner isle she stood facing a small wall of hair accessories and brushes. Running her fingers affectionately over the rubber ridges she takes a pic of one out of three brushes he assigned for him to select from. Reviewing his words, despite the fact she had yet to hear his voice, “Choose three brushes with handles you can imagine putting into your pussy” and oh my …could she ever imagine feeling this one… little did she know how wrong she was. The other two, even worth looking at, had smooth ridgeless handle surfaces; one with a gel handle and one with a bulbous ended hard plastic handle. She sent the remaining pics he requested via phone, anxiously struggled for them to send and impatiently waited for him to receive them. She knew he was excited when he asked if she could buy two instead of just one. She wasn’t expecting that but was willing to negotiate for the one she wanted. Hovering awkwardly at the front of the store, mentally willing the cell service to transmit effectively, his answer came “Not the gel one.” Trying not to imagine what the register employees thought as the voted-out brush was returned back to its place and she strolled with more confidence through the store. Already she couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The next day she made sure she was available. Aside from a few obligations and the workload was light compared to most days. He emailed that he had a busy morning so planned for an afternoon rendezvous. Lunch came and went, she wrapped up my work for the afternoon and logged on. Unsure if she should call on him or if he intended to contact her, she wasn’t in the know of the protocol in these things. She tried to bide her time and heat things up by reading a favorite erotica story which worked very effectively in spurring impatience and with a new boldness simply stepped up and said “Sooo…?”

When he came online explaining via email that work that morning hadn’t gone as planned her heart fell. Her pussy was already aching for attention. It was kind of him to offer the opportunity to take care of her need without him, but that was not what she wanted. After politely declining with a “no thank you” she knew how important work was and told him as much. She decided to forgo the panties, that had already been removed in anticipation of their afternoon, and headed back to work and setting herself to some busy tasks to take her mind off of the topic now flooding her inner thighs.

The work was minimal and repetitive so she maintained their communication. She was sure to share her absent panty condition, hoping to insight a creative image of her dancing around my workplace, bending over to pick things up and generally revealing her ass as she saw fit, not that anyone was there to see, but that was not the point…oh wait is that a delivery truck? hehe. Nope. The conversation was sparse and weighted as the time wore on. With every passing moment the window of opportunity was closing and she came to accept it. There is always Thursday, next Monday…some other day. Then you said

“Screw it. get naked and grab your brushes. We will see how far we can get. My cock is hard and I need to use you.”

Dashing through the rooms to a quiet place, she had never been fully naked at work before, so she wasn’t sure about the idea, but he insisted. Stripping off her remaining clothes Skirt, Top and Bra and positioned on the floor seated on a soft towel, awaiting his instructions. She prayed that he would pick her favorite as the anticipation built but resolved that no matter which he picked she would be happy because he were playing with her.

“Grab the brush with the rubs on the handle and rub it up and down over your clit”

Already in her hand, she was quick to comply and eager to feel this texture on her sensitive nub. She slowly stirred her arousal back to the forefront. Pretty sure she had time now, that they had finally begun, she wanted to savor and reignite the fire started earlier.

She carefully followed every instruction, as if he were there, moving her fingers over her nipples tugging, pinching and fondling her breasts. Keeping pace with the brush alternately stimulating her clit and then rubbing it over her entrance, trying different angles but slowly building the sensitivity. Reading his instructions gradually fill the chat window on her computer screen she turned over the brush and tickled her pussy lips with the spokes of the brush.

“Now insert the tip of the brush handle just an inch, gently move, apply pressure and spread my moisture then returned to coasting over your clit.”

His thoughts, an extension of himself via the chat window she struggled to keep her eyes open enough to read, now had the handle sliding inch by slow inch into her waiting pussy. Feeling the rubber ridges stimulate and catch on her textured inner walls, she couldn’t slow down. Quickly accelerating on a path toward her climax her fingers found her clit as she moved the brush in and out faster and faster until the dam broke. The sudden gush was only the first of the pleasures and she sped up the pressure on her clit until the muscles spasms overtook her. Clutching the brush desperately, she came hard..

He went on to share his thoughts of how they would have progressed, had they been in person; encouraging her to play further as he spoke of well worded touches and lengthy tastes. She came again to the thought of his cock in her mouth as she sucked her own juices from the brush handle tonguing the ridges and valleys and as her fingers slid through the moist folds that he inspired to convulse so quickly after the first climax. Knowing she was multi-orgasmic he coaxed her to cum again and again typing what he knew she couldn’t resist reading, forcing her eyes to the screen for her next taste of his pleasure.

She slipped from the propped up position to the floor to lay sprawled and panting, she idly used the brush in her hand to toss the disheveled hair out of her eyes and reporting the results of his word craft. Here’s to a new respect for Hair Brushes!

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