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Girls on Girls

When I was in college I was in a class that focused on Women’s Issues and of course the class was packed with sexually open-minded ladies like myself. The only guys to grace the class were those with (or without) brain enough to realize this was going to be explicit shit. I saw more pussy in this class than in all the porn videos I had seen to date. (to be honest I hadn’t seen all that much at that point but I changed that later) I learned all about Annie Sprinkle and felt empowered that my body was awesome…even down there!

It was in this class that we broke into small discussion groups and started talking, off topic mind you, about each others “lesbian” experiences. I really didn’t think I could be all that included in the conversation since my status has always been staunchly focused on the acquisition of cock not pussy. But as some of the girls began recounting their experiences I said to myself “HEY…I’ve showered intimately with another girl and wanted to touch her.”, “I have fingered another girl under the covers while she fingered me.”, and by the time the conversation was over I had racked up at least 4 seperate experiences and that made me feel a bit better about how, not only, normal I was but how open minded outside of my previously conceived sexual rigidity I was.

Amusingly the guy in our group sat silently among us hesitant to speak and disturb any of the stories being recounted, not unlike a zoologist observing the wild creatures around them…no sudden movements. hehe We would each glance over to him like an outsider and snicker and giggle as he stared out like he was behind a pane of glass. One girl really had a talent for making him squirm…on purpose. But I digress…

A close friend introduced me to the following author, and her writing really struck a chord with me. I have included an excerpt from her book The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks by Jen Sincero. Don’t forget that my comments are the one’s in bold brackets.

The Joy of Sex with Chicks

…Several things about this experience (sleeping with chicks) really struck me, because they were so remarkably different from being with a guy.

1. When you are with another girl the roles can switch back and forth in a much more equal way than they do with a guy. You can be the butch one, totally in control, throwing her around in bed then switch to being submissively girly. It obviously depends on who you are sleeping with, since some women identify with being more dominant or submissive and aren’t up for flippy-flopping, but if you get with someone who hasn’t chosen sides you can switch back and forth and feel fully in either role, which I find incredibly hot. This is not to say you can’t do something similar with men-I have been with stunningly open and experimental guys-but even if you put them in a dress, strap them down, and make them call you Daddy they still have a dick and you still have a pussy, which automatically makes them more masculine and you more feminine. Without that biological reality you’re totally free to be whatever, and I found that incredibly liberating to feel one hundred percent on both sides. (Even though I believe I have chosen the submissive side I am not particularly sure I would feel like I have should I have the opportunity to be with another woman. And this just illustrates how it could be advantageous to BE more open should you partner also be up for the dual role switching.)
2. The way women orgasm is so different from the way guys do. We don’t need to stop and recharge before starting up again, so we can go on till the break of dawn without a time-out. I never in my life had non-stop sessions like i did with girls. It’s crazy! It can bring you to a state of prolonged excitement that it’s almost unbearable. There were times when I thought I was going to have a heart attack. (This is where I am kicking myself. Well first of all, I have NEVER been with a guy that felt any interest in giving me more than one, two at the most, orgasms so this experience ALONE would rock my world so I can only imagine it would be just as amazing for her.)
3. I found that everytime I did something to her I could imagine doing it to myself. So much so that I could practically feel it even if I wasn’t touching myself at all. The combo of watching her get off and imagining what it must feel like could bring me to orgasm. (I have never done this but can get behind the idea of actually feeling something happening despite not having any actual physical stimulation.)
4. Women’s bodies are incredibly soft! They are like the softest pillows in the world. This has made me totally understand why men go apeshit over us. It also made me aware of my own body’s softness, and made me feel incredibly sexy in a way I never had before. (Just reading this made me really think hard about my own body and feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin.)
5. Lastly, because we live in a society that has a large stick up its ass, and also because my sexual hometown is Straightsville, (I grew up in that town too!) sleeping with someone I wasn’t “supposed” to made me feel kind of kinky. This turned me on like nobody’s business. I felt a teeny bit nasty, dirty and queer, and I think this helped me step outside of my sexual box more than I ever had before. I did stuff with girls that I always wanted to try-we went to sex clubs, tied each other up, dabbled in S&M, and enjoyed the wide world of sex toys. I attribute a large part of this to the fact that I was with like-minded kinky and adventurous souls whom I trusted and … (Yeah, I have totally always trusted girls to have a more natural compassion and sensible understanding for making each other feel good and safe not just emotionally but physically. This just makes total sense that I could open up more sexually without as much fear of shame or self-consciousness…hell I flash my girlfriends tits and ass just for a laugh without a second thought so how big of a jump would it be to just touch each other??? If we were both into it that is.)
Buy the Book: Copyrighted Material

So this is also an apology to the girl I turned down. She was cute, sweet and vulnerable and I was young, sexually insecure and naive. I have regretted being an immature ass, without the good enough sense to not laugh in her face, for putting herself out there and telling me she found me attractive and wanted to go out with me. I am horrified at my 20 year old self’s behavior and if I had to go back in time I would do things very differently!!! I hope she can forgive me.

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  1. Firehorse on said:

    Ok have never thought about it this way… Very interesting…. Makes me wonder what I have been missing out on.

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