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A Bit about Boobs

So two tits walk into a bar…but seriously…no really…does anyone know how to finish that with out staring and going speechless? hehe Unless of course you are from the UK and a person who is a tit means they are an ass. HAHA (and why IS being a tit bad exactly?)

OK so I recently read an article about breasts and was surprised to actually learn something new! So I dug a bit deeper and found more than I could have ever dreamed. Some of the facts seem arbitrary but if you learn something new then HEY how can I go wrong by bringing it to your attention?

1) The average breast weighs 1.1 lbs and contains 4-5% of the body’s fat. (hmmm I am thinking mine are a bit more at DDD but who’s complaining. NOT ME!)

2) The breasts swell up and get erect when aroused–just like the penis! (Kinda hot if you ask me)

3) When erect, the average nipple is slightly taller than 5 stacked quarters. (As nipple size goes not really sure about this fact. However, it does say “average” …so if I think mine are a bit smaller I won’t sweat it but testing will need to be conducted to find out…hehe)

4) The average breast size in America is currently a 36C, although 15 years ago it was a 34B. (Again this is just an average but as the proud owner of DDD cups, it is one of the best things to be above average in…if I do say so myself. As to why the average has increased I could only guess it is a combination of hormones in cow milk, genetics and breast augmentation. Feel free to argue you point as to why though.)

5) In 2008, there were more than 300,000 breast enhancement surgeries performed in the U.S. (To each her own and it SHOULD be HER decision but it is not for me…now talk to me about a tummy tuck later and I would take it under consideration.) Sadly, a 15-year long study found that there is a 73 percent higher rate of suicide in women who get breast implants. This probably isn’t because of the surgery itself, but is most likely because women who get implants are probably already very unhappy with themselves. Poor self-esteem can lead to severe depression. (So perking up isn’t always an option for some women. Taking care of the whole package is the real challenge.)

6) During the same year, there were nearly 18,000 breast reductions performed … ON MEN. (ummm…*speechless)

7) In the early days of surgical breast augmentation, surgeons used implants made from a number of peculiar ingredients–including ox cartilage, glass balls, polyester and ground rubber–with disastrous results. (GLASS??? As a person who sleeps on her stomach typically that is a resounding NO!!!)

8) Did you know that there is a size 38KKK bra? It’s worn by the woman with the world’s largest implants. And there is a woman with the worlds largest natural breasts wearing 102ZZZ. Check her out!

9) It’s legal for women to walk around showing off their breasts in Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York and Maine–though they can still be picked up on public nuisance laws. (Although I couldn’t do it personally, I should be allowed and have the option!)

10) Breast milk tastes sweeter than cow’s milk. (IT IS…much sweeter! Yes I have tasted my own…It is right there why wouldn’t I? Figure if it is good for the baby I want to know why they are latched on so much…haha. I also recently learned that it is also a fetish for some people called ANR [Adult Nursing Relationship] or Erotic Nursing. There was so much info that I might just have to write a whole article JUST on that topic!)

11) Smokers will have saggier boobs than non-smokers, because the chemicals in cigarettes break down the body’s elastin. (Glad I quit! Had I known I may have quit sooner I love mine and would hate for this to happen to them.)

12) Breasts are the first things a dude looks at. Studies show that breasts are the first thing a man looks at when he looks at a woman and they are also the things men look at the longest. But I guess it’s a positive for them, since studies also show that when guys look at boobies, they get happier. (And who doesn’t need more joy in their life?)

13) The majority of women have uneven breasts, and the difference can be up to 20 percent. So uneven boobs are really no big deal! For the majority of women, the left breast is the one that is bigger. But that doesn’t mean it’s always that way! (Yup, but as for me, my left is smaller and my right is a bit bigger. Not by much but enough. So technically, does that make my larger breast YOUR left? Oh who cares they are Fabulous.)

14) Breasts are slow growers. Boobs can keep growing for up to four years after a girl gets her first period, maybe even longer. In fact, researchers have found that breasts are the slowest growing organ in our bodies. (Now THIS I did not know!)

15) Our boobs can make it hard for guys to concentrate. Research shows that men had a hard time on cognitive tests after looking at images of large breasts. This is probably because they got turned on and distracted. (Yeah like I never knew this…did they REALLY have to do research to figure this out? Oh…of course they did…it’s FOR SCIENCE!)

16) Both men and women can have extra nipples. 1 in 18 men and 1 in 50 women have an extra nipple or two. It’s a condition called Polythelia and it’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, sometimes they don’t even look like nipples, they just look like moles! (I don’t think I have one but I might have to go exploring.)

17) We can orgasm from our boobs alone. Apparently, some women don’t need to be touched down there in order to achieve orgasm. One study has found that about 1 percent of women can orgasm just from having their breasts stimulated. (I think I may have mentioned this fact before but it deserves repeating!)

I found all of this info in the 2 articles listed below.
Read the full Article: 11 Fun Facts About Breasts
Read the Full Article: 15 Crazy Interesting Facts About Your Breasts

Hope this has shed some NEW light on the topic of tits. Have fun with that.

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