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Fantasy Friday: Fever Cabin

Dear Fantasy Forum,

I had become accustomed to being alone. It is so secluded here so why wouldn’t I? I didn’t feel comfortable at first in my new surroundings but as the summer progressed the complete solitude felt like a protective shield. After an extended period a natural evolution gradually found me outdoors with less and less on my body. The first day I went outdoors in just panties and a bra I was frantic and excited. My eyes kept darting around the woods and lake to see if anyone could spy my form. I worked on my garden, went swimming, fished, cleaned up and made my food. Day in and day out my life was a steady routine that had a level of comfort and peace I hadn’t know before this. The cabin was small and easy to maintain and it was even cool enough to light a fire each night. Finally one morning I just woke up and went outside. No thought to my attire, I just wanted to be outside and from then on I was hooked. I hadn’t seen anyone in up here in months so why not. Being naked outdoors felt liberating. I would lay in the grass and feel the sun warm my skin and eventually even found myself just enjoying the feel of my own skin running my hands over my arms, breasts, belly, legs and between. I hadn’t been with a man in a while. This was my time, my happiness so I was going to enjoy myself FULLY.

My trips into town, every other week, produced stares from the locals because I had purposefully neglected to introduce myself to the neighboring townspeople. I just wanted my time to myself and I knew getting to know any of them would simply be an invitation for them to visit me. This week felt different some how. Like a new pair of eyes was on me. I felt hunted. I went into the general store grabbed my usual products and staples packed up the truck and headed back to the cabin. I couldn’t place my unease. It was always the same. The women scoweled at me for not wanting to socialize with them, thinking I was a snobby city girl, and the men openly gaped at my …independence haha no probably my giant tits and swaying ass in the shorts and tank I typically wore to the store. No wonder the women hated me, but fuck it I don’t want to steal any of the men in their small town, I just wanted to be left alone. Until I realized I didn’t.

The feeling of being watched followed me down the road despite the fact that there wasn’t a car in sight. I was careful everytime I left town, to take a different route back and cover the driveway over as I came and went in order to disguise the entrance to my property. When I bought the land 10 years ago it came with the rustic cabin. I rehabbed in bits and pieces traveling in with all of my supplies for a weekends worth of work and then disappear again. I never bought my things in the town, until I moved here, and nobody in town knew my name or where I lived. Being off the grid was spectacular! No phone, no mail, no worries just me.

I shrugged off the watched feeling in a few short days and was back to my routine of prancing about naked and loving myself. I danced to my solar powered stereo system that was comprised of an iPod and a stereo dock. I made grass and branch baskets for collecting eggs, berries and vegetables. As careful as I was I with my personal safety I still registered an occasional watched feeling but dismissed it as the usual paranoia that comes with solitude and went on with my days. The first indication that I was, in fact, being watched came when I was fishing one evening with the sun to my back. I caught the flash of light. It was well above the water in the woods on the opposite shore of the lake, like the reflection of glass in the sun. I casually reeled in my line, gathered my gear and headed back to the cabin. My pulse was racing, my head was light and I couldn’t figure out if I was disappointed or excited.

The next morning I woke up and decided that I was excited. How long have I been under observation? What have they seen me do? Who is it? Have I seen him in town? Does anyone else know? Small towns talk and have few secrets, but I was so careful. No one even knows my name. As my mind raced over all of these questions through the night, I kept coming back to the same conclusion. This is about my happiness and my needs so how can I have fun with this? I strolled outside and made my decision. I stretched nice and tall and just went about my day. I didn’t know exactly when I was being watched but I did want to make the show exciting. I had a new spring in my step. My new found exibitionist was being set free.

I had weeks to get used to being in my own skin and now I was confident and comfortable. I immediately realized that an early morning swim was completely called for. The sun had only been up for an hour so the dew was still clinging to the grasses and leaves as I strolled to the shore. Skinny dipping in the spring-fed lake was chilly and refreshing and pebbled my nipples immediately. The shock to my skin felt invigorating. My excitement ratcheted up and I started looking forward to my day. I wanted to get absorbed in my routine but was too amped up to fall into it. I needed something to calm my nerves so I again sat on my dock and sunk into the relaxing rhythm of fishing this time with the sun drenching my chilled skin with warmth and light. In a few hours I had already caught my lunch and dinner so I set out for the garden while my catch remained fresh alive on a stringer off the dock.

On my hands and knees pulling weeds I felt aware again of being watched. So with a slow hidden smile on my face I began to accentuate my moves, swaying my ass, crawling around the dirt and flaunting myself proudly. I was happier and hotter than I had been all summer and couldn’t sit still. I gathered the eggs from the chickens bending from the waist and talking to the girls affectionately telling them to fluff up for our voyeur. They cluckd and preened as if they understood and I laughed out loud at their display. The afternoon aproached and my hunger surged from all of the high energy activity so I wandered back down to the lake for the trout I caught earlier, opting to cook the catfish for dinner. I cleaned and tossed the fish on the grill and wandered out to the garden to gather some greens to wrap and eat my fish on. I want a sensual finger licking meal and trout is just the ticket for my needs. I melted some butter in the small metal pot to drizzle over everything and sat down to eat.

I sank down onto the dock by the water to eat my noon meal in full view. I wanted to be sure my audience was not disappointed with their show. The trout was succulent and fell away from the tiny bones easily as I peeled the morsels away and dip each piece in the butter to my side. As each slippery drip falls to my legs, my breasts and down my chin I lick my fingers thoroughly with each bite drawing out the meal into a slow dance of drawing the fish to my mouth. The tastes swirling and the excitement of the meal as it concludes all to fast has flushed my face and has my heart racing despite my novice approach to seductive eating. I wanted to find my peace again so instead of finishing my afternoon chores I decideed to lie back on the dock to relax and possibly nap. The water sways the dock gently creating a soothing motion that quickly had me dozing.

Waking to the sound of water breaking near me has me groggily glancing to the side. I know I have been asleep but unsure of how long. Time is of no consequence here. Shielding the late sun from my eyes I see ripples in the water without a source. I turn my head back and close my eyes writing it of as a lucky fish after a tasty meal. After a few more moments of lying there half asleep I again hear the breaking of water closer as well as the intake of air. I was still a bit sleepy but much more aware that it was no fish that broke the surface. When I lift my head to see, the light catches his form climbing the dock directly at my feet. My entire body locks down and I am left helplessly immobile staring at him. My mind is slow to cach up as he pulls himself on deck and slowly aproaches my prone form on his hands and knees. His eyes are sharp and piercing and he is bearing down on me. Without a word be leans in sticks out his tongue and licks a long line up my thigh where the butter had dripped onto my skin. Again he stares into my eyes, as a sort of challenge, and lowers his lips to my belly and laps the oily residue from now quivering stomach. When he looks up again I know exactly where he is going to lick next. His mouth descends onto my breast and instead of licking sucks hard on my nipple making me moan loudly without compunction. The feeling travels instantaniously to between my legs which are now open wide as he has crawled up and wedged himself between them. I want to devour him. I want him devor me and I pull him closer wrapping my legs around him for a closer fit.

His growl is audible as he dives for my mouth and plunges his tongue into my waiting breath. He kisses me deeply and my panting breaths are coming in short bursts as he begins to grind his hips against my heated core. My head is swimming at all of the sensations coming at once. I am starved for his attention, his body, this raw animal connection. I knew what I was doing. My mouth moves to his neck as he kneads my aching breasts. My hands move feverishly over his back pulling him to me for more contact. With his lips he descends back down my body licking and sucking a path to my wet lips below. My back arches as I feel his tongue thoroughly explore my inner folds and dip inside my heated core up to my sensitive nub. My moans urge him on the as he begins massaging first one then two finger deep inside me. My climax rushes to the surface with a piercing scream and numbed toes.

Climbing back up my body he kisses me deeply again and swallows my gasp for breath as he plunges himself deep within me. I enthusiastically anchor my feet down onto the deck and match him thrust for thrust. I drive him into a frenzy as he trys to take control and not letting him. Grabbing both my hands into one of his, he pins me down easily and yanks my thigh up placing my foot over his shoulder taking complete power away from me. I am at the mercy of his pace now. He teases me with long slow strokes then drives into me with pounding force till I am forced agian to climax from the constant friction on my clit. He rides out every wave of my contracting muscles and still presses on.

I am completely out of my element. Sensations continue to build and I have no idea what will come next. Suddenly he lifts me, flips me over and grabs my hips to take me from behind. The new position has me reeling with new pleasure. His hand snakes down to my tender flesh and begins stroking again. Between the swaying of the dock and the more exposed angle he is deeper and harder that before. The faster he goes, the faster I speed toward release until I cy out for the third time. His plunges become erratic and out of control as his own orgasm takes him over the edge. He collapses over me, the both of us panting and gasping. My arms give out and he gathers me to his side spooning my back to his chest nibbling and kissing my sweat soaked neck and hair. I am delirious and overwhelmed as my muscles release their tension and succumb to a liquid state of being. My eyes drift closed as I am completely comforted by this stunning stranger who has just ravaged my person inside and out. And the last thing that comes to mind before I drift off into oblivion is “I wonder what will happen tomorrow.”

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