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Fantasy Friday: The Client

Dear Fantasy Forum,

Work had been sparse for weeks. I had been rethinking my entrepreneurial efforts for the last month and couldn’t get over how awful the economy had locked down every one of my clients. “Our hands are tied.” was becoming a standard response to the budget cuts made for the work I was being hired to offer. I had already cut my costs significantly and was trying to re-adjust but, one by one, my clients were steering away from my customized services opting for more inexpensive mass produced options. Oh well, out with the old and… when a door shuts…yada, yada, yada. I was sick of hearing the old adages. I was taking the downtime opportunity to get my online resume updated, refresh my LinkedIn profile, check my Search Engine ranking and hand out Business Cards at every opportunity. Sadly all I was receiving were headhunter calls looking to hire onsite positions to make their finders fee. With every call I started chanting “Where is my towel????”

The call came mid afternoon. I am embarrassed to say that I wasn’t even in the right mindset when I answered. I had recently updated my cell phone, in order to function more versatilely while out of my office, so without even checking the number I answered “Hell–ooh!” The deep chuckle on the other end of the line had me startled out of my whimsy, realizing it was not someone I knew. I immediately recovered myself and said “Oh, I am so sorry. This is Zoey how can I help you?” He cleared his throat and spoke with a silky voice that made me feel like he was whispering directly in my ear. I felt a ripple of awareness and instinctively straightened my posture. “I am looking for a designer. I travel a lot but I will be in your area in 2 weeks. I have seen your work and one of your previous clients personally recommended you.” My heart rate tripped then sped up to full force. He went on to say “I have emailed all of the project specs to your account and will need 3 layout proposals by the time I arrive.” I replied with the coolest voice I could muster despite my excitement “I will not hesitate to email you with a few proofs once I have read over your specs. I look foreword to working on you…OH I mean for you…on this project.” as I blushed profusely (which he couldn’t have possibly seen) he chuckled again. He finally said “I will contact you soon with the meeting place and time as my schedule allows. Until then…thank you.” and he hung up. The breath I was holding left in a whoosh. I felt like I was hyperventilating. I needed to get a hold of myself.

I dove for my laptop. I needed to prove that this wasn’t some prank. I opened the mail app and there it was. Everything was there and my head began swimming with concepts to bring his site up to date with a new template and design for overall user ease. The copy would be sent at a later time but the architecture/ design was all I was responsible for. I immediately sat down to sketch out my ideas. I had to make a good impression and I couldn’t risk disappointment. My head kept revisiting the voice now imprinted in my head. It was almost haunting.

Over the next week I sat enthusiastically at my computer making the most of every waking hour. I was going to make a great impression if it killed me. I had my proofs checked and gathered all of the documents to attach and compress. My email was concise and indicated my willingness to adapt any of the three choices, to further make the aesthetics pop, for the information being displayed. I was still hearing that deep chuckle as I pressed “Send.” My sudden discomfort became full blown anxiety as the hours ticked by. I had no phone number to contact my client and was kicking myself for not even asking his name. Plus, he had said he was traveling so I had no idea when he would call.

Trying to calm my nerves, I decided a hot shower was in order. Days spent just coding and designing does not bode well for body funk so I rewarded myself with a special deep conditioner and used the last of my LUSH body scrub. I was on a cloud of the freshly rinsed Sea Salt and Pomegranate scents as I stepped out of the steamy enclosed tub when I heard the doorbell. Julie was due with my Fed Ex shipment of the day so I rushed to the door in my big fluffy towel as my long dripping wet hair created a trail of drops on the hardwood floors. I whipped open the door saying “Jul…” when I froze in my tracks to find a very tall man staring down at me. “OH!” and slammed the door in his face. I knew exactly who he was as soon as I heard his chuckle on the other side of the door. He started with “Zoey? I just got into town and saw the designs you sent. I thought I would come over to review them while I had some time.” Without a second thought I yanked the door back open, still in the towel and stammered “I am so sorry. I just wasn’t expecting you. Please come in.” I backed away from the door to allow him to enter. It was at this moment I chose to realize AGAIN that I was only wearing a towel and said “If you’ll excuse me a moment.” The lidded look he gave spread goose bumps down my arms as I backed up slowly.

The fact that I had backed up didn’t really register immediately as a separation, because the distance was no farther apart. His approach was almost catlike, stealthy. I wasn’t really afraid just more confused when I bumped into the wall behind me and he closed the space between us. “I wasn’t expecting this.” were the last words I heard when he put his hands to either side of my jaw and closed in and kissed me deeply. My eyes drifted shut and my arms snaked up to his hair and shoulder. He tasted delicious and his tongue was thorough. I was drowning in sensations. His hands left my neck to grab my waist and press me more fully into the wall with his body. I felt the tug of my towel release from my breasts and heard his growl as I felt the warmth of his hand cover the newly revealed skin. I tried to gasp for air but he was having none of it. My head began to swim with the excitement.

I hadn’t realized I had even been missing physical contact until he touched me. I couldn’t remember my last intimate encounter and now I was lost. I practically climbed up his body and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me easily against the wall with his hips grinding into my now naked body. I felt like a live electrical wire sparking, fully charged and thrashing about out of control. His mouth left mine only to reattach along my jaw and neck. It was all I could do to catch my breath and grind back into him as I tilted my head back to give him more access. His one hand held me firmly kneading my ass and inching closer and closer to my center as his other wandered curiously over the rest of me. My audible moans were driving him to explore every sensitive area available to his touch. I was breathless and said “I need…” and he just looked me straight in the eye and said “I know” as he lifted me off the wall and carried me down the hall to the bedroom.

I was being carried and it felt like I was flying. One minute I was upright and the next I was on my back with him staring down at me. My self consciousness had completely left the building and all I wanted now was for him to be as naked as I was as he tore at his clothing. The heavy lidded gaze never left my body as he pealed the boxer briefs from his waist releasing his hard cock. My eyes were glued to the evidence of his desire. His chuckle brought my eyes immediately back up to his face as he said “We don’t have to worry about that just yet.”

He crawled up the bed but stopped halfway. The look of my confusion brought another smile to his lips before they disappeared into my navel and made a slow painful decent for my aching mound. I felt the tip of his tongue circle my own desire and just about jumped as he lapped at the damp folds then inserting two fingers deep inside my sheath. I arched up off the mattress only to be restrained back down with his other arm as it quickly snaked up my body to halt my twisting body and clamp down on my swollen nipple. I raced toward the climax he had planted from the moment I heard his voice. It had been seducing me from day one and I broke apart with every lick, every pinch, every swirl of his fingers. My release was cataclysmic.

Boneless and sated I lay exhausted beneath him. “Now you’re ready.” I felt his body shift but didn’t register his words until I felt his hard length at my opening. I was so ready he entered me with one long fast stroke. Immediately I was back to full awareness. He gathered both of my hands up over my head and simply stared into my eyes as he pistoned himself in and out of my body. I couldn’t move. My legs were still quivering and his gaze was hypnotizing. I tried to keep my eyes on his but they kept drifting shut as the sensations began culminating into another building orgasm. “NO! …look at me. I want you to know who is making you cum.” That was all it took and I was falling again. My scream was swallowed by his mouth over mine.

It felt as if he grew even more as my muscles gripped him tightly. The new dampness drove him farther into me and I was choking to get air into my lungs. His strokes were fast deep pounding thrusts and I was beginning to feel bold. I took my legs up and over his back and rolled my hips suddenly and quickly and successfully was now on top. I grinned triumphantly once he released my hands only for him to grab my hips and begin lifting his hips as he pulled me down onto him over and over. My heavy breasts were helplessly unrestrained as they bounced with every thrust. It felt like I was on an amusement ride, without a bra, being tossed around. The smirk on his face was one of pure dominance. He knew what I wanted despite not know it myself. I placed my one hand on his thigh and the other on his stomach for support and let my head fall back and closed my eyes to absorb every sensation.

I felt his left hand leave my hip and explore my tumultuous breasts while his right hand readjusted shifting foreward to have access to my now overly sensitive clit. He knew I couldn’t deny him access in this wide spread position and took his advantage. The combination of his internal assault and external torment again had my body climbing that steep mountain toward the summit. I began rocking my entire body in time to the pace he had set. Just as I was about to lose myself he again shifted my whole body and this time I was on my hands and knees. He felt even deeper than the previous position and it was startling. It was almost painful, but I wanted that too. I yelped and moaned and thrust back against him despite his firm grip on my hips. My insolence was met with a loud but pleasurable sound of his hand cracking on my ass. I didn’t even feel the slap I was so lost, just the warmed sensation of where his hand had landed. I bucked again and again felt the warmth of his hand but with a sharp little sting. That was all it took for me thrash wildly.

His hand wrapped down and around my hips. His fingers made a path toward my swollen flesh and purposefully kept his touch just out of reach. My body was ready to explode and he knew if he even rubbed me a for a single stroke I would be gone. His torture was excrusiatingly exquisite. I tried to maipulate my movements to get what I wanted, just one thorough stroke was all I wanted. His chuckle behind me was almost infuriating. He leaned down and got right up to my ear and said “Oh no you don’t. You will look at me when you cum…remember? And not until I say.” OH! To be so close…I had no idea it could be like this! All I wanted was being denied and I was getting angry. “Please!”

I was thrown to my back with my legs on his shoulders. “Open!” My legs parted and he sank back into me but instead of thrusting he just sat there and again said “Open!” this time staring at my mouth as he placed two fingers in my waiting mouth and sucked. He took those fingers out to my instant regret and then said “Now…look at me and don’t take your eyes off me.” Then I felt it. The numbness spreading from my core out to my thighs and toes as my next climax built in a completely new way from all the others. His touch was faint but powerful. I could feel myself gush and drench his planted root despite its lack of movement my internal pulsing was forcing a subtle movement that was driving me over a peak higher than I had ever been to. OH! My eyes drifted shut as did his abrupt halt to my pleasure. My eyes refocused and he proceeded again from the top. ARGH! I wanted to move, I wanted to buck and apply the pressure I needed but his dominance was just as enthralling.

I held fast, kept eye contact despite my natural instinct to fall inward and then it was there. The clamp of my pussy made him fall forward for a brief second before he recoverd his position and then took my button and just pressed as it launched into a full out explosion. The involuntary moments were almost painful and he was moving to adjust and couldn’t hold still any longer. He assaulted me with his rampant cock with a force I couldn’t compare. His orgasm was clearly as powerful as my own as I watched his face contort but continued to maintain eye contact. It was a connection I hadn’t felt before. We were both breatheless as our muscles release the tension built.

As he gathered my limp body into his chest and feeling his arms securely wrapped about my torso and I fell to his vocal command… “Sleep.”

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