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Over the years I have made it a point feel good about my body having adopted the philosophy that I make my own happiness. For years I lived in a community that made me rethink the practicality of shaving my legs and armpits. It was intimidating at first. I had been shaving since I was a teenager and had a deeply ingrained psychology that clean smooth legs are the standard expectation of the general public. I had to reprogram my need to please others with my choice of having hair free legs and stop caring about the needs of other in favor of my own personal comfort. I was done shaving and that was that. To this day I have not shaved my legs once in 14 years.

In that time, my community has changed but my own comfort level has not me compromised but altered. A close friend from the area asked me some key questions about my choices not to shave out of authentic curiosity (I respect that having a health dose of my own.) I shared my distain for the ritual of shaving several times a week for optimal hairless plus my own accounts of sitting in the laps of women as a child and feeling that horribly uncomfortable stubble beneath my own smooth and sensitive thighs. Who wasn’t to experience that? So she went on to introduce me to the art of waxing. I was not a fan of pain but am a firm believer in weighing my options with pros and cons. I still liked the concept of smooth legs but was not willing to compromise with a razor or depilatory products. She gave me the number of her waxer and I called and here I am 8 years later getting my first brazilian wax.

That’s right. I just got my first (US) Brazilian wax (everything clean off.) Now I had shaved clean down there, once years and years ago, and for a full week the discomfort was worth NEVER repeating. Sure it looked great and I was smooth for all of 12 hours but the pain, itching and reddened irritated skin drove me to manhandle my privates in very public venues just for the sake of relief and my embarrassment was enough to last a lifetime. It has been just about 24 hours since my wax session, as of this moment, and the area is pain and irritation free. If you have a low threshold for pain a OTC pain med like Tylenol or Advil taken 30 minutes before the appointment will make any swelling and pain very manageable.

I made the choice to go for the drastic change for the sake that I had for years thought of making the move but chickening out at the last moment opting for a bikini wax instead. It took time to feel comfortable enough to go that deep but it was all for me. My partner had no say in the decision and I am all the happier for my choice. So would I do it again?…YES! Will I keep it up? (no less than every 6 weeks to keep the skin of this sensitive area safe) I intend to try. So I have provided further evidence in the article below that this is indeed a worthy pursuit.


Brazilian wax, playboy bikini wax, a panty-line wax, full monty wax or the Sphinx? Which waxing method do you prefer? If you are confused, don’t worry. Allow us to tell you that if you’re looking for your bikini bottom to look hair free and super sexy, Brazilian waxing is the most popular option around. Check out a few benefits of Brazilian waxing and decide for yourself.

1. Be worry free with your low cut denims and skimpy bikinis
Forget your worries about bending over in your hot pants or raising your hands up in the air in your low rise denims. The benefit of Brazilian waxing is that it will give you a clean bikini line with which you can wear the skimpiest triangular bikini or lingerie without worrying about a single strand of hair showing. Due to this benefit of Brazilian waxing, it is also popularly called “Hollywood waxing”. (Well I am not personally a fan of low rise jeans for my specific shape but I can certianly see the attraction.)

2. Have advanced pleasure in sexual intimacy with the benefits of Brazilian waxing
We think this can be a very personal choice for your partner. Some men like their women to be completely clean from the pubic area, but for some men, this can be a complete turn off. But we sure have heard about the various benefits of Brazilian waxing to increase pleasure during foreplay or sex. The smooth sensation on bare skin can give some women goosebumps! (Yeah…It is a good thing)

3. Brazilian waxing lasts longer than shaving
Well, it’s pretty obvious that waxing lasts longer than shaving. But trust us ladies, this benefit of Brazilian waxing is so good that you’ll get addicted to it. Imagine not spending hours in the shower cleaning up your bikini bottom area every third day? And the other really amazing benefit of Brazilian waxing is that even the pores of your skin won’t start opening and showing up, as they do with shaving. (HELLO!!!!)

4. Brazilian waxing reduces in-growth
We women have always complained of shaving giving us in-growth, right? Then imagine what shaving could do to your pubic area? Amongst many benefits of Brazilian waxing, what we love is that Brazilian waxing doesn’t give in-growth. Small in-grown hair in the bikini area can bring extreme rashes, redness and flaky as well as itchy, skin. Say goodbye to all these irritants with the benefits of Brazilian waxing. (Can we get an AMEN?)

5. Brazilian waxing feels more hygienic
Once you get Brazilian waxing done, you will definitely feel that it is more hygienic than other waxing methods for the pubic area. Brazilian waxing helps in reducing dead skin over the pubis and bacteria occurring from vaginal discharge. One of the biggest benefits of Brazilian waxing over shaving is that there are lesser chances of razor cuts causing your skin to bleed. After a Brazilian waxing session, you will feel so clean and light as a feather! (exhaled sigh of relief….ahhhhhhhh)

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There once was a girl from the county
who waxed all the hair off her bounty
every time she’s alone
she just lets her hands roam
all over her smooth little mound-y


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