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Nope I didn’t spell that wrong. This is my birthday weekend and I bought myself a present this year! I have been touting body positivity and really appreciating more and more about my sexy curves. So what better way to celebrate my skin than to show more of it. So this year, with the encouragement of girlfriends and inspiration of online bloggers with hot curves, I bought myself my first bikini EVER!

20130530-111927.jpgOne of my favorite bloggers The Militant Baker posted How To Get A Swimsuit Body In Less Than 5 Minutes!

1. retrieve preferred swimsuit
2. put on said swimsuit
3. look in mirror
4. exclaim “HOT DAMN I am one sexy bitch!”

Optional: strut like you just don’t care.

Well Here it IS!!! Making it happen. The more I wear it the more comfortable I feel in it. Fortunately the people in my life are not only supportive but encouraging. I have been consumed by a self image hating mentality for long enough. It is time to change gears and wear a whole new set of glasses that finally view my form as beautiful. I don’t have to like ever little piece but loving the package is a big deal. What is funny is I never thought that I wasn’t sexy. I just always got nervous when the time came to get naked. The more I revealed the more I needed validation or reassurance from my partner that they were happy with how I was made/ what I had to offer and NOT ONE has ever made me feel anything but sexy!

Other inspiring articles that helped me see the light include:

6 Bikini Body Truths to Remember for This Summer

BodyPosiBikiniBabes tumblr

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One thought on “Self Presents

  1. Firehorse on said:

    You rock that bikini! I think half the time when we have the self confidence to be proud of our body, others (most not all) will see us that way too.

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