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Fantasy Friday: Desk Job

Dear Fantasy Forum,

I visited him at the office tonight. He was working really late. He has been very overworked lately and I just felt this overwhelming need to take care of him. So I go into the car and drove to his office to take him out to a late dinner and help him relax for a change. Unsure why, I was nervous, I couldn’t get my heart to stop fluttering with anticipation. I rode the elevator up to his floor. I stepped tentatively out into the corridor to assess if anyone was about. Relief in the form of silence greeted me once the elevator doors closed. I traversed the hall to his office leisurely trying to calm my trepidatious heart. The soft light coming from his open door and the soft steady sound of keys being struck and pages occasionally turning filled my ears. I took a moment to openly stare at his diligence. My heart swelled at his devoted effort and sent a silent thank you to whoever gave him a career he not only enjoyed but felt challenged in.

My presence must have registered with him, based on some minute movement of mine, because one moment I was running my eyes over his chest and biceps and then back to his eyes which were now staring right back at me. I hadn’t realized he had stopped typing until his strong voice commanded me “Come Here” My pulse ratcheted back up to full pace at his tone. My feet approached as if compelled by his words. This was his turf. He was in charge. When I reached the desk he moved aside a few papers on his desk and said, “Sit.” I immediately hopped up onto the smooth walnut surface keeping full eye contact.

Taking my calf into his hands he slowly glided his palm along the back of my calf down to my foot removing the heel on my right foot only to be placed gently in his lap and turned his attention to my left leg. Instead of placing it in his lap as well he began to message firmly over my foot and calf. Gradually I moved my other foot suggestively over his pants as the evidence of his arousal became more prominent beneath my sole. Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself he removed my foot from his lap to begin messaging the toes, pad and heel inching his way slowly up my other calf.

My heartbeat sped as his palms passed my knees and began their slow kneading up my thigh. My eyes drifted closed as he passed the edge of my skirt. I had planned to share my surprise with him later, but now was looking better and better. As he lightly brushed my naked curls a shiver ran down my spine as I heard him stand suddenly and opened my eyes to see his heavy lidded eyes bare down on me. His fingers took a more aggressive path through my already damp folds to find my hot center and he was inside. My head lolled back in complete submission as he worked his fingers in and out and over my sensitive flesh while purposefully brushing but not making full contact with my aching clit.

His hand on my breastbone gently encouraged my back down on to the desk. It was difficult to keep full contact with the surface as I arched my back and my head hung off the back. His mouth descended on my hardened nub, as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my sheath, and sucked.hard. I was helpless to resist the moans and eventual scream he wrung from me as my first climax crashed over me. He milked my tremors as my orgasm waned but was already stirring a second with the slow path of his tongue lapping up my juices in its path.

As I tried to recover and speak his body shifted over me and his mouth came down hard on mine. All thought left as I felt the head of his cock already pushing teasingly at my entrance. Writhing beneath him for better purchase, he placed a firm arm behind my thigh and thrust in one swift motion into my core. The breath in my lungs left me in a whoosh. I gasped trying accommodating his intrusion and as he withdrew my breath exhaled with his hard cock. And then he thrust again driving even farther home. Again my breath was sucked in with a loud sawing of surprise and pleasure. It was then that he began to move rhythmically and thoroughly in and out of me and my tension ramped up to a fevered pitch.

Just as I began to acclimate to the sensations he was stirring his mouth made a path down my jaw to my neck sucking and biting along the way. Down over my collarbone to my full breasts. I never even felt when my blouse was removed but my bra was being pulled forcibly down trapping my arms against my body with the firm straps. I struggled to maneuver out of the confinement but he grabbed my hand and pinned them to the desk and he continued the onslaught of pleasurable torture. As his mouth descended on my now throbbing nipples he quickly bit then suckled my pebbled nubs. As his pressure on my nipple intensified my inner walls contracted in time to his mouth. His thrusting became more urgent and my breath came in moans and rasps trying to keep up with the driving pace he was setting. All he whispered in my ear was “Come for me. NOW” and my second climax shattered its way through my entire body. His thrusts became erratic as my core muscles milked him forcefully to bring his own orgasm to the forefront. He exploded volcanically into me leaving me to lie limply across his now sweat soaked desk as he pumped the last of his seed deep within me.

Opening my eyes slowly I register that all of the papers and books had found their way to the floor in disarray. The slow smile cresting across my face was all I could feel besides the small electrical shocks pulsing through my muscles in the waves of my post-coital glow. Gently he replaced my bra and straps, filling the cups once again with my sensitive flesh. Wrapping me in his arms he pulled me into his lap to lay peacefully slumped against his shoulder I close my eyes again in bliss. As my breathing and heart rate returned to normal he stroked my arm and back gently I peeked up at him shyly to find his own sly grin looking down at me. “Thank you” he whispered directly into my ear as he nipped and licked at my lobe, as the heavy sigh of contentment left my mouth.

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