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She is Worth it

Buy your beautiful woman a sex toy


DO NOT be jealous of this object. It cannot compete with a living, breathing loving, and passionate warm body that moves and communicates on its own. This is advice coming from a woman that has been in sexually repressed relationships for over two decades. You masturbate, why shouldn’t she? Don’t make her resort to a high end shower head that may or maynot make it happen for her (those things can be tricky.) It is a tool designed for pleasure so use it on her, let her show you how she uses it on herself, make it hot! If she takes her lead from you ask her to host a sex toy party with her friends. I know she knows SOMEONE in her group who has had one. All of this is to your advantage. The more hot and bothered she becomes the more bold she will be and her confidence is sexy. You want her to come to you begging. Be secure in you relationship. This is not a gateway to promiscuity. Ignoring her is a gateway to infidelity. There is nothing hotter than a sexual drive coupled with true connection of love and trust. It is incomparible to a one night stand in which a random partner is simply out to fuck and disappear. What woman would want that when 90% of the act is in her head? Hard to get cerebrial with a stranger. Sure the erotica she probably reads makes it seem enticing but the reality of it doesn’t even touch the surface.

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