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Fantasy Friday: Hot Springs

Dear Fantasy Forum,

I had been helping my friend set up for her big annual Autumn office party. She had been planning it for months so as her best friend and an amazing cook she of course decided to let me fix all of the food for the gathering instead of hiring a caterer. I slaved for weeks preparing all of the hors d’oeuvres and the main course was in the oven on a slow cook for the tenderest meat on the planet. My pot roast melted not only in you mouth but in you heart. One bite was capable of breaking your sanity and these strangers were about to loose their minds. The vat of garlic roasted root vegetables was already on the sterno keeping warm as well the almond green beans and a vegan lasagna for the lighter hearted eaters. The salad bar was on ice and the individual decadent raspberry-peach pie desserts were laid out to go in the oven the moment the roast came out.

My job was done and the hired staff knew all they had to do was the setup and break down. I sighed deeply and leaned against the wall of the kitchen swearing never to get talked into catering another big dinner party for “friends.” Leaning against the tiled wall with my eyes closed and people buzzing about I unexpectedly heard the oven open and the lid to my roast removed. I tried to tell myself it was probably just one of the staff checking the temp but when I opened my eyes a man in a suit with a fork already in my roast yanked a hunk from the side and put the entire morsel in his mouth. “HEY!” I yelled as I stood from my position only to have him straighten to full height and loom down over me. “That is for the party!” I exclaimed and quickly replaced the lid and closed my oven to find him blatantly checking out my ass as I turned to scowl up at him. He took his time savoring my tender roast with a slow smile creeping across his face.

“I don’t appreciate people in my kitchen” I challenged. “This isn’t your kitchen” he calmly stated. “It is when I’m cooking in it” I proclaimed. “So you are who I should be thanking for that piece of heaven?” “Maybe” I said warily eyeing him more carefully. With that he leaned in and said “Because whoever DID make that is about to be kissed.” My eyes widened as I gasped and backed up. He approached slowly and I turned and ran out the door into the backyard filled with guests.

I tried to slow my heart as I stumbled through the tightly packed groups of chatting and laughing guests. “I mean who would seriously say that?” I asked myself. I slowed to a walk, so as to not draw any more attention to myself, carefully weaving my way to the exact point I knew I could escape. I pulled off my apron, yanked my hair out of its bun and popped my garment into the hands of a staff member to return to the kitchen. I also told him to guard the roast and get a message to the host I was heading out. I ducked into the brush, without a backward glance. Taos, NM was a stunning area and known for its’ hot springs dotted all over the mountains. I already knew of one completely hidden, just a short walk away, and at this moment I needed sanctuary.

The ten minute walk was as balming as the thought of sinking into the hot steaming water. I took in the fresh scents of the sage and rosemary growing wild along my path. I inhaled and drank deeply from the bottled water I had snagged on my way past the refreshment table. As the path evened out I yanked off my sandals and padded along the sandy earth closing in on my watery retreat. I could hear the bubbling watter just up ahead and ducked in behind the boulder hiding my private pool from the trail. The view opened up to the west giving a front row seat to the finest sunset on the mountian. I pulled off my dress, slipped out of my bra and panties and sank into the muscle loosening natural volcanic heated spring pool. I couldn’t help moaning in appreciation a each body part unwound and expressed its’ gratitude. I finally closed my eyes leaned back on the boulder and sighed as my breasts floated and bobbed in the flowing water. I love that feeling of free floating and after the last few weeks I needed this more than ever. The cool air of evening mixed with the sultry heat of the water mingled to make my nipples painfully taut.

I heard a rustling a few feet away but knowing my sanctuary was hidden I didn’t bother to peek. Very few predators lived this close to the developed areas of the mountains and none of the local hikers were aware of my special spot. The footsteps got closer and I tried to ignore the idea that I was followed but couldn’t help wondering. It was at that point the man from the kitchen stepped around my boulder and stared down at me. I was absolutely speechless. His hands rose to remove his tie and unbutton his neatly pressed shirt. “How…?” I said cradling my breasts from his view. “Footprints” he smiled back. “Damn it” I closed my eyes and cursed at myself over and over. How could I be so stupid.

So here I was naked in a pool the size of a small jacuzzi with a stranger peeling out of his clothes with a purpose. “What are you doing?” “Getting in the water” he said matter of factly. With that he pulled down his boxer briefs and sunk into the water without a modicum of modesty for his clearly aroused state. In fact I think he actually drew out his descent into the water to give me a better view of his proud member. My breathing sped up as our proximity inevitably became intimate. “So, did you cook that magnificent roast?” he asked with renewed interest. “Yes” I whispered as my chest heaved with renewed vigor. He leaned in and put his hand to my cheek brushing my bottom lip with his thumb and parted my lips ever so slightly. With my hands still occupied covering my breasts he swung over quickly and began kissing me deeply and thoroughly. OH MY he could kiss.

My self consciousness was swept away with his tongue as I twined my hands up and over his back and chest to bring him closer. The water squeezed between us as my breasts crushed against his chest. My moan was unexpected. It was as if my body wasn’t my own. Gone was the woman of decorum and in swept the woman of inpropriety. I climbed into his lap and rubbed myself libidinously over his projecting tool. It was his turn to moan audibly as he tried to control my gyrating hips. The suns descent was at its apex as he swiftly entered my waiting pussy. My back arched as I exhaled and cried out “OH!”

I fell back into the water, submerging the back of my head floating free allowing him to set the pace for the “petite mort” already building. He took the opportunity to bend down and take my nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. My core muscles clamped down hard on his cock encouraging him only to suck harder and move over to my other breast to perform the same test agian. He lifted me up, to my surprise, and backed me up to the boulder behind us and said “NEVER run from me” before he pulled me completely from the water with my back against the sun warmed rock and began pounding into me. He held me aloft by my ass and thigh. My head began to spin and I actually thought I would pass out from the over stimulation. I opened my eyes to see the red light of the dying sun as my body exploded with sensation. He swallow my scream with his mouth over mine swirling his tongue with mine as I struggled to breathe.

His pace was relentless. As my orgasm eased a second began to build from the new friction of his cock on my clit. The water had eased my muscles but the tension built again as I wrapped my legs around his waist locking him into me deeper. His even powerful strokes became erratic as I felt him thicken more. I knew his own end was upon us and found my second peak and dove off launching my ass off the rock held up only by his arms and my shoulder blades. My pulsing milked him dry of every drop as he sank us both back into the steaming depths. My eyes closed as I sagged onto his chest catching my breath. He was still deep inside me as I rested in his lap and let the water pull my muscles back apart.

His hands massaged my thighs and ass where he had held me. My decorous nature returned like an uncomfortable cloak and I tried to hide despite our position. He felt me close and shrink away with a deep blush consuming my face and spreading. His large hands came up to my arms and pulled me back exposing my body again as well as stirring our bodies feeling him inside me as a reminder. “Hey! DON’T” I looked up to his eyes at the tone his voice held. “You will NOT be ashamed of what just happened.” and punctuated his statement moving his hands to my hips stiring his already recovering rod inside me. I gasped and slowly shed the cloak of shame as my body readjusted to his command. “You are amazing. I have been looking for you everywhere.” Confusion spread across my face at his words. “I have been friends with the host for years and she never stops talking about you. When she said you would be here this evening I couldn’t resist.” As he continued his internal stirring he went on to say “We actually met last year. You were completely consumed and barely spared me a glance but I couldn’t wait to catch you again.” I blushed again horrified that I was so rude to such an stunning man. With my lids growing heavy at his ministration I began to apologize “Forgive me…” only be silenced by his mouth on mine and swept away once again as darkness fell and our ardor rose with renewed life.

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