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Fantasy Friday: Fore! more

Continued from the original story Fore!

I woke up early the next morning after a fitful night’s sleep. His voice in my head was on auto-play and my buzzing anxiety was having me debate the need for coffee. My only concession was that I lost a lot of sleep and there was no way I was making it to my desk without it. Detouring for the new Coffee Bar set up in the Banquet room, I blindly stepped up grabbed the biggest cup on the table and started emptying the boldest brew into my cup leaving plenty of room for sugar and cream. I vaguely heard the scraping of a chair nearby. My slow thoughts registered a body at my back. In my ear I heard “You look like you didn’t get much rest last night. Something on your mind?” I turned to find him looking not only well rested but invigorated. It was really unnerving in my current state of exhaustion. Julie burst into the room in a flurry, spotted my grimace and while politely smiling up at him grabbed my arm and yanked me from the room without a word.

“What the fuck was that for?” I barked. “I am saving you from yourself. I saw you on the security system.” she said with a look that clearly brooked no arguement. “You are a menace in the morning and I can’t believe you went in there.” “What? I setup a Gourmet Coffee Bar and I’m NOT going to use it???” I defended. “See! You’re not even being reasonable.” she came back. “Do you want to fuck this up or do you want to get fucked?” I bowed my head. We both knew the answer and we both knew I owed her a Thank You but I still hadn’t had my coffee so that would have to come later. “Now, do what you do best in the morning and piss off the vendors with your bad mood, they have been slacking.” and with that she left me to my office and my coffee to wake up like a normal person.

By half past eleven I was finally feeling normal. Looking back at my morning confrontation I saw how prudent it was of Julie to step in. Anything that was going to come out of my mouth was going to be purely snark. I was now indebted to the woman for not just this lifetime but we were now working on reincarnation worthy obligations. Peering at my now empty coffee cup I tried to decide my next move. More coffee first. Knowing the golfers would be out on the course I marched more confidently back to the Coffee Bar. The buffet was fully stocked as I instructed and everything looked fresh and ready. With my cup poised beneath the carafe, I let the aroma of my filling cup drench me in a cloud of caffeine. As I turned to retreat to my office, I ran into a rather large very drunk man who upended my entire piping hot coffee all over the front of my blouse as I screamed in pain.

Suddenly he was there. With tears streaming down my face, he picked me up and walked me over to the pool and simply walked in, clothes and all. Muttering to himself about fucking up Chuck and a whole string of threats, sprinkled liberally with swear words I wasn’t familiar with, as he hand poured the cold pool water over my scorched skin. I registered first that I was now not only in his lap but also in a completely transparent white shirt. His free hand began unbuttoning my top. I began swatting his hand away and trying to extricate myself from his lap only to have him grab my wrists again. “Stop. Please.” he said gently. My chest was sore and I looked up at him with my brow furrowed and new tears pricking at my eyes. “No.” he whispered as he put his mouth to my swollen lips. His lips were soft. A whole different kiss from the demanding passion filled assault from the day before. My eyes let slip the tears I had held as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him back.

“Better?” he asked softly. “A bit” feeling the effects of the scald move into the background as my body gave itself over to other more pressing sensations. “How are you even here?” I asked. “Well the ‘beer girls’ you arranged to serve us out on the course was a very thoughtful gesture for the group. Everything was going well until the 10th hole. That is when Chuck got handsy.” I gasped and then burst out laughing. My nerves having been wound so tight just needed and outlet and my laughter was a considerable improvement to crying. “Found that funny did you? Well it got both of us kicked off the Golf course the rest of the day.” he said as I giggled uncontrollably “and now he managed to scald the one person making this trip interesting.” “I’ll be OK” I tried. “I have just the thing for that burn.” he continued “Come on.” And with that, we were climbing out of the pool and heading for his cottage.

Once back in his cottage he headed for the powder room and came back out with a toiletry case. “I burn easily so I packed my top remedies. Depending on how severe will determine which one I use. Now take off your shirt and let me see how bad it is.” I just stared back at him like he was nuts. “What? It’s not like I can’t ALREADY see everything.” and remembering that I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it. He leaned in gently pressing the skin watching it transform from bright red to white then back. “Good…no blisters. That means you have two choices. I have Aloe with Lidocaine or we could just dry it and leave it alone.” “Aloe please.” I extended my hand for the bottle and he just looked at me with that smirk on his face, took out the bottle and squeezed a healthy portion into his palm. I narrowed my eyes and said “What are you doing?” “This” as he smoothed his hand over my reddened skin above my breasts. “Now, how far down does it go?” I looked down at my bra then back up at him. “Um…” “Off with it.” he said reaching around and unhooking it without a thought. My bra fell away to reveal more pink skin but not nearly as red. His hands were careful but he still took bold moves as he continued to spread the Aloe. I tried to be aloof as his hands caressed my now very sensitive flesh with the cooling gel that slowly turned to a tingle. His touch was like a drug and when he stopped I almost pouted. His chuckle told me I was unsuccessful.

“Let me go wash this off” and he left the room. I was left standing in the middle of the room awkwardly topless and turned on…again. I wanted to grab my bra and top and bolt for the door but knew I’d never make it. Besides, it was no way to treat someone who just tried to help me. I spied a napkin at the table and tried a casual stroll for the chance at coverage. “Hungry?” I heard over my shoulder. I froze and said “No.” “Then what are you doing?” I heard directly next to my ear and sent shivers down my spine. “I…I felt….exposed…so I wanted ….” He began running his teeth and lips over the skin down my throat and shoulder hindering intelligent thought. My words trailed off as I tilted my head to the side and succumbed to the delicious sensation. His hands came around my waist pulling me back against his body. “Can’t have you leaving without a more thorough inspection. I would hate to have missed a spot.” I gasped as he grabbed the waist of my skirt and panties and they fell to the floor. “Tell me if there are any other tender areas” he rumbled as his one hand skimmed down my stomach while the other skated up to my nipples to tease and pinch.

The air rushed into my lungs as his fingers dove between my folds. The growl in my ear accompanied his thorough search of my sensitive flesh pulling me back into his hips as he moved and rubbed. “I had no idea you’d be fully waxed before. Now I am going to have to make you cum because I need to fuck that bare little pussy” he said all the while stroking and and stirring the building climax. At the sound of my moan he maneuvered me to the bed, turned me around, set me on the edge and laid me down. The light dancing off of the ceiling was replaced by the darkness of my lids dropping as I absorbed the sensations of everything happening. His mouth never left my body as he kissed and licked his way from my lips to my thighs. My legs fell open in invitation to the next act about to take place.

At first I only felt his fingers lightly spread the moisture I was actively producing. The light touch over my sensitive bud caused a familiar tingle to jump down my nerves and numb my toes, signaling my building orgasm. I tried to resist, to draw out my climax out of defiance but his ministrations were persistant and skilled. My hips were helpless to buck over his mouth for the second time in 24 hours. Even my conscience had nothing to chide me with as I slid off the precipice and came hard to his tongue flicking over my exposed clit. I tried to clamp my legs together to recover from the sensory overload but he was stronger and wrestled my knees apart. He climbed back up my body to kiss me hard. I could taste myself, the tangy sweet flavor, mixed with his own. “When did he get naked” my mind asked as I came back to myself and felt his hard cock at my entrance. He held me firmly beneath him as he sank slowly into my waiting pussy.

He groaned as he hit the end. “Oh fuck…” he shivered as he pulled back out and then immediately launched back into me. “OH!” I arched and screamed as our bodies came together with a slap. My eyes shot open to see him grinning down at me before he slowly pulled out and again drove hard and fast back in. With every slap my moan got louder until I could only squirm and catch my breath as he coaxed another powerful orgasm to the foreground. His lips found mine as I wrapped my legs around him. His climax flooded me as I pulsed around him from my own.

I awoke tucked into the cottage bed with a warm body at my back and an arm firmly wrapped over my waist feeling a soft breath on my neck. As my brain trudged up out of the deep slumber, I didn’t remember falling into, it made the logical assessment that the combined stress of the burn and the insomnia of last night must have been the one two punch with the outstanding sex being the KO. I tested the cage I was in by wiggling my torso to see if he would roll over but instead found him tightening his hold and dragging me closer to his chest and more importantly his rock hard penis that he was now grinding into my ass cheeks as he began to moan. Fully awake now my body started arguing with my brain about the practicality of being turned on versus my need to figure out what was happening.

My body won the argument the second his hand began to wander instead of feeling the need to keep me still. I wasn’t going anywhere as his palm massaged my sensitive breasts as his fingers played with my nipple first one then the other. I felt him readjust his rigid member to rest between my legs so I arched my ass up to feel his head at my ready aching opening. He slid in easily as his mouth devoured my neck and shoulder. His hand left my breasts and moved to my hips so that he could adjust my angle and seat himself deeper. My own moan was somehow his signal to pull out and turn me on to my back. He took each of my wrists into his larger hands and held them firmly against the mattress as he positioned himself back at my entrance. “I remember who you are now” he said as his cock sunk into me. I shivered as my throat tightened feeling the friction of it against my clit. Then my brain tried to intervene yelling from a distance “Remembers? Who does he think I am?” My body had other plans though, as his pace slowly picked up and more immediate sensations rushed up to meet me like his tongue dancing with mine, the strangely comforting pressure of being restrained and the rhythmic motion of our union. My eyes slipped closed and I felt him dive into me harder than earlier. My eyes flew open again to see his challenging eyes staring back at me almost daring me to close them again. Testing my theory, I allowed my eyes to drift shut again with a slight smirk on my lips and sure enough he again drove deeper and harder into me, again forcing my eyes open, only now his smirk matched my own.

His pace never dwindled, it only intensified and had my back arching and my breath sawing in and out of my lungs. The build had been so subtle that I didn’t recognize it for what it was, but the moment I reached the peak I cried out from pleasure and surprise at how deeply and thoroughly I felt every touch. I was shaking uncontrollably as I felt his rhythm break and pump erratically and his hot seed spill into me. We were both panting and sweat soaked as he tumbled back onto the bed trying to avoid crushing me beneath him. My sated body was too sluggish to avoid the sweeping arm that pulled me back against him again. I groaned and heard him chuckle against my neck. “And where do you think you need to be…besides right here that is?” he emphasized with a squeeze. “I…” is all I got out before I realized my brain was drawing a blank. I felt the kiss on my neck as he shook in mirth at my loss for words.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” My confusion at his words had me turning to look at him but he just squeezed me closer to him preventing me from changing positions. It was then that he chose to recount his story. “I saw you about 3 years ago in Taos. I was in for a conference and you were everywhere. It was as if you my own personal distraction. I tried to find a way to get your attention but you were so busy I never got a chance. I finally spoke to the concierge and he explained that you were in town only temporarily to set up and run things to the new owner’s specifications.” “I was everywhere! That place was so stuck in it’s ways it took me all week to implement all of the new procedures. The event coordinator quit that week and I had to handle all of their workload on top of my own. It was exhausting but kept me invigorated” I interjected. Returning to his story he continued “I was impressed. You were like a machine making all of the gears rotate according to your rule. I respect organization and inside of the 4 days I spent there you had an entirely different resort running by the time I left. I would have considered hiring you away for myself but…other ideas in my head prevented me from placing you in my employ. I couldn’t stop thinking how much I wanted you. So I let you go and made my plans. My fraternal brothers organized a giant outing every year and I just happen to be in charge of booking the venue. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to work at a resort with a full course.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “The first year in I thought I had the wrong place because you were nowhere to be found. On the last day, I finally got a glimpse of you but I was wrapping everything up and had already checked out as you passed by that I swore …rather loudly.” I gasped and said “I remember that. The only difference was that I saw YOU everywhere. I was trying to keep my head in the game but then I’d see your face and everything would fall away. I had never been so distracted.”

He went on to say “The following year I arrived with high hopes that we could connect but I saw you wearing an engagement ring so I swallowed my pride and left you alone. Whoever had you was one lucky bastard. I was furious at myself for not finding the time to get back here sooner. When I saw the ring gone this year I made it my mission to make you mine.” I shivered. “So whatever happened to you fiancé?” I gulped “There never was one. Occasionally we have guests that are ‘difficult’ so in order to keep the peace we offer our staff ‘fake relationship status’s whenever they are receiving unwanted attention. It was my turn being harassed by…” I cleared my throat “one of the visitors that I donned the ‘unavailable’ jewelry.” “It was one of mine wasn’t it?” he inquired. “Yes” I whispered. He cursed again and growled “Who?” “I…I can’t…” ashamed and angry at myself I tucked my head down. “Why?” he asked more gently. “I noticed that you spent more time in the company of a small group of men and simply picked the wrong one to strike up a conversation with. He wasn’t listening to a word I said and every time I tried to asked him about your group, and more specifically you, he would veer the conversation back to getting into my pants…literally. I had to find a way to show him my interest was purely business related so on the ring went.”

“Did he touch you?” he whispered. “NO!” I stiffened. He murmured “good” and began massaging my now tensed body to relax again. “Your friend is a clever one for arranging this.” he complimented. “She is one of the best. I couldn’t believe her when she said she booked this. She has watched me the past 2 years watching you. I guess she thought it was finally time and took matters into her own hands. She’s known me for 10 years and I am NEVER distracted. She knew something was up immediately so I told her everything.” I confessed. “So what does she know about me?” he asked. “Only that I have been avoiding all other offers from interested men simply to get another opportunity to spend a 4 day weekend watching you.” I admitted. With that, he turned me over to face him. “So you’ve been waiting just as long as I have.” he said as he pulled me on top of him. “We have a lot of catching up to do” he said as I felt his cock harden beneath me. Surprised I asked “Again?” “You won’t be leaving my bed for a week!” he declared as he pulled me down to kiss him and all thought left once again as his tongue danced with mine.

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