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Fantasy Friday: Unscheduled Delivery

Standing at his door in my matching brown shirt, brown skirt and brown jacket, that I had carefully hand embroidered with the company’s logo, I was practically shaking with anticipation. The package and clipboard clutched to my breast tightly, as my finger paused over his doorbell. I glanced around to see if the neighbors were paying any attention to me. Having approached on foot from around the block without a truck, with his neighborhood being in the city, I was hoping I wasn’t too conspicuous. As I look first right then left I saw a few people down the block moving about, heading to and from the local bodega and the corner pharmacy, but other than that the street was not very active.

I knew he would be home. We had chatted online briefly yesterday about his physical therapy schedule the other day. My only concern was that he would be exhausted today. I knew his knee would be sore, and with the 2nd reconstructive surgery behind him, the recovery was going slow but steady. I enjoyed being supportive, but I was done waiting for our first meeting. We had discussed so many scenarios but schedule conflicts and distance played a huge role in our absence of face to face time.

I tried to picture his reaction. I had emailed very few pics and none of them showed my face and I had still not seen any images of him. I thought our first meeting would be more interesting that way. We had joked about, with the few pics I had already provided, if he would be able to recognize me in a crowded bar. He, of course, said “Yes, I would just look for the most nervous woman in the room.” He was right and that was exactly why I didn’t want that type of meeting. There were just too many possibilities and, although I don’t have trouble socializing, I would be a wreck knowing he would see me before I saw him. It was an unfair disadvantage.

As I rationalized my reason for standing at his door, I was simultaneously concerned he would be angry that I knew where he lived. It wasn’t as if he kept his information private. I am the farthest thing from a technophobe and with the internet at my fingertips it was hardly a challenge. We both knew each other’s real names, there was already a level of trust between us, but I still was unsure of that aspect. I was willing to walk away but his anger was the biggest risk. I squared my shoulders and pushed the button to the door bell and waited as my heart rate tripled.

As I stood there humming with excitement and a growing level of trepedation, I worried briefly that he had gone out. What if he was at the local park, or even at a neighbors house? He could even be on his back porch and not even hear the bell ring. I stepped back to look up and just as my ass bumped into the railing, at the end of the landing, the door whipped open. The man staring back at me was tall, ruggedly handsome and on his cell phone. As he glared down at me, he gestured for me to hand him the clipboard to sign, in order to receive his package. I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights until he said “Give me a minute I have to sign for a delivery… I don’t know what it is… Well give me a sec will you?” My heart was in my throat when he looked me in the eye and said “I’ll take that.” I handed over the clipboard without breaking eye contact. I was still reeling from hearing his voice for the first time when he said “Pen?” I frantically glanced around the ground. I could only guess that it must have fallen from the board on my walk over. Just as I began to apologize he popped back into the house with the clipboard still in his grip, in search of a pen. When he made it back to the door I began “I must have dropped it along the way. I am so sorr…” Handing me his pen and my clipboard back, he stopped me saying “Not a problem… Keep it.” I handed him the package still in my arms and said “Have a nice day!” as I quickly descended the steps to his door.

As I turned to walk away, as inconspicuously fast as possible, I heard the tearing of paper and his voice “I’m going to have to call you back… Something just came up… Look I’ve gotta go NOW… bye.” I had already turned the corner when I heard him curse loudly. I kept walking expeditiously, thinking he was in fact angry. I certainly had no intention of making him any madder. A woman across the street yelled “Wait!” but I was already approaching the next block that my vehicle was parked on. I was pretty sure I was not the person the woman was trying to summoned until I heard his voice again when he yelled “MISS!!! …STOP!” Startled, I turned to see him stalking toward me.

“Y..Y..Yes?” I turned and stood just yards from my car. Technically I could have sprinted and gotten inside my vehicle before he caught me, but my feet had turned to cement anchoring me to the spot. My body vibrated with anxiety and tension over his potential reaction. When he finally reached me I was once again speechless. His limp was not as pronounced as I expected it to be and he reached me in just a few more strides. Without even being winded he said “Thank you for stopping, I know you’re busy, but I need to know where you got this… There is no return address.” I just stood there, furrowing my brow, stupidly confused. ‘Of course there is no return address,’ I thought… then it clicked, my brain caught up, and my eyes went wide. I never thought to make it look like an actual delivery. I had only thought to include his name and address and dress the part of a delivery girl. As the seconds ticked by, I could almost pinpoint the moment his own mind put the puzzle together then looked me over with more scrutiny. “Come with me,” he said as he grabbed my hand and towed me back to his house. As I stumbled along, behind his surprisingly long gait, I tried to recover my tongue to get out “Ahh..” To which he simply glared back at my bouncing form hungrily and said “No.” A few of the neighbors had wandered out to join the woman across the street and watch the scene he was causing, but I was too stunned to care.

Dragging me back up the concrete steps to his door and straight into the house, he slammed the door behind us. He hadn’t let go of me yet and now had me backed up to the wall looming over me. He simply said “It’s you… You’re here.” I just stood there looking up at him trying to catch my breath. I tried again to make my tongue work “I…” but he swooped down to take my mouth with his. As his tongue danced over mine the deep satisfying moan from my throat was all it took to encourage his hands to explore my body. He pulled my hips into his and I felt him audibly growl as my body arched eagerly into his every touch.

With my jacket already on the floor, I could feel him tear at the buttons of my shirt. With his tongue still mingling with mine, my brain ceased to function properly. I felt my hands pull at his shirt seeking his flesh with as much enthusiasm as his own hands were roaming, pinching and squeezing over my skin. When his lips left mine I was gasping for air as his mouth sucked, kissed and bit its way along my jawline and throat. With his left hand he pulled my knee up to his hip and sunk into my open stance. Running his hand back up the back of my thigh he boldly caressed my panties now soaked in anticipation. He pressed firmly beneath the silk barrier sinking two fingers into me. I cried out feeling his digits move in deep firm strokes making a climax, I hadn’t know was already building, suddenly imminent.

I wrapped my leg higher practically climbing up his torso when he suddenly stopped and pulled back. In a deep determined voice I heard him say “I need to know that you’re sure.” Leaning against the wall, staring at him with heavy lids and breathless I said “I am here aren’t I?” He narrowed his eyes at my challenge “Only after making me chase you around the block and dragging you back here. Now, answer my question.” Feeling snarky and frustrated, that I wasn’t still being mauled, I shot back “Well maybe if you hadn’t been on the phone…” At which time he grabbed my arm and hauled me upstairs. I was going to have a bruise but I didn’t care. More action and less talk was fine with me. Yanking me down the hall to a bedroom he sat on the bed, which was just inside the door, then propelled me over his knee.

Startled at being in this unexpected position, I fought to right myself but he held me firmly. He threw up my pleated skirt with his other hand and landed a good hard slap to my left cheek. I cried out more startled than hurt. The next blow came quickly to my next cheek and he alternated, spanking my ass thoroughly, until I felt tears prick at my eyes and an even warmth spread from my burning cheeks to my heated core. “Now…” he said as he righted me, propping me onto his lap, from being over his knee “Tell me.” I sat there a moment, afraid to say something else that would tempt his hand further, and nodded meekly. He grabbed my lowered chin and gently pulled my head up to look into my moist eyes. “Say it” he whispered between clenched teeth. I took a deep breath burning, as every second passed, holding my eye contact. I said between short gasps, “I am sure… I want to be here… I want you” with the deepest conviction I could muster in my current state of disarray as another tear slipped down my cheek.

I could feel his arousal. I knew he wanted me. I squirmed as his tense silence drew on for what seemed like an eternity. I felt his hand move slowly, almost imperceptibly, over my tender ass. My spine stiffened at his touch but I tried to remain patient. I knew it was better this way for both of us. I remained as still as I could but the burn was growing more pronounced and I even began to smell my own arousal. I tried to clamp my thighs together to gain some friction against the building pressure. His hand locked down on my thigh as he said “No!” I looked up at him with furrowed brows thinking ‘Does he have any idea how this feels?’ I couldn’t help but fidget trying to alleviate my condition.

His frustration at my disregard to his command was audible as much as it was visible. He stood, dumping me from his lap, to stalk over to the largest dresser in the room. He yanked open the top drawer and began removing lengths of what looked like nylon rope. I stood slowly, from having sprawled on the floor, to stand in the doorway. Without turning he calmly said “You can try but you won’t make it.” I took another step back and his speed was indeed unexpected. With his hand on the back of my neck he hauled me back into the room kissing me hungrily. My head scrambled again under his control. I felt my shirt leave my body and my breasts break free as my bra was removed. I was guided so that the backs of my knees were against the bed and was lowered onto the mattress. Prying one of my arms from exploring his torso, he pulled it up over my head, as he moved his hips over the place I ached for him most. When he descended to capture my nipples in his mouth to tease and taunt, my other arm was placed with my first. I arched up to feel his scruffy face roughly move over my highly sensitized skin, as he sucked and sunk his teeth into my breasts.

I didn’t even notice being bound at first. Everything was so pleasurable and over sensitized. He glided down my body to the edge of my pleated skirt and tugged. The snap came loose and the zipper unfurled easily enough as he glided the material over my hips. Now left in only my drenched silk panties, I watched him stand and begin to remove his t-shirt and jeans. It was now that I realized my dilemma. I went to move, to touch him, and met the resistance of my bonds. I pulled harder to test their strength and found no slack. Panic and adrenaline flooded my body. I looked up to find him patiently waiting to see my reaction. “You said you were sure. You said you wanted to be here. You said you wanted me… remember? Well this is how I want you.” he said as I glanced down his arm, slowly following the muscles flexing, to see his hand moving back and forth over his firm member beneath his boxer briefs. My eyes were locked on to the rhythm of his hand moving up and back. My mouth watered wanting to taste his taught skin sliding over my tongue. I licked and sucked my bottom lip into my mouth to nibble and bite, trying to control my shallow panting as I continued to stare intently.

He knew what I wanted. My regard for the tether was completely gone only to be replace by my lust to have him in my mouth. “If you are a good girl I won’t bind your legs.” he casually mentioned as he removed his final article of clothing. I just lay there staring at his hardness so close to me and equally out of reach. I couldn’t decide which I wanted more, for him to ease my ache by fucking me hard or to suck him dry. He stood there with his hand on himself casually watching my face, with my knowing full well he would do as he pleased, and enjoying the play of anticipation as the moments ticked by.

When I began to pull at the bonds again he bent over me and pulled the last remaining scrap of fabric from my body. It was excruciating to no longer have a barrier between me and the slightest breeze. To emphasize this point he blew softly over my skin. I had never arched into a puff of air before now; but without any other pressure on my skin I sought every sensory application hungrily. The touch of his tongue to my tender clit made my toes curl and go numb instantly. I gasped and fought my instinct to jump. Then he said “Oh, and one more thing… you can only cum with my permission. Do you understand?” With that he sucked hard on my stiff little nub. My resullting scream was easily audible down the block.

“Oh god… I can’t think. PLEASE!” I begged. “Please?…Please what?” he teased. “I… wait… I’m so close. Don’t stop. Please… ” I couldn’t think straight. I just knew I had a question to ask but my head was swimming with sensory overload. It came to me slowly like a airplane towing a sign crossing the sky, reading the words as quickly as they came into focus “Please may I cum? …I can’t stop it!” Even without his mouth on me it was rushing forward. Just one more lick. I was already on the precipice and shaking. In a casual voice, as if he was disappointed, he said “Since this is your first time I will allow it… but next time you will work a lot harder to control yourself… understood” I nodded frantically.

His eyes were mischievous as I watched his head dip down, but I didn’t feel his tongue right away. Instead I felt his fingers slide into my hot wet pussy, curl under and tap rhythmically on my g-spot, building a whole new climb. I tried to control my panting but my hips rocked up of their own accord. When he added his tongue again it was to flick and suck on my clit in time to his fingers. My thighs shook, trying to spread wider, to feel the rub of his fingers and tongue all acting independently yet in synchronization of each other inside and out. Like a concert musician, he played me like a fine tuned instrument and within moments I sang.

As my muscles twitched and released, tensing of their own accord, my body had gone slack and boneless. My arms dangling carelessly from their tether, my legs splayed wide and my chest heaving in exhaustion. He climbed up my replete form to peer at my face. “Open your eyes little one. I am about to make you mine, and I want you to see that it is me who is claiming your body.” The confusion of his words swam through my brain slowly, like bubbles through syrup popping without enthusiasm. “Little one?” I was far from little in my voluptuous body, until I opened my eyes lazily to see his massive form over me bowed and paused for his command. It was then that I realized how small I truly felt. His cock slid into me inch by slow inch expanding my tightened muscles. All the while, he kept my gaze riveted to his looking for nuances in my expression.

My slack arms gradually came back to life, once he was seated in me fully. He continued to keep my eye contact until I tried to squirm uncomfortably under his gaze then said, “I want you to grab hold of the bars, I’ve tied you to, and keep you arms rigid. I am going to fuck you hard and I don’t want you sliding up the bed until I am slamming your head into the headboard.” I locked my arms eagerly and felt myself get even wetter at the promise he just delivered. I also realized my new position gave me very little ability to move him deeper as I had hoped. My legs tried to find purchase on the bed, to raise my hips, but kept sliding due to the angle they were splayed at.

His mouth explored my breasts as he withdrew slowly, making the burn that much hotter. I tried to arch my pelvis again, to gain any kind of friction, only to have him abruptly grab my right ankle and thrust it over his shoulder. I tried to use the resistance his body afforded but he was considerably stronger and simply ignored my efforts to move and said “Now… where do you think you’re going?” as he forcefully thrust into me. My panting increased but my struggles stopped. He withdrew as excruciatingly slow as he had initially slid into me, demonstrating fully that his will alone was the one in control, as he absorbed the last evaporation of my resistance. I was already climbing slowly up to the next peak and he had barely fucked me.

The broad smile that crept across his face was one of triumph. I was in his hands to do with as he pleased, and not only that, I clearly wanted to be there. It was then that he decided the pace would pick up. He built on the burn he established with his eyes. My focus drifted out as a different set of senses took over. The flavor in the room was heady as the perspiration built up on our skin adding to the lubrication of our bodies moving over one another. The new position allowed him further depth and took everything I had to keep my arms rigid.

With his hands alternately kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples painfully, I was helpless to his ministrations. As the pressure grew so did his cock. Harder and deeper as his hand wandered back down to tease my clitoris, pinching and rubbing. My head thrashed from side to side trying to hold the climax at bay. He felt my muscles contract against his erection and froze. I lay there panting trying to contain my chaos when he whispered ” Cum NOW!” My body complied immediately to his words spiraling outward in waves. My muscles clamped down on him to the point that he groaned and couldn’t hold back his pause any further. He slammed into me hard and fast grunting with the force with which he was fucking me causing my orgasm to be honed and sharpened as his own end exploded and filled me with hot streams of his burning seed.

Collapsing to my left, leaving my leg to drop awkwardly aside as I struggled to catch my breath and allow the blood to rush back into my leg and arms. As I felt his hands untie my arms I took a deep breath, sighing in relief. Puling me into his reclined body, as he released the last of the ropes, I curled into his chest and closed my eyes contentedly as he stroked my hair. “Sleep for now little one but you have several more deliveries to make and you won’t be reporting back to the office until your package is fully delivered.” My eyes bolted wide open to the feel of his chest jump in mirth only to hear my inner voice say ‘You are so Fucked.’

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  1. This page on FB has your story (this story) shared saying they wrote it a few days ago, today. Not sure if it’s you on the FB but thought if it’s being plagurized you would want to know.

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