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So I was watching Weeds last night. Beginning of the most recent season on Netflix and suddenly right before two of the characters have spontaneous sex, in a hospital room mind you, and the female character says “Hold on I have to take my weight out.” So she reaches in and hands it to the male character who is impressed and surprised by the heaviness of such a small long egg shaped object. She went on to explain how it is rebuilding her pelvic floor muscles after having twins and that she has been “getting pretty buff down there.” Then he says (cheesily mind you) “Oh…Buff Muff” and they go at it again.
OK Stop. I had to look this up. So here it is!

So ….they are called Vaginal Weights

They look like this:

And you can buy them here:

Vaginal weight lifting

Everyone has heard of weight lifting with weigh machines or free weights, like barbells, dumbbells and even kettlebells, but now there’s a new kid on the block. Vaginal weights are coming to a store near you. No, I’m not making it up. Just like traditional weights, vaginal weights exist to exercise and build up muscle groups. In this case, the muscle group in question is a rather intimate one. Vaginal weights were created to exercise the pelvic muscle groups responsible for tone in the vagina and surrounding structures.
Read the Full Article Here:


The article goes on to talk about SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and the pros and cons of this product. However I needed more info.


In the same search I found these and they looked like even more fun!

I found them HERE: BenWa

See the little description on this box right there. It says “Ben Wa Balls with Silicone Strap”

CLICK! I’ve heard of Ben Wa Balls! So basically you do a 15 min workout every day and over time you get back and possibly gain more muscle control throughout your pelvic floor muscle groups.

And then I found this gem.


My First Ben Wa Balls: A Detailed Account

I found myself, not long after the New Year began, with my husband in my somewhat local adult video warehouse looking at Ben Wa balls.

Ben Wa balls are meant to be inserted into your vagina and left in there for at least 15 minutes a day. The balls supposedly give your vaginal wall muscles a workout, similar to doing Kegel exercises. Over time your vagina gets tighter and stronger, leading to more satisfying sex for both you and your partner.

I’d always heard people speak about Ben Wa balls but have never known anyone to use them, or at least admit that they do. But they always sounded sexy and a little dirty to me, in a good way. So as part of my New Year’s resolution to be even more open minded, sexually and otherwise, I decided the time had come to purchase a pair for myself.

In the store, I spent a good 15 minutes in the Ben Wa aisle, next to the anal beads and giant renditions of multi-ethnic penises, reading the backs of the packages and imagining what the different types of balls would feel like. Some packages had four balls, some had two. They came in all different sizes and materials; some were silicone while others were glass or metal. And some were joined together by a tether meant to hang out of your vagina, making it easier to pull them out. Those seemed like a cop-out to me. I wanted the real thing.

I ended up buying the glass ones because they just seemed more sanitary. Glass is impermeable and easy to clean. Plus they came in a little satin box that reminded me of the kind of box my engagement ring would have come in if I had gotten an engagement ring. (Got an awning for my house instead. Much more useful and cost effective.)

The balls were easy to insert (instructions say to use lubricant) and I did have the sensation of being vaginally full. And it was a pleasurable feeling though not enough to bring me to climax. I did some housework with them in and then some work at my computer. Then my husband came home and we tested them out that way as well.

The results? I’m a believer and I like them. I didn’t really get any benefit from having them in while getting it on with my husband. But I’ll use them as a way to tighten things up. Already, after a week, I feel some difference.

One word of advice, for the beginner or for the woman who isn’t comfortable playing gynecologist with herself, buy the kind with the tether. Because though the first Ben Wa ball comes out easily for me each time, the second one always seems to get stuck. Just so you know.

Read the Full Article Here:

Guess what I want….

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    You might enjoy this 10 reasons to lift weights with your vagina.

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